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Rashi (Lagna Chart) and Dashamsha (D-10 chart)-Two Pillars of Vedic Astrology for Investigation into Business, Service, Profession & Enterprise

It is in the nature of things that work, career, business, service, profession and enterprise are avenues that most engage the consulter and the Vedic astrologer both. These comprise a major chunk of life and this segment has wide ramifications on other life areas as well.

Rashi/ Lagna chart and the Daśāmśa/ Dashamsha chart are the most important charts in the Vedic Horoscope when it comes to business and service. There are many other parameters but these two are foundational.

It is a pointer to the divinity of the classical literature in Jyotisha when we find that we are able to study and decipher the proliferating callings in the contemporary world with the ancient Shlokas and dicta contained in these works.  When the Vedic Astrology classics were written, the professions and vocations were quite limited, well-defined and structured and more amenable to classification. Yet, we are able to embark on detailed and focussed voyages which seek to unravel the Karma behind the modern day businesses,  professions, services and enterprise. 

Let us use the transit chart for 13th November, 2013 as the birth horoscope and discuss the subject in that light-


There are some higher principles which relate to career choices and their timing and surrounding circumstances but these are not to be disclosed publicly.

It is known that the 10th House from the Lagna/ Ascendant in the Lagna Chart/ Rāśi Cakra/ Rashi Chakra pertains to work and professions and Karma.  In the example chart we have Pisces/ Mīna/Meena Lagna rising and the 10th House is therefore Dhanuṣa/ Dhanusha/ Sagittarius. The lord of this house is the same as the Lagneśa/ Lagnesha/ Lagna Lord and is Gurū/ Guru/ Jupiter. Jupiter is retrograde in the 4th House in Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi in the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna. 

We can say that natives born with this horoscope will be defined in the society through their work since the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna (AL) is the socio-financial status and the manifest personality in the created world.

This person is an intellectual since a dual sign is rising in the Lagna and the Lagneśa/ Lagnesha Gurū/ Guru is the significator of the intellect and all that is intellectual. It is placed in the logical and academic sign of Mithuna/ Gemini ruled by the archetypal student/ Śiṣya/ Shishya Budha/ Mercury indicating working with academics, books, information processing and communication.

The 10th House of Karma itself has another Brahmin/ intellectual planet Śukra/ Venus and confirms the advisory and intellectual work which forms the backbone of the person's life. Venus and Jupiter form the Dwi-Gurū/Guru Yoga which brings forth best of both the worlds, the esoteric and the mundane.

In active considerations of work and finding work at the physical level Venus is more important than Jupiter and it is likely that the work of the person shall flower at the time of a significant relationship and/ or marriage.

It is imperative for us to see the Navamsha chart/ D-9 chart for any matter in life whatsoever since it is one of the most significant and important divisional charts-

The most eye-catching placement is that of Venus in the D-9 Lagna in Simha Rāśi/ Rashi/Leo which confirms an innate bent of mind towards corporate life, management related work, in the context of the profession and work. It could extend to business in any kind of beauty related work and aesthetics too.

The role of Venus is that of a path-finder throughout life and the fact that it appears to have direct work related Karma makes it all the more crucial for the person, given the fact that it governs marriage and romance in any nativity in any case.

We should also keep in mind some telling Yogas for this person such as the Gajakeśarī/ Gajakesari Yoga formed in the Keṅdra Bhāva/ Kendra Bhava from the Lagna with Jupiter and Moon in mutual quadrants. It promises to be a life of learning and attainment with the person always striving to elevate himself in the world and in his own estimate.  All these matters have been dealt with in an instructive paper cum tutorial on Vedic astrology horoscope interpretation for the more serious students and advanced consulters.

We now come to the D-10/ Dashamsha chart for specifics-


Just looking at the Lagna and the Lagneśa in this chart should drive back the perceptive to the Rāśi/ Rashi or the Lagna chart where I have as yet not drawn attention to the loaded 8th House which does boast of a Viparita/Viparīta Rāja/ Raja Yoga but it has the Ātmakāraka/ Atmakaraka Sun in debilitation in Libra/ Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi.

Budha is the Bādhakeśa/Badhakesha being the 7th Lord for a dual Lagna but is also the planet responsible for marriage and commerce. It is seriously damaged and cursed in Graha Śrāpa/Shrapa/ planetary curse

Why we have suddenly gone to this aspect is that the Lagneśa Gurū/ Guru in the D-10 chart is in the 3rd House in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna/ Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) and that too with Rāhu in Gurū-Cāṅḍāla Doṣa/ Guru-Chandala Dosha. 

It indicates a person surmounting huge odds in life and completely turning adversity around which is likely to be in a foreign land since the Rāśi Bādhaka/ Rashi Badhaka is in the 8th House joined the VRY and in the Lagna in the D-10. It is going to be a service career and so we can circumscribe the Rāśi/ Rashi indications to fit a strong job related scenario.

We see how the rosy picture of three outright benefics in the Keṅdra from the Lagna in the Rāśi Char including the Vāhana/ Vahana/ Annapūrṇa/ Annapurna Yoga of Venus and Moon connected through sign aspects/ Rāśi Dṛṣṭi/ Rashi Drishti has been altered here to reveal and uphill path and then the success comes. Note the AK Sun in the 8th House here too and the dispositor Moon promising fame in the professional future.

We are able to gauge innate ability and skill structures at the level of the D-10 and conspicuous life paths as well with some elevated principle of the Maharshīs/ Maharshis but these are disclosed only at the personal Karmic level. With the Daśās and such tools we are able to then say with precision and accuracy as to what the person will do in life and what life paths and surrounding circumstances will characterise this. We can time this and estimate the accruals and list the challenges etc. with the knowledge of the sages as contained in the classical literature and as applied to the contemporary times.

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