Monday, March 11, 2013

The 'Penny Dreadful Attitude' and 'Lifestyle' Studied Through Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


Avoid it like the plague if you have a strong Lagnesh and/ or Surya. Have you ever seen a glorious king begging or counting his largesse. Except for some Lagnas and Lagna Lords,this would be good advide if the Lagnesh is with full Digbala in the Rashi Chakra or in Deeptawastha. Likewise for the strong Atmakaraka.

There is a reiteration of the caveat hereinabove enunciated: do not attribute the glory to separate 'I' but have it fed from the Source.


Surya is the Naisargika Karaka for Jyotish and thus when Surya is strong in a spiritual chart where the Atmakaraka associates with the 11th Bhava from the Lagna (4th from the 8th: learning of the occult, secret and the esoteric), then Jyotish Jnana is strong.

This knowledge will emerge in a Gochar where the Great Luminary is exalted in Gochar or otherwise very strong. It may emerge as lectures (speech), papers and writing if Budh, the Naisargika Karaka is strong and through the Guru-Shishya Parampara if there is Sambandha between Guru and Budh in the radix. It will burn the Tamas and Sattwa will emerge.

Glory dissipates with Tamas. Glory arrives with Sattwa. In some cases absence of glory amidst Tamas is not noticeable due to Lagna rising and/ or the features of the Rashi Chakra/ Arudha Padas.

Rajas is the Guna of creation while Tamas is the Guna of destruction. Sattwa is the Guna of sustenance. Whatever of created by Rajas stands to be destroyed by Tamas and sustained by Sattwa. Since the Karaka of the Lagna is Sattwic and the Karaka of food is Sattwic, the Sattwa Guna is excellent for Lagna and the food. The body should be Sattwic and food should be Sattwic.

The image should be Rajasic. Fighting and competition are Tamasic. Wealth is sustained by Sattwic measures. ‘Those who keep wealth in their minds cannot keep it, those who keep it in their thighs (Dhanu/ Guru/ perspective/ Grace/ Sattwa) always keep it.'

The 6th Bhava is Danda and the 6th Lord will deliver the Danda/ punishment. If afflicting the Paka Lagna and the Lagnesh happens to be Sattwic, it will act as direct punishment to glory, body, shining, effulgence, purity, growth, Jnana, perspective, Jyotish and if afflicting also the Arudha Lagna or the 7th from it, the image and the emergence and participation of the image. Therefore higher attributes of Tamas Grahas are to be used. If Tamasic consumption is indulged in it will have direct deleterious impact on life (Lagna, Lagna Lord and the Bhava/ Arudha Padas involved.)

Stay clear. Avoid it like an epidemic, especially if some leeway is destined by virtue of involvement of Upachaya Bhavas and/ or lord thereof.

Have sweets and become fat. Yes. Madhur Swada, sweet taste. The taste of Brihaspati. It is a better alternative. It is the only alternative.

Deny ruinous temptation of the Badhak, Shashthesh, Ashtamesh. Adhere to Guru and the Lagna/ Lagna Lord. Follow the command of the Atmakaraka.

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