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Texting, Sexting, Anthony Weiner and Werner Herzog-A Glance at the Dynamics of the Interplay of Grahas in Vedic Astrology

Texting, or sending SMS is governed by Mercury/ Budha and we are perhaps evaluating this for all Lagnas in Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha/ Vedic astrology because not only is Budha exalted in Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi/ Virgo at this time but the agent of all fructification, Cañdra/ Chandra/ the Moon is also joined Mercury. Cañdra/ Chandra is the father of Budha though he is reluctant to acknowledge this and therefore this is a time to understand the playful yet brilliant nature of Budha, its inherent susceptibility to influence and such factors.

It is well known that while Budha is a great natural benefic it can turn malefic in its operation if joined or associated with natural malefics. It is like a child who is quite vulnerable to suggestion. A precocious child, yes, but vulnerable in this context as well.

Texting on mobile devices are very much the domain of Mercury since mobile telephony and the spectrum etc. bandwidth and other related concepts are all governed by this planet. Now while texting and SMS are very useful as communication mechanisms, texting on the move, or while driving can have hazardous results.

This is surprising at the surface level because vehicles are ruled by Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra which is the Gurū/ Guru/ preceptor of Budha. They are fast friends at the natural level of friendships/ Naisargika Maitri and there should be no reason why texting while driving is hazardous.

There is a reason however when we look a little deeper. The fact is that the young nature of Mercury and areas ruled by it (read Mithuna Rāśi/ Gemini and Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi/ Virgo) tend to adversely impact Venus. Especially Virgo Rashi because Venus gets debilitated here. If work related, high pressure communications are indulged in while driving, then very dangerous things can happen and Venus can fall and get destroyed (the car can be totalled along with the occupants).

This still does not explain the loss of lives that can come and the blood that can be spilt, while it does indicate the damage to the vehicle in which the texting is being done. This is for the reason that Mars/ Maṅgala/ Mangala is the Naisargika Kāraka/ Karaka for accidents. Mars is opposed to Venus in all matters which is pictorially illustrated by the fact that both Taurus and Libra-signs ruled by Venus are posited opposite to Scorpio and Aries respectively which are governed by Mars. These planets are always at loggerheads and hence the title of the book 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'.

 Mars indicates drivers, compelled by energy and strength and high competitiveness on the road, and the mildest of us takes offence when another driver does something which appears to us to be deviance. Hence the term road-rage. Mars drives Venus and sometimes the car misbehaves and usually behaves-some technical prowess and aggression is required for effective driving but playing with the forces like this can bring out the worst side of Mars. Readers will remember that Mars will kill without a second thought because it has no second thoughts.

There is more to the mystery. Mars does this when one is texting while driving (or calling and speaking on the phone). Why? This is so because Mars and Mercury are bitter enemies at the natural level of friendship. When Mercury plays with Venusian domains, Mars reacts very badly.

A very important documentary has been brought out by Werner Herzog by researching the devastating effects of texting while on the move and driving and one statement caught my eye where one said that texting in that case was entirely inconsequential and simply communication. I would like to say that that would have been a case of the Gemini texting or expression and communication and not more and if accidents occur in more of the Virgo texting the disaster accruing is likely to be all the more terrible. Please watch this documentary by Werner Herzog titled 'From One Second to the Next' for a manifestation of the Vedic astrology principles enunciated here which are applicable to all Lagna across the board-

The other manifestation of texting with an element of a debilitated Venus/ Śukra/ Shukra is sexting. Sexting is defined as the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone.

Both Gemini and Virgo are involved here and so is Anthony Weiner. One can understand the state of Mercury in his natal horoscope with a variety of jokes doing the rounds about his surname. His wife (Venus) is the sufferer and so is the political stature and ambition (Sun/ Sūrya/ Surya). Readers will do well to remember that the Sun in turn gets debilitated in Libra/ Tula Rāśi/ Rashi which is the 7th Bhāva/ Bhava/ house of the natural zodiac. Excessive inclination towards intimate encounters with the opposite sex can make one lose the grip on rationality especially while communicating (Mercury) and this can developed into compulsive behaviour indicated by Virgo. The women (Venus) involved in the communications become debilitated and fallen due to the Mercurial effect as illustrated and can cause the fall (debilitation) from power as the Sun is debilitated in Libra (desire). Anthony Weiner is one, and Dominique-Strauss Kahn of the IMF is another example.

Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha/ Vedic astrology has the power to educate us on anything in existence at the hands of an adept.

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