Friday, February 15, 2013

Beware of Cheating & Perversion-Moon in Libra/ Cañdra in Tulā Rāśi/ Chandra in Tula Rashi-18th to 20th June, 2013

The headline for this article is quite telling. Do follow it. In Vedic/ Hindu/ Indian astrology Śani/ Shani and Rāhu/ Rahu, are the two major culprits behind many undesirable occurrences and they have been afflicting Libra/ Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi. Now the Moon/ Cañdra/ Chandra has gone and joined them in the transit Hindu horoscope/ Gochara Chakra. This forms a curse of the Moon in transit and you may have to encounter scam artists, cheats, perverts, people who try and cash in on the greed within human beings, people who rely on illusion and delusion to deceive.

With people who are vulnerable to the influence of these Grahas in the radix, this is all the more pertinent. Variants of the professional work proffered with respect to the natal horoscopes are described at-

The chart for this devious transit of the Moon into Libra is given below-

But there is a huge blessing as well with the 5th House aspect of Jupiter to the transit Moon illuminating the pathetic charade for what is actually is. This aspect of Jupiter in association with benefics, Venus and Mercury is even more powerful and due to the presence of the Sun/ Ravi in that sign, there may be an element of indignation as well to all this. 

What is the functional impact of this aspect of Gurū to the rather afflicted scenario. It exposes the cheating and the perversion with His supreme knowledge and discrimination and once you are blessed with this, you will see the pathetic, fallen charade for what it is. However, such people beset with adverse Karma will feel throttled and hung by the hangman (Rāhu is the Hangman's Noose) and may retort and retaliate. Just calm the mind with Maṅtra/ Mantra and engage in the Sattwa Guṇa/ Guna of Gurū/ Guru.

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