Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Life Mirrors Karma in the Horoscope in Vedic Astrology

The most recent Vedic astrology Newsletter titled How Life Mirrors Karma in the Horoscope in Vedic Astrology is now in circulation and can be read at- http://eepurl.com/by4Qqj.

This paper is entirely comprised of practical application of the principles of classical Vedic astrology. 

The horoscopes studied and elaborated on in this Newsletter include one with notable features in the career, prominently a Rajayoga, and how these positives play out against some other lesser combinations and placements in the charts.

Very often we have instances of people wondering what makes someone tick and with pragmatic appreciation, convincing answers are simply not forthcoming. The simple reason is that truth lurks elsewhere, in the Yogas in the horoscope. 

A horoscope with political aspirations and extant governmental connexions is also interpreted, even though the basic career is distinct from the two realms aforesaid. Impediments in statesmanship are identified. Politics is a national passion in India and there can be varying degrees of Karma which can indicate corresponding proximity, participation and reward. Sometimes, the pushes and pulls are all there, and yet that level of success which yields political position and basically catapults is not there. 

Yet another chart shows multiple careers owing to Karmic transformations ensuing from the 8th House from the Lagna.

Another horoscope discusses the challenging features in both the Rāśi Chakra and the Navāmśa Chakra, the Karaka and so on which have led to marriage not having come to pass thus far in life.

Finally, a horoscope is evaluated from the perspective of relationships and marriage, and the Karma therein, primarily from the Lagna but also from other specific reference points such as the Upapada Lagna.

The role of Venus in weakness (debilitation) and the association of the planet of beauty with Mars and the blemish it creates are all considered in the paper. The affliction of the 7th Lord and the Badhakesha is seen along with the shock value of some of these adverse combinations. It does take two to tango but sometimes a glimpse of the Karma from one horoscope is enough to determine the contours of events that are likely to transpire.  

The Newsletter carries images of the charts which have been interpreted so as to afford ready recognition of the planetary combinations and placements leading to specific results in life.

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