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Composite Chart Analysis-Combining Various Astrology Services in One Analysis

Note- Even though this website contains work which is directly based on the ancient astrological classics and scriptures of India, the effort is to present observations, discussions and conclusions in common parlance as well aso as to make the papers/ analyses composed immediately comprehensible and meaningful to the lay consulter without advanced knowledge of Jyotiṣa.

This and other papers on this website do not contain any reflections on the papers coposed with a specific view to delving deep into the life of  that particular consulter since those are very individualistic in nature and cannot be revealed. However, the focus is always to apply each principle to draw out its direct significance in the life of that person so that the impact is direct and personal and it is not a dull interpretation of a static Yoga.

The periodicities/ Daśās, Ārūḍha Padas, Graha Dṛṣṭi or planetary aspects, Rāśi Dṛṣṭi or sign aspects, Argalā or intervention of astrological entities on other such entities, and so many other factors, to propel these natives of the various Lagnas, with their own characteristics and life paths, are used together and then we can begin to understand the basic framework which results for the purposes of elaborate astrological analysis.

These factors are then carried over to each Varga Cakra of interest and studied with the many, countless tools of esoteric classical Vedic astrology/ Jyotiṣa in order to arrive at specific understandings about the person's life. This is crucial. Humanity has advanced and nations have advanced as far as empirical and material life is concerned and such focused and elaborate work must distinguish between the varying characteristics of people's lives so as to astutely explain to them the reasons and the background and the future propensities about their own lives and not just some general trends that might broadly apply to anyone with similar Yogas. This sort of attention to detail and personalised adherence to the horoscope at hand has to be the hallmark of all consulting.

Central and focal areas of one's life such as health, career, finances, marriage, career, job and business, property, children, parents,foreign travel, spirituality, Mantra, past life and sum total of Karma, and much more such as the co-relations between abilities and their manifestation, timing of important events can all be evaluated and understood with Jyotish. But once again the level of expertise and attention and the unique gift of bridging the gap between the ancient and the contemporary should be such so as to write an in-depth paper/ Analysis for the specific consulter.

What do the various types of Analyses and papers described and reproduced on this website do? A lot of classical references and interpretations are route-maps travelled in order to arrive at advisory conclusions and in all my consulting, they are there also for the reading pleasure of advanced Jyotiṣa enthusiasts and consulters. This is deep and profound knowledge at its core drawn from the unique and renowned mystic heritage of India, and a vast number of consulters are also dedicated Vedic astrology enthusiasts-this elaborate journey in each consulting paper is also undertaken for their benefit. But the ultimate objective is always to gives reponses that directly and unambiguously address the realities, needs and requirements of the person approaching me for solutions.

Note 2-In customised composite astrological work, there are levels and there are levels. There are basic modules where individual horoscopes such as this one are being evaluated. There are advanced modules where corporate entitites desire deep and specific evaluations of inter-personal roles in a given project where some distinct techniques are given for selection of personnel and/  or their suitability for a certain job profile. This sort of investigation cuts to the bone and can solve intricate HR dilemmas as well as streamline group dynamics both in an intra and inter corporate  reference frame.

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Dear ABC,

As discussed in our correspondence prior to this Analysis, the focal areas have to be remedial in nature so that effective techniques can be isolated to better the difficult facets of life in this incarnation.

In order to do this effectively, we will have to study the chart from the points of view, inter alia, of inherent weaknesses/ Doshas as described by Parashar and other Sages in the ancient Jyotish classics as well as the challenges precipitated at various levels by the Mahadasha lord of the Vimshottari Dasha scheme.

Right at the outset, one can see that the birth has occurred on the Amavasya Tithi. The Tithi is of overwhelming importance in Hindu Jyotish and forms an Anga/ Part of the Panchanga/ the Five Parts used to study the Quality of Time in Indian astrology.

