Friday, February 15, 2013

Moon in Libra Joined Saturn and Rahu on 16th July, 2013-Chandra in Tula Rashi Joined Shani and Rahu

Libra in the Hindu horoscope has been quite afflicted in transit and this has led to a spate of sexual offences as well. In Vedic astrology Saturn and Rāhu/ Rahu are considered great malefics and to add to this, till quite recently Saturn/ Śani/ Shani had also been retrograde/ Vakra.

Now, Shani is direct in Gochara/ transit and this has not only alleviated matters for natives of Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi and Tula Lagna but also for the world at large insofar as matters connected with Libra are concerned.

Saturn in direct motion is less troublesome, especially in Libra where it is exalted. Its results and business and partnership are far better and more structured while during its retrogression these had been stressed and might have even come to a repressed breaking point. Rāhu/ Rahu is extremely malefic when joined Saturn and so as the transit Moon/ Gochara Cañdra/ Chandra joins this on the 16th of July, a lot of structural matters such as taking care of practicalities, will happen.

Interactions with foreign lands and businessmen will be prominent as Libra rules businesses, the market place and the corporate houses in general. Saturn the worker is exalted in this environment because he has work and he gets paid for that work. Rahu indicates planning and research and work that defies boundaries and descriptions. This is the environment that the Moon is travelling at the current time in Indian astrology. 


The most heartening facet of the matter is that Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru is aspecting the trio of the Moon, Saturn and Rahu with its 5th House planetary aspect and there will be a lot of insight regarding matters related to communication, interaction and culmination of transactions and deals.

Jupiter is the greatest benefic and is the representative of divinity in the horoscope. Its aspect on the social flux and also on the malefics tenanting the sign Libra eases the rougher edges of the situation. We are also aware from the chart above that Jupiter is not placed singly in Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi or Gemini but is joined the very strong lord of Gemini/ Mithuna, Mercury/ Budha which is retrograde. This might make for some extra effort in matters governed by Mercury such as communications, banking and commerce. A retrograde benefic strives to have its significations noticed and Budha is by its nature playful.

Gurū/ Guru is also joined Maṅgala/ Mangala and Sūrya/ the Sun in Gemini forming at once the Gurū-Maṅgala/ Guru-Mangala Yoga and also receives the spiritual and authoritative impulse from the Sun. With such accompanying atmosphere relationships, corporate matters and interaction in general is greatly aided.

PS-The case of the food-poisoning of the school children in Patna happened during this transit and the correlation is immediately clear. The Moon governs food and foodstuffs in general and its severe affliction by Saturn and Rahu caused the poisoning. In this article above we have noted the role of Jupiter aspecting the transit from Gemini a sign associated with learning and with its lord Mercury retrograde crying out for attention. Mercury is the archetypal student and the calamity has befallen students at the school.

Hopefully the benefic influence of Jupiter will open eyes in the right places to do away with such atrocities. As the Moon travels on to its debility in Scorpio more such instances cannot be ruled out. 

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