Friday, February 15, 2013

Vedic/ Indian Astrology Daily Horoscope Predictions for 10th to 12th May, 2013 (Free and Complimentary)

10th May-12th May, 2013-

People are now waiting for the transit Moon to move to its exaltation sign of Taurus/ Vṛṣabha/ Vrishabha and joins the two preceptors Gurū/ Guru/ Jupiter and Śukra/ Shukra/ Venus which will immediately lead to Vāhana/ Vahana Yoga and Gajakeśarī/ Gajakesari Yoga apart from the Dwi-Gurū Yoga which is already formed in the skies.

The theme of abundance indicates by the coming together of the two preceptors finds crystallising in the coming of the Moon to this sign and confirming the result. The transit Moon indicates where fructification is going to come.

All the changes and transformations being brought about by the eclipse will find their immediate answers in this period. The Moon blasted by the cruel and the ill-intentioned and tormented by fire,  cumulatively pure and vicious, finds solace in comfort and knowledge in Taurus and the mind will therefore be more at rest.  It is often a balance between 'This too shall pass' and 'Don't let the impulse go to waste' and one has to pick and choose. There is nothing in life apart from the sheer magic of Vedic astrology to help one choose from propositions like this; everything else appears to be either a gimmick or a domain specific strategy which may or may not deliver.

The transit chart at the time of the entry of the Moon into Taurus looks something like this-


By 6:00 PM on 10th May, 2013, consulters have started reporting the advent of good news and a resolution of conflict that had arisen with the Moon in Aries in peaceful ways. Taurus is the exaltation of the Moon because it indicates both contentment and abundance. A consulter reported that very pleasant conversations had ensued with a member of the opposite sex because the consulter happens to have the Dārāpada/ Darapada/ A7-the Āruḍha/ Arudha Pada of the 7th House in this sign. This is generally a good place to have the A7 and this consulter felt especially good because they have been going through Kārmic times where members of the opposite sex have not brought much happiness. (The Vāra/ Vara also had something to do with it since it is Friday, ruled by Venus which is of course joined the Moon in transit) It is feedback like this which makes transit work rewarding especially when the natal Karmā/ Karma has been well-evaluated through elaborate and highly personalised life-readings such as the Detailed Chart Analysis.

Readers can also legitimately expect food of choice during this Cañdra/ Chandra Gochara-transit of the Moon-because Vṛṣabha/ Vrishabha/Taurus is the 2nd Bhāva/ Bhava of the natural zodiac and rules ingestion of food; equally Moon governs all foodstuffs. Its exaltation in Taurus can make for days where the time permits having food of one's choice rather than simply eating whatever is put on the table. However, we can ignore minutiae or major facets in Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha only at our own peril. Vāhana/Vahana Yoga formed by Śukra/ Shukra and Cañdra/ Chandra may be auspicious for wealth and comforts but it also forms Rudra Yoga and Śiva/ Shiva as Rudra can make us cry. Be forewarned of this.

Also, while I would not like to put a dampener on peoples' feelings who might be enjoying the more positive aspects of this lunar transit, some people living through and burning heavy Karmā/ Karma have reported the serious consequences of the spanner-in-the-works Rāśi Dṛṣṭi/ Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect of Śani/ Shani and Rāhu/ Rahu from Tulā/ Tula/ Libra. A servant could spoil things due to his Karma or someone afflicted with Śrāddha Doṣa/ Shraddha Dosha or problems associated with departed spirits/ Preta Bādhaka/ Badhaka could resent this benefic transit and bring sadness and exclusion and experiences of the unwanted and unwarranted and weird. Choose the benefics which are also there-invoke them and try to extract as much as you can-that is all there is.

Things become vastly better as Cañdra/ Chandra/ the Moon attains exalted Navāmśa/ Navamsha in Taurus/ Vṛṣabha/ Vrishabha indicating the importance of Varga transits-this occurs around 10:30 PM on 11th May, 2013.

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