Tithi is the mathematical measure of the angular distance between the natal Sun and the natal Moon at the time of birth. We are discussing this so that you know what is causing the problem, to what degree and how it is proposed to be remedied. If you do not know this, you cannot understand your own life and its challenges. Tithi is composed of the Jala Tattwa/ the Watery element. The Jala Tattwa symbolizes prosperity and overall well-being. The overweening importance of the Tithi in the life of the Jatak is the reason for casting the Tithi Pravesha Chakra to study annual propensities for the native in the given Hindu year. It shows the levels of
overall well-being and prosperity. Correct? You understand how important Tithi is?

This is the reason why Parashara listed some Tithis as being struck by inherent flaws in the quality of time at birth. This is specifically listed in the Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, the immortal classic given to us by the Seer. Your birth on the Amavasya Tithi ought to have been remedied at birth; this is what is recommended but very frequently it is found that the remedy is not done at birth. In fact, sometimes it is not done at all. The reason is not far to seek. If the remedy is done, the misery and difficulties shall be alleviated and the Dosha shall stand rectified. If the Dosha is rectified, then one of the avenues to fulfill Karma shall be exhausted.

In fact, your astrologer was also born on the Amavasya Tithi and apart from the classical exposition and interpretation, also speaks to you from direct personal experience of birth on this malefic lunar date.

Amavasya Tithi is ruled by Rahu. This planet is diabolically opposed to both the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, and is forever trying to gobble them up. Since the Tithi is based on the motion of the Moon relative to the Sun, the luminaries are of tremendous importance here. The Moon indicates the mind, social interaction, the image, prosperity, overall well-being and the flow of money. When Rahu lords the Amavasya Tithi, the Moon becomes very severely and doubly afflicted. Firstly, the major source of lunar strength is its position relative to the Sun. The closer the Moon gets to the Sun, the weaker it gets. On the Amavasya Tithi, the Sun and the Moon are practically conjunct and the Moon is at the weakest junction of the Dark Fortnight. Secondly, Rahu, the arch-enemy of the Moon rules this lunar date. All these factors are immensely adverse for the Moon in the chart.

The vulnerabilities of the Moon in the Rashi Chart will not be elaborated as they have been discussed earlier. Suffice it to say that the Amavasya Tithi Dosha and the fact that the Moon is also the Lagna Lord in Rashi Sandhi is indicative of mental torment and success eluding the native. This Yoga affects the prosperity and well-being and things do not fructify despite the best efforts.

The Amavasya Tithi is stated to rule hell and thus hellish suffering is associated with birth on this date. These things are certainly not meant to foster despondency but to facilitate recognition and acceptance of the destined features of life, so that they may be remedied. One the remedies for the Amavasya Tithi Dosha start working then gains are made from foreign lands, especially relevant in your case (!) and also from underground activity like mining in certain other cases. Notably, both foreign lands and mining are the natural significations of Rahu, the planet afflicting the luminaries due to the lordship of the Amavasya Tithi.

It is unambiguously stated that this is the most important and primary Remedial Measure that you have to perform so that the chart/ life may be released from the very malefic clutches of this Duryoga/ bad combination in the chart.

The remedy is as follows: Find out from the local priest when Amavasya Tithi is falling in a given month; the remedy is to be performed at that time. Have two small idols of the Sun and Moon made: they can be images inscribed on discs, like small coins or just any idols of the Sun and Moon that can be obtained with ease and without undue expenditure. The Sun and the Moon have to be worshiped with the Mantra 'Savita' and 'Aapyayasva' respectively. Just chanting these two single words can be enough. The native must face in the South-Western direction ruled by Rahu while chanting the Mantras.

If the idols cannot be had then the native can just pray to the luminaries in the South-Western direction and pray for their grace freed from Rahu. In Ganga Jal/ water from the Holy Ganges can be obtained, then a pot containing it must be installed at the place of the worship and after the prayers, the water must be poured over one's own head, as well as that of the parents (the Sun and the Moon).

Another simpler Upaya/ remedy is to donate a black cow (NOT a buffalo) on the Amavasya Tithi with the thought that one is giving away all the tainting of Rahu. There are certain other things but you cannot do that in ...Do what you can out of this procedure given above on every Amavasya Tithi till you feel discernible relief, which you most certainly will. The cow has to be donated only once. It is preferable if the cow is not fully grown and of milk-yielding stage.

