Thursday, March 21, 2013

After News of Accidents and Death the Transit Moon is in Leo on 1st October, 2013

In the preceding sign of Cancer/ Karkaṭa Rāśi/ Karkata Rashi, the Vedic transit Moon was joined debilitated Mars/ Maṅgala/ Mangala and mostly at the time of exact conjunction till the gentle luminary started advancing towards the Gaṅdāṅta/ Gandanta between Cancer and Leo.

On one occasion one heard of a really perturbing story about a young man who drove his car into a static vehicle carrying iron rods which were protruding from the back of the vehicle, this being the cause of some of the most regrettable accidents in India.

In the other, an old business acquaintance met his end in another accident when the vehicle in which he was travelling overturned. Though the accident happened a few days back, one heard of it during this transit.

Mars is the Kāraka/ Karaka for accidents and in debilitation becomes more malefic as his positive traits are weakened and his negatives are heightened. One should remember that Mars kills without any hesitation. He is a warrior and likes blood.

The Gaṅdāṅta/Gandanta is a malefic junctional region between certain signs and Cancer and Leo is one such pair. 

However, on 1st October, 2013 at about 1:00 PM, the Vedic Moon has moved into Simha Lagna/ Rashi and at about 3:00 PM it has left the Gaṅdāṅta/ Gandanta behind as well.

The chart for the transit is given below-

The Moon is unconjoined in Leo/ Simha and this is just as well because Simha is all about uncluttered solitude. There is vast space in Simha and people born in this Lagna like clean, regular, uninterrupted space, both literally and symbolically.

There are no full and special planetary aspects to the Moon from any of the planets and so the nature of the Moon is free to combine with that of a royal and lordly Leo to give transit results, should the natal Vedic horoscope be predisposed in a given case to receive this.

There is a Pāpa/ Papa-Kartari Yoga of Sūrya/ Surya and Maṅgala/Mangala around the Moon and so the mind is caught between high Agni but this is simply the fire of initiative and ambition. The world is ready to yield connection and social support and emotional harmony and so to those this blessing is coming should grab it with both hands. 

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