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Vedic Astrology Life Reading For a Young Boy Commissioned by the Parents

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Parents are naturally curious to know the Karmic fabric that their children are likely to enjoy and encounter in their lives and this can be conducive to creating the right atmosphere and environment for the upbringing of the child.  This is one such life reading in Vedic/  Indian/ Hindu astrology composed by this astrologer. 

|Om Bhairavaya Namah|

Dear Consulter,

Kanya/ Virgo Lagna rises in the Rashi Chakra with Ketu, the South Node of the Moon placed therein. He may be intuitive because Ketu does not have a head and functions with instinct. It is also the 3rd Lord which is the natural Pada of the 8th House of occult and deep, individualistic decision-making being 8th from the 8th. The 3rd House also deals with hobbies and skills and these will come to the fore in his life right at the outset. This is so because the Lagna/ Ascendant also denotes the beginning of life.
The boy has a powerful and somewhat unique chart. The Lagna Lord Mercury/ Budh is placed in the 11th House with the 5th and 6th Lord Saturn. According to Parashara, the Yoga/ joining of the Lagna Lord and the 5th Lord gives rise to a powerful Rajayoga. By Rajayoga is meant a rising to power through effort and luck. In the 11th House this has a clear wealth component and gains will be plentiful. The 11th House from the Lagna shows the fulfilment of our desires, hopes and ambitions. The placement of the Lagna Lord in this Bhava/ house shows a certain focus on matters of wealth and attainment.
Mercury is also of course the 10th Lord for this chart, as it rules the Rajya Sthana or the place from which heaven is attained in this life. As you well know, the 10th House is the zenith of the chart and shows the Karma of the native and his professional attainments. In other words it shows our actions on the world stage. The fact that Mercury is joined the 5th Lord of the future and Purva Punya in the 11th Bhava shows work done through the application of one’s own intelligence and this work will have the blessings of good deeds done in past lives. The break-up of the planetary roles assigned is as follows: the intelligence of the native in its application to various matters is judged from the Lagna Lord/ Paka Lagna; the Karma is seen from the 10th House lordship of Mercury while the merits of good deeds done in the past is judged from Saturn’s lordship of the 5th Bhava.
Matters are given even greater auspiciousness because the great natural benefic Venus/ Shukra also joins this combination in the 11th Bhava from the Lagna and adds to the Rajayoga. It is also a functional benefic for Kanya Lagna and rules the 2nd and the 9th Houses from the Lagna. As the 2nd Lord it rules Dhana Bhava and specifically movable wealth and assets and as the 9th Lord it rules the blessings of God and luck/ Bhagya itself. Together the benefics Mercury and Venus form the highest Yoga in the land and this goes by the name of Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga. Dharma comes from the 9th House while Karma comes from the 10th House; the net effect of the conjunction is that the native will worship his work and shall be a Karma Yogi. Just as Jyotish is illuminating his Karma to you, his father, at such an early stage, so would traditional knowledge play a great part in his life as nothing in life can be without Karmic justification.
The Charakaraka are based on the degrees of Grahas/ planets in the horoscope and represent the soul-level indications of various matters in life. Thus these change from horoscope to horoscope. The Graha farthest advanced by degrees irrespective of signs is the Atmakaraka or soul Significator of the native himself and has been extolled by Parashara in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra as the King of the Chart. In this horoscope it is Rahu and as this planet is always retrograde, its longitude has been obtained by subtracting the actual locational longitude from the degrees of arc in a sign, namely thirty. Rahu, the Atmakaraka is placed in the 7th House from the Lagna.
When the Atmakaraka is associated with the 9th House from the Lagna a child of destiny is born and life is governed by seemingly fated events. The 9th Lord Venus receives the Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect of Rahu from the 7th Bhava from the Lagna. Thus there is association and there will be many fated events in life which will form the backbone of his life journey in this incarnation.
All indications thus far seem to point at considerable wealth for the child as the 5th and 9th Lords which are considered owners of the Lakshmi Sthanas of the trines from the Lagna are joined with the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord in the 11th House of gains, wealth and fulfilment of aspirations. The Bhagya Sthana itself has an exalted Moon/ Chandra in Taurus which is a real blessing as Bhagya will always favour the boy.
