Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vedic Astrology? What? For Me? But I am a Rational, Logical Contemporary Person!

It is for you precisely for that reason.
Vedic astrology lifts the veil of opacity from life. The veil is of ignorance, Tamas, eat, sleep, aspire, attain, culminate without having a clue as to why it is all happening.

Why are you born where you are and why did you have the experiences you did and do. Does free will explain everything or even any of it. Did you will your challenges on to yourself or even all your successes.

·      Your physical life and realities are nothing but a manifestation of past Karma (Lagna chart/ Rāśi Chakra/ Rashi Chakra)

·      Your innate abilities, likes and dislikes and the work of destiny in marriage, the hand of God in everything at a subtle level is as Karmic as anything else (Navamsha Chakra/ D-9)

·      Your wealth that you aspire to and hunger for and cherish is not a sole product of your diligent exertions as you might like to believe (Hora/ D-2)

·      From siblings to sexuality is all mapped out in the various types of Drekkanas/D-3 including thoughts and preferences

·      The distant, unknown adept astrologer can tell you what sort of properties are in store and if even in this day and age you cannot do without a Victorian villa, why in the world that is, through the Chaturthamsha

·      Children. The boy behaving worse than you might expect from a teenager? Go to the Saptamsha/ D-7 chart

·      Career, boss, office politics, ruling the roost, slaving, shining, minting, travelling in work, if the secretary is just that or more is all destined and there to see and marvel at, in the Dashamsha/ D-10

·      How to stop crying by praying to Rudra, the lord of tears, Rudramsha/ D-11 chart

·      Parents, grandparents and deep seated experiences at home, the hows and whys and traumas and strengths, Dwadashamsha/ D-12 chart

·      Complexities of the mind, the bubble of release from the rough and tumble, and oh comfort, resting the weary bones on a water bed or in the nice villa in the Bahamas, that Jaguar and his BMW and my Mercedes all from the Shodashamsha/ D-16 chart

·      That expensive retreat for meditation or would you simply like to do it on your own at home after being guided through the Vimshamsha/ D-20 chart

·      What’s the use of a college degree, or on the other hand living the very real utility of having been at the Harvard Business School and learning from life, the mundane and esoteric both from the Chaturvimshamsha/ Siddhamsha/ D-24 chart

·      And then some old, ancient ones, not to be meddled with lightly as they contain all that from the past lives which you have forgotten. No need to go to sleep looking at the pendulum, look instead at the D-40, D-45 and the father of all charts including the Rāśi Chakra, the D-60, Shashtyamsha.

·      There are more if you want.

·      Then distinctions between appearance and reality

·      What is the nature and quality of the time you are going through since this keeps changing

Whither intelligence and rationality and logic? These are little babies when it comes to knowledge like this. If you are truly awake and possessing the requisites then you know there is much more to it than appears to meet the eye.  Jyotisha/Vedic astrology explains these matters down to the last detail.

It is for reasons such as these that India has been, and is, the Teacher.

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