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Venus in Leo (Shukra in Simha Rashi) on July 5, 2015- Vedic Astrology Transits

As the Moon in transit makes its way to the vast and expansive realm of Aquarius (Kumbha Rāśi) on July 5, 2015, Venus (Śukra or Shukra) enters the sign opposite, namely Simha (Leo).
Though Śukra is in Gaṅdāṅta (Gandanta) and very afflicted for this reason at the commencement of this analysis, the mutual aspect with the Moon is excellent. This Gandanta results from the elemental conflict in the concluding parts of the watery Cancer (Karkaṭa or Karka Rāśi), of the Jala Tattwa, and the fiery element at the beginning of Leo (Simha), of the Agni Tattwa.
Water tries to douse out the fire and fire tries to dry up the water.
Venus is a Jala Tattwa Graha and does not like conflict of this sort especially since it is going into the burning royalty of the King who cannot be considered proximate in nature to the enjoying and social Venus, though Venus has always had a special place in the palace.
The 7th House aspects of both Venus and the Moon are extremely strong as they indicate the desire or the Kāma of Grahas embodying desire themselves. A locus of desire or two loci of desire are left free to influence each other even if it is from the rival realms of the Sun and Saturn; Śani (Shani) and Rāhu (Rahu) lord over Kumbha Rāśi.
It is quite possible that even in the disciplined domain of Sūryaś Sunday, and in some burning setting or the other, socialising of a very pleasurable sort may come to pass.
This may be tainted with governmental troubles, such as people meeting to discuss troubles with the government and how a previous profit-motive failed to deliver and the minds will readily record and express the distress that may have come from this, and other trials in life.
Even so, the Grahas cannot change their nature and will laugh and smile with their gazes firmly on each other. The party of the first part, or the other, may be enjoying the Annapūrṇa (Annapurna) Yoga also called the Yānavaṅta (Yanavanta) and Vāhana (Vahana) Yoga depending on the setting while the other may be moving through a sort of ravaged Laṅkā (Lanka), though the party of the second part may be no pushover despite the problems.
The theme is that wealth and abundance form the core of this transit and people with dominant Sūrya in the natal horoscope may be lauded for their overall prowess, and the fact that gentleness has been preserved nonetheless. This is due to the fact that Venus is transiting the sign of the Sun.
Women suddenly attain prominence and come to the forefront of the discussion and the quality of leadership most prominent in the Yanavanta Yoga is shining bright here.
People with a history of blood pressure related problems may find these accentuated at this time. People with afflicted Jala Tattwa planets in the horoscope will find the need to confront the issues during this transit. These latter generally relate to the spouse, mother, relationships, money, wealth and the general flow of things.
The transit chart is given below for ready reference-

We find that Saturn aspects Venus in transit with its 10th House aspect and so some ladies will find themselves having to concern themselves with procedural matters which they could have done well without. But Saturn will compel them to do so, and this might upset them not a little, because of the conflict between Leo and Saturn.
Once again it is the great benevolence of the exalted Jupiter which guides the mind during this engaging transit with its Rāśi Dṛṣti (Rashi Drishti) or sign aspect to Aquarius from Cancer. The mind has all the resources to balance the stimuli that are coming and it is just as well because Jupiter is soon leaving Cancer and entering Leoon July 14, 2015.
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