With this remedy, the chart will be freed to a great extent to begin to legitimately expect returns commensurate with the effort put in. All your financial and business concerns linked with prosperity have their root in the Amavasya Tithi Dosha and the magnitude of this Flaw in the Quality of Time is the reason why the Sage suggested that it be remedied at birth.

The astrologers who may have suggested that wealth and finances pose no problem have failed to notice the Amavasya Tithi Dosha in the chart.

The next thing to do is to work with the remedial aspects of the ongoing Saturn Mahadasha in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme. I wish to immediately refer you to the earlier document that I had drafted for you. Please revisit the parts about the Shani Mahadasha and the Charakaraka replacement. These are important to understand the manner in which your life will change in this Mahadasha. Please refer to the Dasha results as laid down in that Analysis. The main points will be reiterated and summarized herein as well for the sake of your understanding and continuity of interpretation.

Saturn is a debilitated malefic in a Kendra from Lagna and it will give Rajayoga due to this placement. There is also cancellation of debility. Thus, as far, as material issues go, Shani Dasha will give good results after the remedies for the Amavasya Tithi Dosha are done. The latter are like opening to prison gates, so that the person may go out of the captivity of his Karma and then strive (Saturn) and reap the benefits of his efforts. Still, Neecha Grahas are troublesome in their natural significations and matters that they lord temporally in the chart. Therefore, subordinates (natural signification), sexual partners, partners in business (7th Lord), chronic illness (8th lord) are all troublesome areas. The debility of Saturn has and will impact these areas adversely. Therefore, we have to pause and take notice of this problem and address this as well.

The intense focus that Saturn places on the 10th House due to failure and delay will be the driving force in achieving mastery over the work domain and this will give prosperity. But debilitated and Vargottama Saturn afflicts many other crucial parts of the chart. The fact that Saturn occupies its sign of debility Aries in the Navamsha and the Dashamsha Chakras renders it very weak. Its weakness is magnified several times over due to the repeated occupation of Aries/ Mesha in the Varga/ the divisional charts. Saturn is also in Rashi Sandhi in Aries/ Mesha at 0 degrees, in fact it is in a malefic junctional region called Gandanta between a Water sign and a Fire sign, the two elements being opposed to each other rendering the planet even weaker.

Apart from work and overall life at the mental level at a level of receiving and reacting to social stimuli, due to the lordship of the Vimshottari Dasha sequence, Saturn rules some other specific factors in the chart. For example, Saturn is also sitting atop the Darapada/ A7 in the 10th House. The Darapada has to do with our partnerships at a manifest level. It is the precipitate of the 7th House of marriage, sex, partnerships and desire. It is a crucial reference point for relationships. The Darapada is conjoined the Mrityupada/A8. This latter is the manifest, risen facet of the 8th House of sudden events, transformation, suffering and inheritance issues. Some of these attributes and qualities would have been interlaced with the relationships. The Roga Pada/ A6 is also conjoined the A7. This makes the situation loaded. The Karma is such that relationships don?t end easily and enmity and bitterness comes in, this being a function of the A6. To add to it all, Neecha Shani is conjoined this combination and the Shani Mahadasha has begun. In the light of all this, remedial measures have to be done to appease Shani.

The attention drawn to the Charakaraka replacement that is occurring helps the scenario of relationships because Venus will take over as the Char Darakaraka. The women who will come into life now will be prettier, gentler and generally relationships will be more versatile. The inflexibility and rigidity that may have characterized women thus far will be a thing of the past quite soon. You can look forward to positive changes on this front.

Venus also has Digbala/ directional strength from the Arudha Lagna and the South-Eastern direction will be good for material success. The Charakaraka replacement may be announced by the arrival of a woman from the South-East.

To prevent relatives and competitors from becoming a real problem also Saturn has to be appeased.

