Friday, February 15, 2013

Vedic/ Indian Astrology Daily Horoscope Predictions for 29th April to 1st May, 2013 (Free and Complimentary)

29th April- 1st May, 2013-

Rāśi/ Rashi predictions based on the Hindi/ Saṅskṛt (Sankskrit) names of the Rashis are also referred to as Rāśi Bhaviṣya/ Rashi Bhavishya which can be translated as the future determined on the basis of transits. 
The important features are that the Moon has recovered from its immediate eclipse and consequent debility and has crossed an important threshold of the Gaṅdāṅta/ Gandanta. Mercury has done the same. It too has transcended its debility and come to action from utter stillness which is against its nature. It too had cross the Gaṅdāṅta/ Gandanta which is an important threshold for matters cognitive and for rationality and commerce in general.

While Mercury has come to the dynamic Aries/ Meṣa/ Mesha, Moon has gone to Dhanuṣa Rāśi/ Dhanusha Rashi/ Sagittarius which is the field of play of Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru. This is a vastly different scenario from what has been prevailing till recently. Mercury in Aries will give some cutting edge (Meṣa/ Mesha/ Aries) technology (Budha). As Mercury traverses greater degrees the associations of the planet and the sign shall have greater play. 

Very useful technological inputs can come your way and since the transit happens after the lunar eclipse and also after the debilitation of the planet Mercury, there can be important occurrences here. It all depends whether things transpire.  We should also not forget the impact of Saturn on the Moon through its 3rd House Dṛṣṭi/ Drishti/ planetary aspect. This will work the mind so much that it will end up being fatigued.

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