This stream of Yogas continues because there is a Bhava Parivartana/ exchange of houses between Venus and Moon which forms Vahan Yoga giving fine vehicles and is a specific Yoga for wealth accruing to the native. The Yoga between the 9th and the 11th Houses can indicate a link between foreign lands or higher education on the one hand and wealth on the other.
The 4th and 7th Lord Guru has gone to the 2nd Bhava in an inimical sign Libra and while as the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for wealth or being the Dhana Karaka it does indicate wealth since it joins the Dhana Bhava it can be adverse for the 7th House as it is a benefic placed in the 8th Bhava from the 7th in the Rashi Chakra. The Atmakaraka can bring soul-level lessons to the person to cleanse the soul of dross accumulated through rebirth and the Atmakaraka Rahu placed in the 7th Bhava also confirms some trials and tests coming through the area of marriage and relationships.
Venus is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for marriage, love and relationships and if one views it properly, it is joined a natural malefic Saturn and is aspected by the naturally malefic Rahu with Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect with its 5th House aspect. This amounts to a Curse of Spouse from the immediately preceding incarnation as Venus is the 9th Lord of the Rashi Chakra. Thus, despite many excellent Yogas this problem does exist and must be remedied. It is the strength of the Karma in the horoscope and its potency that the Upaya and recognition of the blessings and curses is coming through at such an early stage. This is always a very good sign for any nativity.
Venus afflicted like this can impact the mental and emotional experience from marriage at the level of the Naisargika Karaka. The source of the suffering lies in the 6th House which is co-lorded by Rahu and Saturn and life-style choices can impact the area of marriage adversely. The 6th House being 12th from the 7th Bhava of marriage indicates celibacy and the person does not find it easy to get married. As Shani is the 5th Lord and the Lagna Lord is also involved, it will impact children and health as well. Thus the Kalatra Shrapa/ Curse of Venus must be remedied.
We can infer that the act which invited the curse in the last life was not done with the best intent as the Yoga is in the 11th Bhava from the Lagna. Fortunately for your son, none of the afflicting planets are retrograde and the 5th Lord of Mantra is involved, so the Upaya/ remedial measures will work. When the Lagna Lord and the Atmakaraka are both involved in the curse the suffering is rooted at a very deep level and is difficult for the native to understand and explain. This may lead to blockages in personal life and growth as a human being; of course given the strength of the chart, it can suppress certain areas to flower certain others but then armed with this knowledge we already know that that which is meant to flower shall anyway flower and we need not accept the tremendous Karmic pressures only for that reason.
Since the Atmakaraka and the Lagna Lord are involved the suffering from the curse must be experienced by the native himself and therefore the remedial measures become all the more crucial. When the Atmakaraka is involved in the curse we need not look beyond this planet for Upaya as once the ‘KIng’ is comfortable, the ‘subjects’ are automatically at ease. Rahu gets exalted in Mithun/ Gemini and therefore the Mantra for the exaltation for Rahu, the Jyotirlinga Mantra should be chanted for him all through till he is willing and able to do it on his own:
‘Om Namah Shivaya Namo Nageshwaraya’
This will free the horoscope of this blemish and leave the life of the boy to experience the bounties in a better manner. One Mala can be done for him everyday starting on a Thursday.
The other interesting combination is located in the 12th Bhava from the Lagna. The 3rd and 8th Lord for the Rashi Chakra is Mangal/ Mars and this Graha is joined Surya in the 12th Bhava. This constitutes a Vipreeta Raja Yoga: he will also achieve material bounty in bits and spurts due to the lords of the Dusthana/ Evil houses joining in another Dusthana. Sun is the 12th Lord in the 12th House in the Marana Karaka Sthana. This will not touch him personally as neither the Lagna Lord nor the Atmakaraka are involved with the Yoga but the downfall of an enemy will benefit him indirectly. The incident will be just that, a flash in the pan, that opens an avenue for him without more as Mars is quite strong in the Rashi Chakra and Sun is in fact exalted in the Navamsha Chakra apart from being in its own sign in the Rashi Chakra. Grahas need to be weak for the Vipreeta Raja Yoga to function properly and for some duration when the same occurs in Dusthana from the Lagna. This is not the case here and so it will just open something and then disappear.
