Monday, March 11, 2013

Implications of the Exaltation of the Lagna Lord in Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian Astrology


The best characteristics of the Lagnesh come forth and for noticeability, this phenomenon in Gochar can put things in stark relief. Since the Lagna Lord is the Self, if enemies and inimical things have been concealed or damaging, it will reveal their whereabouts and fight them. It will give thoughts in the Dhi/ discrimination as to how the adversity has eclipsed or worked to detriment in the past. It will please. The word for exaltation is Deeptawastha. Thus, the native wil be Deeptimaan. He shall have an aura of glow and radiance.

Readers may appreciate that it will be Dharmic to step back and bow down humbly to the effulgence of the Lagnesh and not credit oneself with the feeling of positives though all things must come to pass through extant agency. Therefore the corollary is to make a note of what the Ucchha Lagnesh teaches in its sojourn of exaltation. The specific body part it rules in the natural zodiac/ Bha Chakra can receive care and will show improvement. For example, the Sun will show the head, the Moon the thoracic cavity etc.

Since the Lagna Lord is like the Sun, the latter being the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for the Lagna, the lesser and damaging emotions like envy, jealousy and inferiority, whether indulged in or encountered, will seem antithetical to the inherent structure of the Lagna. Therefore to have the Lagna rise, one should adhere to the traits of the Lagna Lord and the Sun, to whatever extent permissible in a given horoscope. Those with such Grahas in the Upachayas have greater room to exert efforts in the right direction.

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