Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cracking the Career Conundrum With Vedic Astrology

What should I do in life. I am not able to decide. I feel my calling lays elsewhere. I feel suffocated in this work. My abilities are elsewhere and I work here.

Is it time for a change in the workplace or in the career itself. Shall I accept this offer or that. Where can I grow the most. Which is that life area in the constantly changing world of work which will utilize the best of me.

These are some questions which crop up more frequently than we might suspect and cover the minds and life situations of a very large part of the working populace or those aspiring to become a part of it.

Work is where the person is said to shine and so implicit in human life is a high position assigned to work. This is the zenith/ Swarga in Vedic astrology and is seen from the 10th House/ Daśama Bhāva/ Dashama Bhava in the Lagna chart or the Rāśi Chakra/ Rāśi Chakra.

The 10th House is also referred to as Swarga Bhāva/ Bhava or the heaven indicating the highest part of human life, akin to high noon. Shining bright like the Sun in full glory. The Varga Chakra/ divisional chart which is derived from this 10th House is of course its Amśa/ Amsha and since it is the Amśa of Swarga, it is called the Swargāmśa/ Swargamsha.

We are in an age and time which has clarified and brightened the magic of Vedic astrology and made it available more readily. Those seeking its illumination are mostly those whose times of birth were accurate perhaps but approximate. There was no occasion to make absolutely certain and even if there was, there is no foolproof way to do this and know except through the process of birth time rectification in Vedic astrology, to whatever extent required.

This is quite important because the specific life areas such as work of which I am writing at this time, are properly seen only from the divisional chart which is like a magnification of every miniscule detail in that area. Of course this follows as astute appraisal of the Rāśi Chakra/ Lagna chart since the divisions are those of the Bhāvas/ houses/ Bhavas of the Rāśi Chakra.

Divisional charts are more susceptible to birth time changes since they are finer and derived constructs and sometimes the Lagna/ Ascendant in the divisional chart tends to change quickly.

Suppose Saturn/ Śani/ Shani is to be found in the 10th House in the Daśāmśa Chakra/ Dashamsha Chakra/D-10 chart pertaining to work in an un-rectified horoscope. Suppose the person has embarked on a particular career where he is in the knowledge business, that is, a profession or autonomous consulting. The Brahmin Grahas are nowhere in evidence in the Artha Tṛkoṇa/ Trikona in the Daśāmśa Chakra and even otherwise the adept Vedic astrologer cannot see the work feedback of the person reflected in the Varga Chakra.

What is to be done.

Immediately the horoscope has to be rectified. The change required with a basically accurate time of birth is usually very minor such as a few seconds or a little over a minute, sometimes more. When the person in question checks with his mother, or the family priest or indeed with the ageing family physician as to the circumstances in which the time of birth was recorded and whether a tiny time difference is possible. Invariably, even if someone was holding a watch at the time of birth, the response is – yes, could be, whose watch is correct to the second-could be even more on either side, who knows etc.

Rectification is the best clock or watch with which to ascertain the time of birth to the finest precision. In the example that I had started to discuss, with just that small change either or both of Jupiter and Venus become dominant and the chart suddenly becomes a clean mirror of the entire career profile of the person.

No longer does the airy intellectual appear a misplaced construction engineer, or a mining contractor or in the oil business but his domain expertise is now immediately apparent.

Any life eventuality in work can then be seen from the horoscope. It may be that the person has had to wander around and though he has been working it could be a period of disillusionment. The most disparate things are Karmically interlinked, which in the empirical world have no connection at all. There are debts to be paid and any number of possibilities exists as vast as life itself.

The corrected horoscope can not only evaluate the skills structure but also fathom whether these skills have elevated themselves to the status of a career.

Some people are form of work simpliciter either throughout life or in some given phase. If they are in service (6th House) then the Daśā/ Dasha could be giving vent to the workaholic in them. This is also the path of Saturn.

There are others who have an independent, entrepreneurial personality and here other axes in the Daśāmśa Chakra/ Dashamsha Chakra must be strong in a corrected horoscope. Of course people oscillate between service and independent work all the time and here the 6th and 7th Houses in the D-10 chart show competing strengths.

The strength of the Rāśi/ Rashi and the several methods to judge the same indicate what the person will finally end up doing.

In this increasingly dominant area of human life, the role of staff, juniors, colleagues and bosses and partners can be exactly interpreted and one walks with illumination and understanding.

There are overarching principles which can lead to direct communication with a human being on the following lines, which are of dominant importance in career and working life-

·      What should or will you do

·      What will bring you success

·      Which areas are likely to lead to failure

·      Which are financially superior options

·      How should you work to tap into your best working self

·      Which specialised work areas or themes in contemporary life are inherently easy for you and which not

·      Are those humongous Yogas there

And then when is it all going to happen and when is what likely to come up and what should I do when it does...

These higher questions have higher answers based on higher principles.

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