Friday, February 15, 2013

Vedic Astrology Transit: Moon in Libra on 12th August, 2013

The transit Moon moves to Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi and/ or Lagna as the case may be and can similarly be viewed from the other Viṣeṣa/ Vishesha Lagna/ special ascendants in Vedic astrology.

It joins two malefics Śani and Rāhu/ Shani and Rahu/ Saturn and Rahu and accentuates the effects being felt especially by the natives of Tula Rashi and Lagna. 

Saturn is exalted in Libra and these ramifications can extend from corporate industriousness and structured work ethics to gross sexual perversion, focussed reporting in respect of which we have had to see in the recent past. The conjunction of Rāhu/ Rahu only heightens all this.

There are too many thoughts in the mind and some anxieties and fears. However, those in touch with the esoteric arts or some source of authentic wisdom will be spared the more severe tortures of the mind.

Instances of deviance of the kind that we have been seeing since the malefics entered Libra might also witness escalation since the lord of Libra, Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra is debilitated in Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi/ Virgo

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