The thing to do to alleviate the debilitation of Saturn throughout its Vimshottari Dasha and to aid the best results due to the Charakaraka replacement, we need to lift the sign placement of Saturn. This is done best through the device of the Jyotirlinga Mantra. There are 12 Jyotirlinga or forms of Lord Shiva that are full of all His attributes and contain the divine light to obliterate Karmic darkness, to burn evil Karma seen through poor planetary placements and debility etc of Grahas, to shine forth in external life and to inculcate optimism in a meaningful way in life. The 12 Jyotirlinga (Dwadash Jyotirlinga) are mapped directly on to the 12 Rashis/ signs of the zodiac.

When we seek to work with the debilitation of a crucial planet, like Saturn in your chart, the Jyotirlinga Mantra is very useful. The correct mantra can lift the Graha out of its debilitation and rid the native of some of the more stressful aspects of a planet?s debilitation. We need to lift the planet out of its debility. Saturn is exalted in the sign opposite its sign of debility, namely, Tula/ Libra. We need to work with the Jyotirlinga Mantra for Tula so that Saturn can be lifted out of its debility.

The Mantra is:

"Om Namah Shivaaya Namo Mahaakaaleshaaya"

As Saturn is in the 10th House, you should do 10 Malas (10* 108) everyday starting on Saturday. If you find this onerous in the beginning, start with 1 Mala (108 repetitions). Mahakala is the Shiva form corresponding to the zodiacal sign Libra.

This will be the most important remedy to safeguard you during the Saturn Mahadasha that shall continue till 18.1.2025. Not only to safeguard but also to help bring out the Rajayoga potential of the Saturn Mahadasha.

The Lagna and the Lagna Lord are responsible for the health and intelligence of the native. The placement of the Lagna Lord/ Paka Lagna is very important in this regard. As communicated to you earlier, the Lagna Lord Moon, responsible for the health, is very weak in Rashi Sandhi. The Moon is in its exaltation Rashi and gets the strength to receive remedial measures. You must wear a pearl set in silver on Monday after the Moon comes out in the sky. If you can get hold of Ganga Jal, then first wash the ring with the gemstone set in it with raw cow's milk and then with the holy water. Offer some incense and white flowers and then wear the ring.

The weight of the stone is to be 2, 4, 6 or 9 Rattis (not 7/8 Rattis). As the Moon is the Lagna Lord, the gemstone should be worn in the ring finger. The ring finger is symbolic of the Dharma Trikona: the 1st, 5th and the 9th Houses and as the Moon lords the Lagna, the ring should be worn in the 3rd finger.

With these remedies, I am quite optimistic that your life will begin to turn right around it the various troubled areas discussed thus far.

However, to let you have a complete picture, I am going to advise you of specific deities that can be approached for specific areas of life. The first is the Ishta Devata. This deity is responsible for taking the native towards emancipation. This deity is seen from the 12th House from the Atmakaraka planet in the Navamsha Chart. The Navamsha Chart pertains to Dharma. The Atmakaraka planet signifies the soul of the native and the 12th therefrom shows the release of the soul.

The Atmakaraka is placed in Virgo/ Kanya Navamsha and the 12th therefrom is Leo/ Simha which is vacant but aspected by the lord of Leo, the Sun by Rashi Drishti. This shows that the Ishta Devata is Lord Shiva as the Sun is the Graha representative of Lord Shiva. For matters of the soul, you can pray to Lord Shiva.

The next deity and perhaps more pertinent for you at this stage is the Palan Karta. This planet is seen from the 6th House from the Amatyakaraka Graha in the Navamsha Chart. The Amatyakaraka is the planet responsible for the career and so the Palan Karta shows our sustenance and livelihood in this world. The Amatyakaraka planet is Venus and the 12th therefrom is occupied by Mars. Mars shows the Palan Karta. Skanda/ Kartikeya or Lord Hanuman is the Palan Karta in this incarnation. This deity can be approached for relief in financial matters.

The final deity is the Dharma Devata. This planet is seen from the 9th House from the Amatyakaraka in the Navamsha chart and shows us the path that we have to follow in this incarnation.

The 9th House from Venus, the Amatyakaraka, is occupied by the Moon. The Moon is exalted in the Rashi chart, showing Gouri/ Parvati as the specific form of the Goddess which shall guide you to your true and righteous path in this incarnation.

