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Debilitated and Afflicted Moon in Vedic Astrology Transits During the Weekend Ending September 20, 2015

Vedic astrology and the weekend ending September 20, 2015-
From a Vedic astrology perspective, it is little wonder that people have reported that the weekend ending September 20, 2015 has not been very comfortable. The Moon (Chandra or Cañdra) holds the chariot reins for this life, being the significator of the mind of the human being, and the Moon has been debilitated in Scorpio (Vrishchik or Vṛṣcika Rāśi).
Transit Moon debilitated in Scorpio-
The Moon further signifies the inputs and stimuli coming from society and participation of the being with the community. It also indicates the flow of events and the ebb and flow of emotions and feelings.
In deep and inscrutable Scorpio, the Moon gets Nīca or debilitated as this is the 8th sign of the natural zodiac and the Moon therefore becomes caught in the death-like situation in any horoscope irrespective of the Lagna rising, in the 8th House. This is the Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna placement for the Moon.
Impact of the debilitated Moon-
Debilitation of the Moon immediately stresses and depresses the mind with swirling, deep energies of Scorpio ruled by Mars, overtaking the sensibilities. Irritability and darkness take hold and the weekend which is meant to be a time of relaxation becomes a fuming, secluded emptiness.
If the mind is dying, then no matter what else is happening, the human being does not enjoy that passage of time. So it has been this past weekend.
But there has been more to it, and we must look at the transit chart to see the reasons in a better way.
Transit chart-

Influence of Saturn and Mars-
As if it was not enough that the Moon was debilitated, it had to conjoin Saturn, (Shani or Śani) the great malefic.
Saturn is an old planet indicating past Karma and suffering. It also indicates darkness of various types and is best pleased when people adhere to orthodoxy, much like old men, set in their ways. For the fickle Moon, this is too much to ask, and in the sordid environs of debility, the conjunction has brought great pressure to bear on the minds of many people, whose natal Moon is stressed in the horoscope in some way or the other.
Mars and Saturn are in mutual aspect from Leo and Scorpio and this has led to severe affliction to the Moon which has been caught in the crossfire.
Saturn and Mars are bitter enemies and their mutual aspects show desires to hurt and maim each other. Mars desires to control Saturn and the Moon with His 4th House aspect while Saturn seeks to enslave with his requirements of diligence and hard work owing to the 10th House aspect.
These astrological influences have been out of place over the weekend where they sought to influence the mind.
Getting the Vedic astrology Newsletter-
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Onward journey of the transit Moon in Sagittarius-
The Moon will be travelling to Sagittarius next but not before traversing the Gandanta, which is a junctional region between Scorpio and Sagittarius where the mind will be very frayed. This will happen in the wee hours IST so people in India can hope to get through unscathed but other time zones need to be checked for specific influences.
Aspect of Jupiter-
In Sagittarius, there will be an excellent aspect of the lord of the sign, Jupiter (Gurū or Guru) to the Moon in transit infusing the mind with optimism and positive energy and also the requisite knowledge to do things of importance and value.  Jupiter is currently in transit in Leo and aspects Sagittarius with His 5th House aspect bringing great consciousness and awareness to the mind.
This is the only planetary aspect and the circumstantial aspects of the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu are through the Rāśi Dṛṣti or the sign aspect.
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