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Jupiter transit in Gemini/ Guru Gochar in Mithuna Rashi on 31st May, 2013-New Meaning in Information and Communications

Jupiter is the greatest benefic in Hindu/ Vedic/ Indian astrology. The Graha is the representative of divinity in the horoscope. It moves to Gemini on 31st of May, 2013 and signals a complete shift in matters of perspective, wealth, finance, wisdom, luck, success and all positive things in life.

Gemini is the sign which relates to information and communication. It is also the 3rd House of the natural zodiac. Jupiter being one of the outer planets, and a slow moving one, makes a real impact when it shifts signs since the movement is for 13 months and more. 

Mithuna Rāśi is ruled by Budha/ Mercury and whenever Mercury comes to be associated with Jupiter in any manner, our trigger happy rationality gets direction and insight, all our social media and communications will be inspired by meaning and greater understanding. Our words shall have weight because Gurū in Saṅskṛt means heavy and there is unlikely to be any unbearable lightness of being insofar as communications and information-sharing are concerned.

The chart for the ingress of Jupiter into Gemini is given below-

Jupiter joins a powerful Mercury placed in its own sign and also Venus placed in a friendly sign. Gemini is an Air Sign and relates strongly to human activity. Hobbies, interests, journals, blogging, magazines, emails, social media and such activities are governed by this sign.
There may be meaningful work put out in these life areas during this transit of Jupiter. All these areas stand to improve especially as Mercury in joined Jupiter as the time of ingress. Spiritual knowledge could be imparted more easily and commercial or practical knowledge indicated by Venus will also be positively impacted. If you should have access to genuine sources of knowledge or advisors and consultants of real merit then ensure that you stay close to them and interact with them regularly so as to fully benefit from their learning. 
So, Jiva, another name for Jupiter will be strongly impacting human affairs and this is a good time for all of us to sit up and enjoy these energies which will most certainly be communicated to our advantage. 
This transit of Jupiter is also an occasion for all of us to discern the differences between information and perspective about information. Information does not have a path of its own and tools of communication and technology can be used in any manner whatsoe and ver. Jupiter on the other hand is all about paths, life paths, advisory roles, a paradigm of excellence and awareness, teaching, guiding and aligning information and communication in the right directions. 
While Mercury and signs ruled by Mercury show  rational appreciation it is Jupiter which provides the discriminating intellect. When we say Mithun Rāśi/ Rashi we in fact mean the various Lagna tenanted by this Rāśi in the Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu horoscope. This could extend to the Udaya Lagna or the sign rising in the ascendant; Ārūḍha Lagna/ Arudha Lagna (AL), Cañdra/ Chandra Lagna or the Jañma/ Janma Rāśi/ Rashi etc. and the interpretations vary from each reference sign. Of course all this is more properly the realm of personal consulting.
Also,  Jupiter is about knowledge and wisdom and this is what He shall impart to Mithuna Lagna.  But where else will this valuable input come. For this we need to look at the special aspects of the planet. Jupiter aspects the 5th and 9th houses from its station and therefore Libra/ Tulā Rāśi (Tula Rashi) and Aquarius/ Kumbha Rāśi/ Rashi will benefit from the grace and wisdom of Jupiter as well. Libra can certainly do with some and Aquarius most definitely needs this. So Tulā/ Tula Lagna and Kumbha Lagna will directly benefit from the aspect of Gurū/ Guru. These persons should be focussed on this.
It hardly needs to be reiterated that personalised effects of the placements of planets or their transits can only be determined by exhaustive focussed studies, variants of which are described here-
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