Let us now see some of the specific features as they obtain in this Hindu year. The Tithi Pravesha Chakra this year is cast for the following data... The Hindu birthday, as it were, varies a little from the Western birthday according to the Gregorian Calendar but the Tithi Pravesha Chakra is astrologically and astronomically very astute. True Copy of the Tithi Pravesha Chakra is annexed herewith and marked as ABC TITHI PRAVESHA CHAKRA.

Some specifics have to be checked in the Tithi Pravesha Chakra. Vrishabh/ Taurus Lagna rises in the Tithi Pravesha Chakra for this year. This is a malefic house in the natal Rashi Chart, being the 11th from the radical Lagna Cancer. But this also denotes financial gains. The material positives appear to outweigh the malefic potential of the 11th House. Health has to be bolstered by the remedies detailed above because the Hindu birthday falls on the Vedic (not western) weekday of Saturday which planet is a functional malefic for the Lagna.

The Hora Lord for this year?s Tithi Pravesha Chakra is Jupiter, retrograde in the 6th House as the 8th Lord, forming the auspicious Vipreeta Raja Yoga indicating advance and unexpected gains after adversity, stresses and trials. If you are able to do the remedies, this chart shows the possibility of quite significant material and monetary gains this year. The Hora Lord is in many ways the most important planet for the Tithi Pravesha Chakra and indicates focal areas and crux outcomes for the year.

Ideally, you may want to use the esoteric information contained in this Analysis as some sort of a turning point to understand the trials of this life and as a fulcrum to change it all around for your benefit. The forces also seem amenable to such a venture.

You have apprised me of the investment opportunity relating to the venture involving Digital Camera Photo processing/ printing photographs (Rahu) in kiosks through memory sticks (sophisticated gadgets: Ketu). Therefore, the Nodes have to play the correct supporting role in order for the venture to give results.

Taurus Lagna rises in the Tithi Pravesha Chakra. Venus and the Moon conjoin in the Lagna. This is an extremely positive Yoga for monetary advantage accruing to the native. The fact that Venus is also the 6th Lord and the Moon is the 3rd Lord makes this Vipreeta Raja Yoga. This indicates that the native is in a state of dissatisfaction and from this situation he shall surmount heavy odds to achieve financial success. Venus in the Lagna in its own sign also makes this a Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga making the native acquire luxury items and conservative success, things of beauty and grace, music, vehicles and the like. Both the Moon and Venus
have Digbal / directional strength from the Arudha Lagna in the 10th House. The indications of help or positives accruing from the South East can manifest this year. In addition, due to the similar strength of the Moon, help can also come from the North-West ruled by the Moon.

Both Venus and the Moon are conjoined the Labha Pada/ A11 showing tangible gains. This also goes by the name of the Vahana Yoga. People will see you as opulent and immersed in the enjoyment of Bhoga or sensory/ hedonistic joy. There will be recognition of your individual merit and creative intelligence, as too very good investment. This is seen from the A5/ Mantra Pada conjoined the Lagna and the A11 in the 4th House from the A11. All these indications show financial well being, prosperity and gains from investments.

Rahu is placed in the 11th House promising gains from photography. It also aspects the 11th House from the Arudha Lagna, along with Ketu, with Rashi Drishti confirming gains from photography with the use of gadgets. The aspect of the Sun to the 11th from Arudha Lagna by Rashi Drishti also shows that market leaders or other people at the apex of their respective fields could also contribute to the incoming funds this year. All these are straight pointers to a go-ahead for this investment opportunity showing that the native must avail of it.

Two malefics in the 2nd and the 8th Houses from the Arudha Lagna show poverty. This can be interpreted to mean that the native starts the year on a dim financial note. It is a good thing that the Moon does not aspect the Nodes for that would have let this dissatisfaction linger throughout the year. This is not so, indicating again that the positive combinations in the chart will have the native come out of this state and achieve relative financial heights.

