Friday, February 15, 2013

Moon in Capricorn/ Cañdra in Makara Rāśi / Chandra in Makara Rashi on 22nd July, 2013

The transit Moon enters Makara Rāśi/ Rashi on 22nd July, 2013 and it is a full Moon/ Pūrṇa Cañdra since Ravi is in the 7th Bhāva from Makara Rāśi in Karkaṭa Rāśi/ Karkata Rashi. This is also the auspicious occasion of Gurū Pūrṇimā/ Guru Purnima. 

Capricorn is a sign of hard practicality and work will reign supreme. Capricorn is ruled by Śani/ Shani/ Saturn and no matter what the Lagna or the rising sign in the nativity, the quality of Capricorn is always work. This is hard work involving fatigue but the full Moon on Pūrṇimā Tithi ensures that the mind enjoys this. There is a lot of fire in the mind too due to two Agni Grahas Sūrya and Maṅgala/ Surya and Mangala influencing the Moon in transit with their Graha Dṛṣṭi/ Drishti/ planetary aspects.

Work will become a far more dominant theme for those who have Capricorn in one of the working or career houses in the natal horoscope. Protective instincts will be on a high as would be pride, awareness of the social circle, family, emotions and the like.

Transits in Vedic astrology, as I often write are going to precipitate results based on the Karma in the natal horoscope, the level of personal growth in this incarnation, and the multifarious astrological influences operating in the nativity with reference to the Udaya Lagna/ ascendant and other Lagna or reference points.

For transit papers to be meaningfully applied to the Hindu horoscope, one must be privy to the quality of Karma manifesting, including in the divisional charts/ Varga Chakras. It is for this reason that one advises readers to study the variants of professional consulting on offer, descriptions of which may profitably be read at-

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