Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Five (5) Reasons to Get Vedic Astrology Horoscope Predictions/ Analyses/ Advisements

The article below lists a few reasons and circumstances which invite a Vedic Astrology Advisement and Consultancy in order to illuminate the situation and to guide you through it. 

1. If you feel that despite the valuable years lived, rich with experience, you are still lost and seem to have no perspective in life commensurate with your personal history. All that you see around you are questions but no answers. Cynicism is engulfing you. Other seem clued in by comparison but life is or always has been a little too much for you. Overwhelmed by circumstance or history, Vedic Astrology is one art that can illuminate your past, present and future and tell you who you are and where are you going.

2. If you are looking for a partner to travel this lifetime with or have a partner and want more out of your life together or life has not proved to be what it promised to be, a Vedic Astrology Evaluation of your horoscope and that of your partner can elucidate things. It can illustrate the common areas which can be built upon for the better and also highlight contentious compatibility zones which can be worked on. Loneliness at not having found your partner can be quelled since the horoscope will reveal Karma relating to relationships and marriage and you will finally know what is happening and where it is that you are headed. Whatever it is one should know so that one may proceed accordingly. 

3. Career issues. Not able to find a career of your liking or interest or one which taps into your ambitions and abilities. Not able to reconcile yourself to your work. Cannot tolerate the boss or the work conditions. Have achieved high standards but want to know what else is in the offing, perhaps higher ground, perhaps a change. Timing of the new job or the likelihood of a new job coming your way. Are you in the correct line of work for you or was this just Karma you had to pay off. Service or private enterprise. What to do if some people in the team are just not willing to let you survive. 

4. Where should you be living. In your country of birth or in a distant land for your life to fully flower and attain its true potential. Should you make investments in properties in the native land or elsewhere. Would you emigrate or stay in the country of your birth. Is destiny, wife, children, work, money to take shape here or elsewhere.  These are fundamental questions and if destiny is to flower in a particular location then it is only there that  things start to happen and not elsewhere. 

5. Money makes the world go around. How much of it is promised in your life. Will things continue as they are or will they turn around. What could be the sources of income and gains. When would these start coming in and what activities and people are likely to either spark this or actually make this happen.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider having your Vedic horoscope evaluated but these are only a few.  As stated in more detail elsewhere on this website, the art spans all existence and all spiritual and mental realities comprehended by mankind. It furnishes the only system where the discerning and involved person may examine their life and be guided in the process. It is otherwise quite difficult for anyone to actually come across an organised body of knowledge which can systematically address life concerns and this is exclusively what Vedic astrology does. 

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