Friday, February 15, 2013

What is your Karmic location-Moon in Cancer During 11th to 13th of June, 2013/ Cañdra in Karkaṭa Rāśi/ Chandra in Karkata Rashi

The Moon posits itself in Cancer on the night of 11th June, 2013 in this segment of the Hindu horoscope transit studies of the Rāśi Bhaviṣya/ Rashi Bhavishya. Cancer, is of course Karkaṭa/ Karka Rāśi/ Rashi in Hindi and Saṅskṛt.

When the Vedic astrologer looks at the entry chart for the Moon in Cancer late on 11th June, 1973 it looks as follows-


Though the Moon is un-conjoined in Cancer, the experience due to the Lattā/ Latta or kick of Śani/ Shani/ Saturn will reveal whether your Karma is such that you feel a negative import of the transit or not. One appreciates that the dictum is not lucid and not capable to ready comprehension.  But dwell on this.

The counter is that huge blessings are accruing through Mithuna where the benefic Grahas are congregating and so one must figure out through experience where one stands in Karma at this time.

If it is work and putting in what the cosmos should want through your Karma, without more, consider yourself blessed. Otherwise, the aspect of Śani will stress the mind. Engage in scholarly activities and matters pertaining to the home. Moon will be in its own sign and care and home comforts, and sorting out long standing issues will be important.

You can use this transit to take care of matters of practical importance which once done would lead to comforts and emotional contentment. The world must be let in and the constraints of worldly life must have their say as well. These are the important things for these two days while the Moon is in Cancer.

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