Friday, February 15, 2013

Vedic/ Indian Astrology Daily Horoscope Predictions for 3th to 5th May, 2013 (Free and Complimentary)

3rd May-5th May,  2013-

The transit for these couple of days reveals that the Moon will move to Kumbha/ Aquarius at about 2:30 PM on Friday. The Moon reiterates the Gajakeśarī Yoga being in the 10th House from Gurū/ Guru/ Jupiter. The fixed/ Sthira Lagnas will especially feel the beneficial power of this combination as it occurs in the Kendra Bhāva/ Bhava from the Lagna/ ascendant.

We should not forget the aspect of Rāhu/ Rahu to the Moon though because Rāhu's propensity to breed discontent and anxiety is well known when aspecting the Moon especially in Aquarius-there can be issues related to perceived problems in fulfilment of objectives. Through its 9th House aspect Rāhu/ Rahu may put the focus on foreign lands and research and give unusual experiences in the realm of gains, income, money, friends and in the thought processes relating to ambitions and their fulfilment. The more specific impact will of course depend on each individual horoscopic configuration.

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