Friday, February 15, 2013

Transit Vedic Moon in Sagittarius on 16th August, 2013: From depression to optimism

The mind has been in a sad shape during the transit of the Moon both in Libra/ Tulā Rāśi/ Tula Rashi and in Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika/ Vrishchika where in the latter sign it was Nīca/ debilitated. In Libra, buffeted by forces and in Scorpio, fallen with the Hangman's Noose around its neck.

On the night of 16th of August, 2013 the mind traverses radically different surrounds and also must traverse a junction of water and fire-the Gaṅdāṅta/ Gandanta. The realm of Sagittarius/ Dhanuṣa Rāśi/ Dhanusha Rashi is ruled by the greatest benefic Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru and is a sign of optimism and action.

The transit of Cañdra/ Chandra through Dhanuṣa Rāśi/ Dhanusha Rashi on 16th August, 2013 looks like this-

Sagittarius is the 9th House of the natural zodiac and corresponds to faith, religion, temples, law, higher education and the element of luck and fortune. The theme is of growth and expansion. Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru aspects the Moon from Gemini/ Mithuna Rāśi/ Rashi and so does Mars.
The Moon also aspects the two planets and therefore the mind will desire to communicate, gather information and cultivate expression based on wisdom and understanding and its forthright manifestation. Wealth and money will also come into focus due to the Śaśi-Maṅgala/ Shashi-Mangala Yoga and fame and accolades will ensue due to the Gajakeśarī/ Gajakesari Yoga.
There is Śani/ Shani/ Saturn's 3rd House aspect on the Moon as well and there will a lot of contemplation about work and work obligations as well.
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