Unlike the financial scenario that forms the focus this year, the area of relationships does not emerge as quite so conspicuous or promising. The broad tendencies pertaining to relationships are seen from the Darapada/ A7 in the Rashi Chakra. This is in the 11th House from the Uday Lagna showing that investment in this project could introduce you to an enigmatic person. Care is needed here because the Arudha Lagna is in the 12th House from the A7 showing a mismatch or inherent incompatibility. The lords of the Arudha Lagna and the A7 are also quite opposed to each other, being Rahu and Jupiter respectively. However, it will not be easy to maintain one?s sense of discrimination as the 7th Lord Venus is exalted in the 12th House, showing that the person will be very pretty, sensuous, artistic, elegant and difficult to understand and gauge. Even in the Tithi Pravesha Chakra Navamsha, the chart pertaining to relationships, the lord of the 7th House is in the 12th House from the Lagna and in the 8th from the Arudha Lagna. You are best advised not to get into a serious relationship this year.

Focus on the remedies designed to improve the radical Karma in this direction and wait for the correct time. This year does not furnish the requisite correct time for this sort of a thing. There should be no confusion in this regard. All arrivals should be welcomed but to plunge headlong into anything romantic is not advised this year.

It is the self and self-confidence that will undertake endeavour with initiative and drive as the Lagna Lord Venus (Self/ Personality) is conjoined the Moon, the 3rd Lord of initiative and courage, in the Lagna itself.

The 6th House from the Arudha Lagna in any Rashi Chakra shows the situation relating to the competition and competitors. Malefics are considered well-placed here. Mars, the 7th Lord of the Tithi Pravesha Chakra, indicating partnerships and relationships is debilitated in the 3rd House from the Lagna, which is also the 6th House from the Arudha Lagna. While this is another clue that very serious romantic relationships are best avoided this year, the very same placement also ensures a heady competitive energy and the willingness to surmount the challenged thrown up by those who oppose and contend with you in life.

Saturn causes the Neechabhanga Rajayoga of Mars and the weakness of the latter planet is quelled to a large extent. You must guard against the instinctive lack of initiative and grasping drive caused by the Sadhu Yoga in the natal chart and utilize the combinations in the Tithi Pravesha Chakra to attempt to attain what appears plausible this year.

The combination of the three planets in the 3rd House from the Lagna and the 6th House from the Arudha Lagna is a Rajayoga that shall fructify with travel, communication, courage, initiative and coming on top over competitors and enemies. Let us the study the Tithi Pravesha Chakra Dashamsha/ D-10 chart to look at the specific tendencies prevailing in the environment for work and achievements this year.

Taurus Lagna rises in the Tithi Pravesha Chakra D-10 chart with the lord exalted in the 11th House of gains showing that the expectations and desires in work will be completely fulfilled, even beyond expectations. However, the Badhak for the chart is placed in the 4th House showing that you need to be painstakingly careful about the specific implementation of the project strategies and merely delegating this aspect will not do. As Ketu is in Gemini in the 2nd House it shows that the investment project involving memory cards (Ketu) and printing (Gemini) really motivates and attracts you this year.

The 6th House relates to service and has the Moon placed in Libra. This shows that even though this is an investment proposal, the question of access of the public (Moon: masses) to the kiosks in the market place (Libra in the 6th House) must be carefully addressed as this will be important for the success of the project. You must have all the information pertaining to this aspect.

You may not feel very comfortable with the actual work till about August 1 because the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha of Rahu shall be on in the Tithi Pravesha Chakra. Though Rahu is well-placed in the Rashi Chakra, it is debilitated as the 10th Lord in the 8th House of the D-10 Chart. From August 1 to October 13 it will be a very satisfactory period in the business subject to the Sade-Sati. Thereafter, till November 4, market leaders and people in positions of authority can come up with newer ideas, all of which would be favourable.

Till December 28, you will need to focus on the functional aspects of the work you are doing and this attitude will reap you a rich harvest and satisfaction in work as the Moon forms Shashi-Mangala Yoga in the 6-12 axis with Mars, showing satisfaction arriving from foreign lands.

The exaltation of Mercury shows a lot of apt creative working intelligence and success in ventures resulting therefrom.

There is a very strong Rajayoga in the 5-11 axis in the D-10 chart showing success from enterprise.

