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Daily Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian Transit Horoscope Predictions for 4th June to 6th June, 2013-Moon in Aries/ Cañdra in Meṣa/ Chandra in Mesha

Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian astrology or Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha considers the Moon/ Cañdra/ Chandra of major significance based on the dictum 'Cañdramā/ Chandrama Manaso Jātakaḥ' meaning that the Moon is the Mind of the human being. Śrī/ Shri Kṛṣṇa/ Krishna in the Śrīmad Bhagwad Gītā/ Shrimad Bhagwad Gita has said the body is the  chariot, the senses are the horses pulling the chariot and the Mind is the charioteer. For this reason it is imperative for the Vedic Astrologer to always remember the significance of the Moon.

Therefore quite apart from focusing on the Cañdra/ Chandra Lagna/ Moon ascendant sign or the Jañma Rāśi (Janma Rashi) in the natal Vedic/ sidereal horoscope for predictions, the Vedic Astrologer always gives special importance to the Moon transits.

This exercise for judging the results of the transits is also called the Rāśi Bhaviṣya/ Rashi Bhavishya/ which is the Hindi Rashi equivalent expression of judging results based on the transits.

The transit/ Gochara Vedic chart for the entry of the Moon into Aries/ Meṣa/ Mesha on 4th June, 2013 is given below-

The Moon is  going to be in the throes of activity being in Aries/ Mesha/ Meṣa ruled by Maṅgala/ Mangala/ Mars. Also it is joined Ketu indicating a Grahaṇa/ Grahana or eclipse Yoga. There is direct Graha Dṛṣṭi/ Drishti or planetary aspect of both Śani/ Shani/ Saturn and Rāhu/ Rahu, both dire malefics.

There will be  too much thought and too much speculation during this transit and the Moon is far too vulnerable. The positive which has recently accrued is the 5th House aspect of Jupiter from Gemini which will tone down the malefic occupation of Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi/ Libra. The way out is in wise and sage advice and communication which can be tremendous in its width and can reveal the higher reason behind the placement of Saturn and Rahu in Libra in part due to the conjunction of Venus and Mercury with Jupiter. Keep this in mind. 

In this context it is important to note that we have recently covered the transits of various planets and the resultant potency of the Kārmic energies in various signs/ Rāśis/ Rashis and Lagnas/ ascendant signs. For instance the preceding transit of Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra to Vṛṣabha/ Vrishabha Rāśi/ Rashi was covered in-

The resultant impact on Taurus and also the consequent impact of Taurus/ Vṛṣabha on the other Rāśis/ Rashis and Lagnas/ ascendants signs was in turn reflected upon in

Thereafter the great Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru transited to Gemini/ Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi on 31st May, 2013 and this aspect was covered in the post-

Thereafter the benefics Budha/ Mercury, Śukra/ Shukra/ Venus and Gurū/ Guru have all gathered in Mithuna Rāśi which prompted us to review the resultant quality of life for you through the month of June, 2013 in

Therefore it is quite clear that on this website we are regularly attempting to derive a picture based on the transits even though at the risk of repetition we must state that Karmā only properly reveals itself for any human being through astute personalised work which can be carried out in many ways-

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