Let us look at the Navamsha Chakra showing the blessings of God, Dharma, inner nature and skills. Mesha Lagna rises in the Navamsha Chakra with an exalted Sun there. His hairline will start receding with age. He will be aloof and brilliant and kingly in his disposition. There is no occasion to tinker with the birth time at this stage because the Lagna in the Navamsha Chakra changes only with several minutes’ time shift on either side and these indications of the exalted Surya in the Lagna will show immediately. He will have a natural authority and leadership traits and will develop a great sense of rhythm and might take to drums or such instruments. His intelligence will be tremendous. His personality will be brilliant like that of the Sun.
You may note here that he is likely to be extremely passionate as Venus and Mars join in Tula Rashi in the 7th Bhava in the Navamsha Chakra showing a very high degree of eroticism in the personality. Not much can be done about this as the planets aspect the 2nd House from the Navamsha Chakra Lagna with Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect showing fated or deterministic influences on the personality. These tendencies will persist till his last days as stated by Maharshi Jaimini in his Upadesha Sutra. The 2nd Bhava being the 8th House of secrecy when reckoned from the 7th Bhava shows the covert and secret sexual alliances of the person.
The Moon is in Virgo Amsha in the Navamsha Chakra and since this is the Rashi Chakra Lagna it indicates that he will have psychological insights and this will be the dominant theme at the behavioural level in his life. Mercury is the other planet in the 9th House and with age and as he finds worthy teachers and guides from time to time his rationality, ability to assimilate information, official and functional writing and theses will become profound as these are all governed by Budh. It may be seen that the Sun in the Navamsha Chakra Lagna is opposed by Mars and Venus and to some extent his actions may dissipate or take away his focus from his own brilliance.
If we revert to the Rashi Chakra again we can see the exalted Moon in the 9th House in the Arudha Lagna. The Arudha Lagna is the manifest personality in the world. It is how we are perceived and how we interact with the world. Contrary to his irritable and impulsive nature he will be perceived as gentle and socially adept as Moon is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator of society. In fact the Moon is the Naisargika Karaka for all the Arudha Padas. The exaltation of the Moon in the Arudha Lagna as Karaka for the same indicates great fame and popularity.
At the outset, the nodes in the Lagna-7th Bhava axis and the Atmakaraka being Rahu in the 7th House, the Arudha Lagna being in the 9th House all point at the possibility of foreign climes playing a great role in life. Mars is also the stronger co-lord of the 7th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna or the Dwara/ doorway for societal emergence and this planet is placed in the 12th House showing that the native may only properly emerge as a functional adult in his own right in a foreign land. The Lagna Lord Mercury is also placed in a movable sign to facilitate the same.
More perspective can be derived from the Varnada Lagna/ VL. This is indicative of the occupation and surrounding realities for the native. The VL lies in Aries in the 8th Bhava from the Lagna. This indicates a career emergence which is not readily supported by the community or takes some doing or simply involves research or something new. In other words career is not run of the mill and does not start as a matter of course. It is also in the 2nd Bhava from the Atmakaraka Rahu and in the 12th Bhava from the Moon. These factors confirm the indications that career will commence properly after a noticeable process has been gone through.
The 11th Bhava from the VL indicates the gains from the work done in the society and this happens to be the 6th Bhava from the Lagna in the sign Aquarius/ Kumbha. It is vacant and its stronger lord Shani shows massive gains after the initial trials have been surmounted and the other co-lord Rahu is the Atmakaraka and might indicate foreign lands which aid in the accrual of the income.
The view from the Varnada Lagna is best appreciated with reference to the lord of the Varnada Lagna itself. As the Varnada Lagna lies in Mesha/ Aries, the lord is Mars and placed in the 12th House shows a foreign land as the site of the initiation of the Karma Yoga especially as it is joined a strong 12th Lord from the Lagna, the Sun. Since this joins the Vipreeta Raja Yoga it is quite plausible that the downfall of an enemy paves the way for the career to start as indicated previously in the work. He will be hard pressed to find an outlet for his brilliance in India with all these combinations. The break or opportunity will come from the peer group after struggling to find social support as the 10th House from the Moon is also the 6th from the Lagna and the stronger lord is placed in the 11th Bhava of supporters and friends. He will also have some intense experience in a personal relationship at about the same time as the Atmakaraka Rahu also lords the 6th Bhava and is placed in the 7th Bhava from the Lagna.
