Monday, March 11, 2013

Dealing With Afflictions in the Vedic/ Indian Astrology Horoscope


When afflictions in the horoscope exist, in the form of Curses/ Shrapa or otherwise, then they shall certainly influence those part of life as are indicated by the planets and houses involved. Likewise, blessings shall certainly operate to protect and further the native.

The way to deal with the afflictions is to perform the appropriate remedial measures with diligence and authenticity over a paeriod of time. The measure of effect and the time taken shall depend on the level of affliction to be addressed or cured, and on the level of the advancement of the individual soul or the Jeevatma. This latter can be determined from the Navamsha Chakra.

The acute timing of the affliction can be done with the use of the all important and divine Moola Dasha which shall override all periodicities as far as the core experience of life is concerned. In fact, it may be taken that the basic fabric of life at any given time, or during any given span of time is decided by the Moola Dasha. Readers should view the universally applicable Vimshottari Dasha in that context and other periodicity/ Dasha systems in that light though this can be slightly uncomfortable due to the carelessness induced by pop-astrology texts.

After the crux period of suffering and trials indicated by the Moola Dasha is over, a quantum shift in life can be expected if supported by good Yogas in the chart and better Dashas operating all round. The native will feel as if his life has changed for the better and the tought times are over.

Still, the Dosha/ Blemishes and the Shrapa do not disappear from the horoscope. They exist latently and show the basic structure of life in the areas they influence. In other words, if the affliction is severe, they will continue to hamper the life areas though not so actively, because activity is indicated by the activation of a Graha in a Dasha system.

What needs to be done now at the level of the Dhi Shakti/ discrimination, is to understand the meaning of the Yoga. If there is spirituality associated with the combination then one ought to try and see what level of understanding the Yoga wants the native to acquire before the Yoga gets further diffused. In addition, one needs to accept the Yoga after remdying it to the fullest and understanding it to the fullest.

It is also important to note that in some cases afflictions also carry Rajayogas or Vipreeta Raja Yogas within them and just as surely as the suffering comes, conventional or whatever success is indicated will come as well. Nothing can stop this in Creation. In this specific case, the life phase becomes a phase to remember, and the native remembers it till death as it will be aprogress from having failed or suffered to the point of extinction and then to have attained glorious success in the same life, with the same Grahas and perhaps in the same or similar setting.

Remedies should be continued throughout and should not cease with the ending of the difficult Moola Dashas. Results will precipitate when they have to and for this all the Dashas applicable to the horoscope, Gochar/ transits and the Varsha Tithi Pravesha have to be studied together along with any other Jyotish facet that might be relevant for the purpose.

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