Friday, February 15, 2013

The Royalty Within-Moon in Leo/ Cañdra/ Chandra in Simha on 14th June, 2013

The Moon moves to Leo on 14th June, 2013 and thus enters the domain of royalty. In Indian/ Hindu astrology, Simha indicates kingship and royalty, being ruled by Ravi/ the Sun, the King amongst the Grahas.

But practically, the Moon has had to cross the Gaṅdāṅta/ Gandanta between Karka and Simha and so the Vedic astrologer must advise his consulters accordingly-there is a conflict which arises in these areas and the impact varies according to the Lagna and ought to be deciphered accordingly.

This is even more important because Ravi, the lord of Simha Rāśi/ Rashi is in Rāśi Saṅdhi/ Rashi Sandhi between Vṛṣabha/ Vrishabha/ Taurus and Mithuna/ Gemini. The King may feel vulnerable and nobody really wants that. Government officials and politicians may be given a wide berth till the Gaṅdaṅta/ Gandanta Gochar and/ or the transit of the Sun into Gemini settles down.

The Sankranti Dosha is not to be ignored because the Sun in the 12 Rashis is the Dwadasha-Aditya and governs the resources that we all enjoy in this world. Furthermore, a part of this transit coincides with Saturday/ Shanivara and the energies of the planet Saturn can be testing in such a scenario. With these checks in place, traversing this time could be rendered easier.

Wherever we use Rāśi/ Rashi we also mean Lagna/ the Ascendant sign and so these observations apply squarely to the Simha Lagna. Generally speaking we associate the term 'Lagna' with the Udaya Lagna, the sign rising on the eastern horizon, it includes the special ascendants such as the Horā/ Hora Lagna, Śrī/ Sri Lagna and the Ghāṭika/ Ghatika Lagna.

The chart for the entry of the Moon to Leo on 14th June, 2013 is given below-

Mars aspects the transit Moon with Graha Dṛṣṭi/ Drishti or planetary aspect and infuses a strong element of protection. Simha Lagna is very territorial, like a lion and is fiercely protective of his space. With Mars infusing trigger-happy and impulsive desires to protect the Moon is amenable to considerable Agni Tattwa/ Fire through this Gochara.

Leo ascendant sign is solitary by nature and so people with this Lagna/ Rāśi dominant in the natal horoscope in some way might find solace in privacy where the inherent lordly and powerful personality can find fuller expression. It is for this reason that Lagna Gochara and Lagna astrology, as it is sometimes referred to in common parlance has a very dominant place in Hindu/ Vedic/ Indian astrology. 

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