Friday, February 15, 2013

A bouquet of blessings-Transit Moon in Gemini/ Gochara Chandra in Mithuna Rashi/ Gochar Cañdra in Mithuna Rāśi

On 6th July, 2013, the transit Moon moves to the Mercurial Gemini with a powerful and insistent Mercury transiting its own sign in great strength in retrogression. This is according to the sidereal zodiac in Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian astrology and intended to be used for one's Lagna or Rāśi/ Rashi chart.

The transit Moon is in fabulous company with the greatest benefic Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru also posited there forming the transit Gajakeśarī Yoga/ Gajakesari Yoga which leads to fame and recognition primarily in the context of one's wisdom and learning and the communication thereof.

These planets are also joined the fiery combination of Sūrya/ the Sun and Mars and some trailblazing initiatives could be taken during this transit.

The transit chart or the Hindu horoscope is depicted below for ready reference-

The most impact should be felt for the people of mutable/ dual Lagna or Dwiswabhāva/ Dwidwabhava Rāśi/ Rashi where the circumstances would be very conducive for new and important matters relating to initiative, communications, speech, writing, short travels, articles, books, networking and so on. 

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