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Parijata Yoga & Heroism in Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology


At the outset the learned reader is advised also to refer to the other article on this website titled 'Traversing the Momomyth With Vedic Astrology' for background information on the musings in the piece, for greater appreciation of the subject matter.

The Parijata Yoga is a celebrated Yoga in Hindu esoteric thought and is also renowned as the 'Wish Fulfilling Yoga'. The roots of this wish-fulfilling tree may be found in the Bhavas/ houses 2nd, 4th and 11th in the Rashi Chakra/ main chart of the horoscope. The Yoga/ matrix for fructification of the combination is formed by the conjunction or Sambandha/ relationship of the 2nd lord, 4th lord and the 11th lord. The Yoga is rooted in learning and this can be studied through the Argala and Siddhamsha Chakra.

Some thoughts will be given hereinbelow about this presently.

However, the main theme of the jottings in these paragraphs is that the intensity of the learning and perhaps its quality as afforded by the Parijata Yoga can broaden the vision and help the person tap knowledge in new ways. It can be an interesting, perhaps novel search for Satya/ truth.

Otto Rank in his magnificent work 'The Myth of the Birth of the Hero' opines that that hero is exposed to envy, jealousy and calumny to a much higher degree than all others. Therefore, when we look at the Rashi Chakra of a trailblazer, a heroic figure, do not simply look for very potent planets. Look also for striking affliction. Both must exist. Great strength and great frailties. This needs to be bult on and this is not the place for it.

In any case, there are other facets of hero myths that cannot be elaborated here but some of the most severe Yogas at the personal level including ethically challenging Yogas would simply have to be present for the mythic archetypes to play out as they always have! Yet, the innocence of the hero must resolve the terrible manifestations because he must be truly luminous like the Sun, despite the socially hideous and prohibited occurances. Also for this, this is not the place for a complete thesis.

Back to Argala and Siddhamsha and their role in helping the understanding of the Parijata Yoga. The primary Bhava for education is the 4th. The 11th Bhava is but the 8th Bhava from the 4th and the knowledge taken in the 4th is digested and transformed in the 8th therefrom, the 11th Bhava from the Lagna. The 2nd Bhava of speech has Sukh Argala on the 11th Bhava and the power of expression and speech furnishes the happiness to the 8th Bhava of digested knowledge.

The 2nd Bhava from the Lagna also happens to have Labh Argala on the 4th and it is this expression that is the fulfilment of the hopes (11th) of imbibing the knowledge in the first place. This can be specifically evaluated in the Siddhamsha while at the Rashi Chakra level it will give the results at all levels.

One feels if such Yogas otherwise involve upliftment, the heightening of their activity brings luck and positive transformation to the native. This will be apparently tautological if Jyotish is forgotten and the external manifestations (not Arudha but just what can result from the Prijata Yoga!) are studied. It will then be obvious that such learning will lead to fruitful activity if unimpeded by other factors, and which in turn may lead to success and wealth and attainments. Be that as it may, the foundational dynamics remain the same.

Deeper insights about psychological anthropology, culture, the course of humanity through history and like matters may be possible with the Yoga. In this example, Heroism across the world also stands to be better understood due to the fabric of destiny in such charts.

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