As discussed with you earlier, this question is also going to be analysed through a Horary/ Prashna Chart cast for the purpose. The chart was cast for the time when the query was put to your astrologer and when he received it in India. The data for the chart is as follows: ...; New Delhi, India.

True Copy of the Prashna/ Horary Chart is annexed herewith and marked as ABC INVESTMENT QUERY.

Right at the outset it becomes apparent that the Prashna Chakra is not as impressive and favorable as the Tithi Pravesha Chakra for the investment opportunity. This is always a pointer to the fact that the Karma in this incarnation has been of such a nature so as to alter the natal indications. At the cost of repetition, it is once again stated that Remedial Measures attain the utmost importance in this nativity due to the peculiar and destined vulnerabilities as shown by the Amavasya Tithi Dosha and the placement of crux Grahas in debility, Rashi Sandhi, Gandanta and the nature of the Prashna Chakra. Once the Karmic fallibilities are addressed, many good things can be attained.

In the Prashna Chakra cast for the purpose of looking at the potential of the investment opportunity, Vrishchik/ Scorpio Lagna rises. Very interestingly, it is the 5th House as reckoned from your natal Karka/ Cancer Lagna. The 5th House, along with the 8th House is the Karaka Bhava/ significator house for investment. Thus, the Prashna Chakra clearly deals with the question of enterprise and investment.

The Lagna Lord of the chart showing the Querent is Mars (along with Ketu). Mars is debilitated in the 9th House showing that the native is not confident as the luck factor/ Bhagya (9th House) has not been favouring him and this has sapped vigour and confidence. However, Saturn causes the cancellation of the debility of Mars, showing that remedying Karma (Saturn) holds the key to greater self-belief, energy and vigour.

The Arudha Lagna in the Prashna Chakra is in the 5th House showing that the end result of the investment (10th from 8th) is the reason for putting forth the query. The 9th Lord Moon is placed in the 5th House from Lagna which is also the Arudha Lagna. Rahu is placed along with the Moon showing that the shocks of the past make the psychological state suspect and riddled with doubt, the emotional cognizance fearing the worst. The Rashi Chakra in a Prashna Chakra evaluation is primarily indicative of the present of the consulter.

The Karya Bhava of the Prashna Chakra is the 5th and also the 8th House. The Karyesh/ significator of investment is Jupiter, which is retrograde in the 12th House from the Lagna and the 8th House from the Arudha Lagna. This does not show a happy situation for the native ?at the time? the query was posed. This has to be distinguished from ?what will be the end result of the query? as the latter shall be seen from the Drekkana/ D-3 chart of the Prashna Chakra. As the 10th Lord of the Prashna Chakra (Rashi Chakra) is the Sun and it is placed in the 8th House, it shows that despite the surrounding factors, you are willing to go ahead and involve yourself with the investment.

As the 9th Lord of Bhagya is in the Nodal axis with Rahu and Ketu, it points at remedial measures shown by the Karmic control planets: Rahu and Ketu to better the luck in this venture. As Saturn, the planet of Karma itself is the Mahadasha planet in the natal chart in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme, the remedial measures and their requirement are seen even more clearly.

The Navamsha Chart/ D-9 of the Prashna Chakra is seen for the past. In this chart, Kanya/ Virgo Lagna rises and the Yogakaraka Venus is placed in the 5th House. This shows that the projects in the past have been grandiose. The lord of the 5th House is Saturn and it is badly afflicted by the 12th Lord Sun and the 3rd and the 8th Lord Mars showing very trying experiences in these matters in the past. However, as all the three planets lord a Dusthana and the conjunction occurs in yet another Dusthana, the 3rd House, it forms Vipreeta Raja Yoga. This would have allowed the native to come away with something and to stay afloat.

The Karyesh Guru/ Jupiter is placed in the 6th House in the nodal axis. The 6th House is Maraka/ Killer for the 5th and indicates service rather than entrepreneurial attainment. The Nodes once again indicate that the want of success has not been due to any personal deficiency but due to accumulated Karma. This is confirmed by the fact that the Lagna Lord of the Navamsha Chakra is placed in the 11th House, the 11th being the Bhava of optimism and fulfillment of hopes, desires and ambitions.

