Monday, March 11, 2013

Shining with Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


Sometimes there is concealment of the effulgence of a powerful planet, and if in Upachaya then this could be willed, the proportion of will depending on factors such as the involvement of the Lagna Lord. Fatedness can come with the Atmakaraka and the Graha of Karma, Shani, and of Karmic desires, Rahu. At the fated level, the eclipse or concealment can come because of Shrapa, affliction or the relative strength of the malefics at the time due to a variety of factors.

The willed concealment can come due to innate common sense and natural reactions coupled with application of Dhi Shakti. If the circumstances are vulnerable, then glory has no place. If ‘the Sun has to shine’ then the skies must be in a state of readiness, the field of play must be in a state of readiness. The time should have come.

The shining must be aware of that which concealed and eclipsed, necessarily, and the effects of those can be propitiated with the Vyas Mantra and invoking the positive principles of the Grahas.

What is inimical must be recognised as soon as the Time permits. What is Glorious must be worshipped and followed as soon as malefics slowly permit. If some part of life is not conducive and yet is to be experienced for the seeker to know, then upon experiencing, there should be distancing if in Upachaya.

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