His wealth and riches can also be gauged from the fact that the Arudha Lagna is joined the Darapada/ A7 the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator on the one hand of Sri or wealth and on the other of women and romantic relationships. Both shall be aplenty as this is Srimantah Yoga and that too in the Bhagya Sthana from the Lagna.
The Upaya suggested is simple but important as the Upapada Lagna showing the spouse is also joined the Darapada and Arudha Lagna in the 7th House showing a strong possibility of a romantic relationship culminating in marriage. This can happen in a foreign land or to a foreigner or to a person of Indian origin in a foreign country as Rahu the Atmakaraka shows a strong Karmic desire to marry a person far removed in terms of culture. The 9th House location of the Arudha Lagna and the Upapada Lagna joined also strengthens this possibility.
In this scenario considering the prescription of the remedial measures and the exaltation of the Sun in Lagna in the Navamsha Chakra the health scenario is fortified but due to the joining of the Lagna Lord with the 6th Lord showing Roga, Rina and Ripu, lifestyle choices, alcohol and substance use cannot be ruled out. The Dusthana lords are quite damaged and so the possibility of chronic ailments does not stand out in the chart and is not likely to happen.
The Vimshottari Dasha will give good results as to evaluation of the circumstances as the Moon is exalted in the 9th House. The Mahadasha sequence in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme is given below:
Vimshottari Dasha:
Maha Dashas:
Mars: 2004-10-25 - 2011-10-25
Rah: 2011-10-25 - 2029-10-25
Jup: 2029-10-25 - 2045-10-25
Sat: 2045-10-25 - 2064-10-25
Merc: 2064-10-25 - 2081-10-25
Ket: 2081-10-25 - 2088-10-25
Ven: 2088-10-25 - 2108-10-26
Sun: 2108-10-26 - 2114-10-27
Moon: 2114-10-27 - 2124-10-26
As he is only a child, it is the Rahu Mahadasha which is of interest to us as it will cover the growing up years and extend to early youth. Rahu is the Atmakaraka and will make for a conspicuous and unorthodox life in accordance with its nature. When Rahu becomes the Atmakaraka the person is spiritually quite evolved. This may also be seen from the fact that the great benefic Guru is in the 6th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna in the 9th House and further is very strongly placed in Meena/ Pisces Navamsha in the Navamsha Chakra. In the 12th House he has inherent eternal wisdom locked in the personality.
The growing up years cannot be expected to be easy as Rahu is by nature quite unconventional and likes to do things in his own hedonistic way. It can leave some lasting impressions on the boy’s psyche as the Mahadasha runs early on in life at an impressionable age. You can be secure in the awareness that as the Atmakaraka it is only cleaning the soul of accumulated dross and all this would be to pave the way for a potent life.
He may not be overly obedient but will becomes a stickler for rules and order as life goes on due to the exalted Sun in the Navamsha Chakra Lagna.
As far as the other two Varga Chakra which need evaluation go the Dashamsha Chakra/ D-10 chart pertaining to the career changes with just 14 seconds birth time change backwards and so we need to be very clear as to the birth time at this stage. Since there is no background information to correlate, we must first get the Pranapada in trines or the 7th House to the Navamsha Chakra Moon in order to indicate a human birth. One is also noting the fact that you have given the birth time to be between 9:18 to 9:20 AM. Thus there is no reason to move back by 14 second. If we move the birth time to 9:18:30 AM the Pranapada comes to the desired position in the Navamsha Chakra. However, this would not change the Dashamsha Chakra as a birth time change of 14 seconds is required backwards.
