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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo on September 17, 2015 in Vedic Astrology Transits

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo on September 17, 2015-
I have written at this website about the exaltation of Mercury in Virgo in Vedic Astrology sidereal transits and therefore must also address the fact that Mercury (Budha) will become retrograde late at night on September 17, 2015 and shall continue to be so till October 9, 2015.
Retrogression or Vakra Gati of a planet is a situation where the planet is exerting heightened effort (three times the effort) and therefore indicates intensity of striving.
Why does one strive? In order to get something. Why does one wish to get something? He does not have that thing or wants more of it. It is an expression of desire in any case and to this extent retrogression is like Rahu, the North Node of the Moon.
It also indicates lack or refusal of something to occur and one keeps trying again and again, hoping for the result to come to pass. Retrogression is not desirable for these reasons although the planet becomes very strong so as to try effectively continually.
Retrograde in Exaltation-
Retrograde means opposite or reverse to the norm and when a planet, like Mercury currently, becomes retrograde in exaltation, it starts to give results opposite to exaltation, namely debilitation. This is also since the desire of the retrograde planet is focussed on the house opposite to its station.
Virgo or Pisces-
Mercury is exalted in Virgo but while it is retrograde it will act as if it is in Pisces in debilitation. Mercury becomes debilitated in Pisces because it is quicksilver and childish and does not want to sit and meditate in the Ashrama of the Guru. It feels as if it is in detention after school, and that too in ‘Scripture and Other Holy Practices 101’, while all others of the class play and create a right ruckus just outside.   
Implications of Mercury Retrograde-
A retrograde planet is trying to get your attention by doing the same things again and again. Mercury is the King of the Age of Information and so please check and re-check all your communications three times before letting them loose or else Mercury will check them for you by precipitating things which require checking, re-checking and even re-doing.
This applies to documents, emails, phone calls, bills, contracts, banking entries, misunderstandings, words and phrases, words once out of the mouth are like an arrow and so on, money, commerce, transactions, web, internet, computers, connectivity, financial instruments, filings, hard drives, external drives, texting, what’s up with WhatsApp, schedules, time-tables (those beatific, saintly,  Bodhi things which never seem to work in real life)- you get the general idea.
Contrary to popular belief, hard currency, one of the more significant and less beatific significations of Mercury does not suffer when Mercury is debilitated. They only come in circumstances which harbour distress or difficulty for some party or other or enforced humility in some manner. Nīca Grahas are capable of giving effect to Śrīmaṅtaḥa Yoga.
The Past-
The Past wants to revisit some especially in respect of transactional work. Projects envisaged in the past which never took off, will come calling again. This is virtually like new work which is only coming in the retrograde period because it was to have come effectively in the past.
If other agents of the Past were to come, they would either come crying because of the effective debility of Mercury or some other thing of that nature will happen. These things are more likely if Mercury is retrograde in the natal horoscope itself.
But I, But I, But I, But I, But I.........For God’s Sake Carry On, We Are Listening!-
Mercury is expression and speech and sometimes, with Mercury retrograde or debilitated or exalted and retrograde which gives results of debility, expression and speech are curtailed.
With Mercury exalted and retrograde the difference is that the basic structure of significations ensuing from Mercury are exalted but it is in their manifestation that they suffer. But exaltation is not happy with this denigration and so it is likely to be stylised as a signature line, much in the same way as dramatic effect is sought with a slight, theatrical limp while walking in some cases.
Vedic Horoscope with Mercury Exalted and Retrograde-
The chart below is an instance of Mercury exalted and retrograde in the natal horoscope itself-

Apart from the indications stated in the segment above, the additional concern is that Budha is the Lagneśa and while fostering a perception that the body is sound, due to its retrogression and consequent effects of debility it can create sudden health issues of a serious nature as being the lord of the Ascendant the planet rules the body.
Mercury is joined Rahu-
The only cautionary note which is to be struck is that till Mercury is in direct motion in exaltation, its association with Rāhu is only largely positive but when Mercury starts giving the effects of debilitation then the association with Rahu can become troublesome in the significations of Mercury especially in charts where either Mercury or Rahu are noticeably adverse.
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