Let us study the future propensities through the Tithi Pravesha Chakra Drekkana/ D-3 chart. Here, the chart used is from a Jyotish tradition of Orissa, India. The Lagna rising is Cancer/ Karka and the Lagna Lord Moon, showing the self is placed in the 9th House, the Bhava of luck and fortune. This is important and quite positive as it shows blessings destined for the native through luck and grace, the latter attributes being seen from the 9th House. Mars is a Yogakaraka for Cancer Lagna, owning both a trine and a quadrant, becoming capable of conferring Rajayoga on its own. Here, Mars is very well placed in the 5th House of investment which it itself lords. It is conjoined the 7th and 8th Lord Saturn which gives a harsh image to the business image as someone who drives a hard bargain.

Jupiter the Karaka is well placed in Kumbha/ Aquarius where it can give results akin to exaltation in the 8th House of speculation. This is also a Vipreeta Raja Yoga as Jupiter is the 6th Lord placed in the 8th House.

Regarding the health situation, the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra furnishes a better picture. This is cast for the time when at the time of the solar return, the Moon enters the Nakshatra where it was placed at birth. Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra is based on the Vayu Tattwa/ the air element and better shows the health situation. True Copy of the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra is annexed herewith and marked as ABC NAKSHATRA PRAVESH CHAKRA.

There is need for caution in this area as the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra shows considerable affliction. The Lagna is afflicted by the 3rd Lord Sun in Gemini/ Mithun Lagna. Mithun is the 12th House from the natal Karka Lagna. This is a Dusthana and shows an unfavourable year with respect to the health. Rahu and Ketu afflict the Sun, the Naisargika Karaka for the body by Rashi Drishti from the 10th and the 4th Houses respectively. The Lagna Lord of the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra is badly afflicted by debilitated Mars and Saturn. The symptomatic predictive diagnosis will depend also upon the condition of Venus, the Karaka for blood sugar. Venus is in the 12th House, placed with the 2nd Lord, the Maraka Moon. The saving grace is that Venus is in Taurus, its own sign. Guard against eye-sight being impacted by the health condition as the 10th Lord is placed in the 8th House from itself and both the Sun and the Moon are somewhat afflicted.

However, this is unlikely to be dangerous or severely problematic as Venus is exalted in the Navamsha Chart in the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra. The exaltation of the Moon in the 12th House also augurs well for the treatment working. There may be expenditure and visits to the doctor/ the hospital shown by the 12th House but you will respond to the treatment. Till 7th July, you must take the fullest care as the Mars compressed Vimshottari Dasha is on and Mars is a debilitated, afflicted natural and functional malefic in the 2nd House.

This chart makes the need for the pearl very crucial.

Just looking at the foreign takeover possibilities over the next 3-5 years, though the time frame is quite broad based, and the Tithi Pravesha Chakra for a more specific year should be looked at, generally some things can be stated. In view of all that has been stated about Saturn and the quite focused manner in which remedial measures have been prescribed, all these ventures are to be looked at positively.

Career and business are likely to look up. As you get out of the Sade-Sati and into the Rajayoga of Saturn, having done what is required to quell the debility and the Gandanta status of this Graha, you would be well on the way to expansion. Also, the pressing triple Saturn caused by a bereft-of-remedies and afflicted planet in the Vimshottari Dasha Mahadasha as well as the Antardasha, plus the ending Sade-Sati will abate. Mercury Antardasha in the 12th House will also aid foreign ventures.

Precisely how far the Grahas respond in fact to remedial measures is always to be seen from life events. Most often we find that these focused and highly task specific measures work very well and a lot of benefit and positive change is felt in the area that are being addressed. It is for this reason that the ancient classics are so particular in laying down Doshas and astrological situations that are in need of remedial measures.

I trust you have a blueprint of what is to come this year, including in isolated and specific areas. Perform the remedial measures with faith and with awareness of precisely what they are being done for. I have very little doubt that you will be aided in your life journey with these inputs.

Best Wishes,
Anurag Sharma.

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