In any case, let us see what the Dashamsha Chakra says about the career at this moment. Kanya Lagna rises with the Moon in it and so he would be quite inclined to work with life areas where public interaction is required. There is Gajakesari Yoga formed between Guru in Meena Rashi in the 7th House joined Mars and all this appears to show consulting practice with finance or such areas as the field. Mars as the 3rd and 8th Lord can shows heavy research requirements. Mercury in the 12th House with the Sun again in Leo shows that the person would go to a foreign land to work as the planets are Maraka to the 6th House of service. The 12th Lord is also joined. The Sun as the Karaka for resources in work placed in the 12th House also shows having to surmount a phase where no resources are forthcoming.
Sometime in the Rahu Mahadasha itself he may get a chance to start a job as Rahu is the co-lord of the 6th House and this would be short-lived as Rahu is in Ayush debility in the 3rd Bhava. The Kama Trikona of the 3rd, 7th and 11th Houses is strong with two planets in the 7th, Venus in the 11th and Rahu in the 3rd. The short stint at working will give him clear indications that he would prefer his own work. Saturn exalted in the 2nd House shows that his idea of a professional future would be to head a large corporation as planets in the 2nd House in the Dashamsha Chakra are indicative of the future being in the 5th Bhava of future from the 10th House.
In the D-24 which relates to education and academics the Moon is in the Lagna as the 4th Lord which shows a good student as the 4th House is the Karaka Bhava here. He will be quite attached to his schooling period and these impressions will stay with him for long. The college education is judged from the 6th Bhava from the 4th based on the principle of natural Upachaya and here Saturn is placed in Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius showing the arts or history etc as subjects. The next progression by way of the 6th from the 9th takes us to the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna where Venus is placed in great strength in Vrishabh/ Taurus Rashi which is its own sign and indicates studies in corporate matters or in the management filed. This will also go further to another level as Guru/ Jupiter is placed in the 7th House again in a Venusian sign indicating a specialisation and doctoral level work with finance or allied subjects.
Jupiter Mahadasha will be quite interesting and a period of attainments. He may get married in this Mahadasha as Guru is the 7th Lord in the Rashi Chakra and also indicates a culmination of the academic career being in the 7th Bhava in the D-24. In the Dashamsha Chakra it shows a great flowering of the career as the planet is in Guru-Mangal Yoga in the 7th House and also forms Gajakesari Yoga with the Moon in the Lagna while the conjoined Mars forms the Shashi-Mangal Yoga indicating great fame and wealth for his work in this phase.
Saturn Mahadasha loses its venom due to the Upaya performed and also because it would tend to give the results of Venus in the Rashi Chakra which is in Parivartana with the exalted Moon in the Arudha Lagna. Keeping in mind the exaltation of the planet in the Dashamsha Chakra the Mahadasha will also be fruitful. Of course specific occurrences will be contingent also on the Tithi Pravesha Chakra and the other transit influences like the Sade-Sati, Kantak, nodal transit and that of Guru around sensitive points in the horoscope.
While longevity estimations are prohibited unless specific reasons compel the Jyotishi to look into such areas we may enter into an understanding of the relationships with parents. The Dwadashamsha Devata can reveal a fair bit in this regard. The D-12 chart shows elders and parents. The Lagna is ruled by Ganesha in the D-12 showing greater instinctive attachment with the mother just as Ganesha had greater attachment with Parvati.
The 9th Lord showing the father is in Ashwini Kumar Amsha showing great and unconditional love on your part for him. As the Moon is in fact placed in the 9th House and is in Yama Amsha you would like to inculcate a sense of discipline in him which would be more obvious on the surface. The 4th House is vacant but the lord Guru is in Ahi/ Sarpa Amsha showing that due to some complexities the mother may develop edgy feelings about the boy. This may be discernible in the Guru Mahadasha and could be related to the personal life of the boy as the planet is also the 7th Lord of the chart. The Lagna Lord is also in Yama Amsha and he too may develop such feelings as time goes on. This is not serious as Ketu in the Lagna is in Ashwini Kumar Amsha.
However, the differences can also be seen in the fact that Rahu the Atmakaraka is in the 12th House from the Pitrikaraka Jupiter and the Matrikaraka Saturn is in turn in the 12th House from Rahu in the D-12 chart.
With this I trust that some of the more crucial aspects of the life of the boy have been evaluated at this early stage in order to glean some additional perspective pertaining to the same.
Best wishes,
Anurag Sharma.
New Delhi.

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