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The Gochar of Shani is, of course, very significant in that it indicates where the stressful and testing results of our past Karma shall obtain over a broad period of 2 ½ years. This Karma at the level of resources and inanimate realities, such a circumstances, is divined from the inherent nature of the Rashi that Shani shall tenant in the said phase, at too its functional role when reckoned from various reference points indicative of the Self. I shall now proceed to illustrate these premises with the aid of express astrological terminology. These are centered around the quite significant astrological event of Saturn’s entry into Leo on July 16, 2007.


Let us begin with Simha Rashi itself, where Shani shall transit over the next 2 ½ years beginning the 16th of July, 2007 in the early morning hours. This Rashi is ruled by Surya and indicates power and authority. The basic tenor of the inanimate or Jada reality that subsists in this Rashi is antithetical to the nature of Shani. Shani is sallow and reluctant. He does not shine. In the proud and somewhat egoic domain of the spiritual Surya, Shani feels overwhelmed and uncomfortable. He is malefic here. If Simha Rashi should be your Chandra Rashi, then this transit can be a time of intense and personal transformation. The innate pride and exclusivity of the psychological makeup could be thwarted and minimized by the realistic and ponderous pressures of Shani.

If this Rashi tenants the Lagna, then decision making, health and such issues could be troublesome. In both cases, work performance will be challenged. In the former scenario it will be the social support and professional recognition and partnership due from people and colleagues that shall dry up; in the latter it shall be the ability to work that will be hampered for some reason. If Simha houses the Arudha Lagna or the Rajyapada/ A10, the external manifestation of work, namely the office and tangible professional output, then these areas can struggle to emerge. The Rajyapada suffers as the person is required to work very very hard and yet the people who are given the responsibility to judge this seem to feel that not enough has been accomplished and more effort must go into it. Likewise, any other Arudha will feel the weight and withdrawal of Saturn’s Karmic portfolio.

It ought to be understood at this juncture that those who are undergoing auspicious Vimshottari Dasha in their horoscopes and are aided by a Moola Dasha that is not fructifying a curse, these trials imposed by the transit of Shani can prove to be basically tolerable.

While this Gochar for Simha Chandra Rashi/ the natal Moon sign in the Rashi Chakra forms the white-hot heart of the Sade-Sati, for those with this Lagna and Arudha Lagna, the transit is formative of Kantak Shani. Generally speaking, it would be a good idea to seek remedial measures and start performing them. The eternal rationale behind Shani’s resolute punishment is transformation and weeding out the dead parts of our lives and personalities; if one were to aid Saturn in this task by free-willed choice and seeking to understand the core of the spiritual nature of the human being and that of life itself, the suffering can be mitigated.

The Graha Mantra or Tantric Mantra of Shani should not be attempted without proper horoscopic evaluation. Mental health for those in the Sade-Sati will be contingent on the strength of the Moon in the radix. If Chandra is involved in Matri Shrapa, and the Moola Dasha is precipitating the Curse, then direct attention should be focused on psychological propriety and emotional constructs. Anxiety disorders, panic attacks, melancholy, psychological aberrations like Obsessive Compulsive Disorders should not be swept under the dusty carpet of mundane existence as these can be life altering issues. The manifestation of natal Tithi Dosha can also lead to such outcomes.


For nativities with this Chandra Rashi, the psychological horizons are about to undergo a sea-change. Shani in Simha Rashi signals the beginning of their Sade-Sati and a complete overhauling of the manner in which societal stimuli have been interpreted by the mind. Issues related to home, character and personal life might arise. If health is suspect, recovery from irritating medical conditions might become lingering and slow, much like the deliberate and lame progress of Shani. If Shani is malefic and dominant for the horoscope, or if Simha Rashi has few Bindus in the Sarvashtakavarga scheme, the next couple of years can be pressing. People may say unjustified things and there may be character-assassination.

If Chandra in the radix is cursed, or in other words, afflicted by the conjunction and/ or Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect of two or more malefics, this transit can change the mental personality of the native. It will be a long period of changes and seemingly inexplicable events, which are all designed to expose the native’s short comings and the Achilles Heel, which the Jatak may have been overlooking to his final detriment. One may discover how it feels to have unpleasant things said callously and unreasonably in respect of one’s actions and intent. This can infuse caution and surrender, depending upon the astrological destiny and nature of the person in this incarnation. For those with Shani in Lagna, or Paka Lagna, these can be conspicuous and important lessons. After the seemingly interminable 7 ½ years, the native will emerge a new person.

For those with Kanya Lagna, if Shani Mahadasha in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme is running, sleep patterns and displacement from the place of residence might be focal areas. For Kanya Arudha Lagna people, this is not of too much consequence, save if such people have natal Shani in Simha Rashi. In such cases, if politics or a power-centric profession is the chosen calling, great success may accrue or beginnings made in this direction.

For those commencing their Sade-Sati with an afflicted Moon or a malefic or Marana Karaka Sthana Shani may remember to seek qualified opinion to better handle the challenges likely to come. This is specially so if Shani is the malefic lord of the Moola Mahadasha fructifying a curse. To discuss Shrapa is not to dwell fruitlessly on grey topics, but it is to look at the fundamental mechanics of rebirth and the suffering either felt or likely to be felt in this incarnation. It is to trace from the Shashtyamsha/ D-60 chart, the nature of the sum total of Karma to be experiences, the precise act that invited the curse and then its physical and manifest consequences in this life from the Rashi Chakra.


For nativities with this zodiacal sign housing the radical Moon, the obstacles and problems in career and achievement in societal participation are about to come to an end with the change in sign placement of Shani. Likewise, for those with Tula Lagna rising who have found the will to put in quality work dissipating and a sense of despondency creeping in to their work ethics. All these things would be giving way to a lighter professional and societal environment. Since Chandra is the Karaka for the manifest world, the fundamental indications accruing to the Arudha Padas also apply in great measure to mental and societal constructs pertaining to Bhavas reckoned from the Moon. In other words, those with Tula Arudha Lagna and Chandra Rashi shall feel similar relief.

Shani moves to an Upachaya Bhava, the 11th, when reckoned from the Tula Rashi. This is a good placement for the hardworking and realistic Saturn. It will compel the native to pursue his desires with painstaking realism without looking for shortcuts. People with Tula Rashi occupying crucial astrological stations are more comfortable with the work and nature of Saturn and thus this transit can be encouraging for them, contingent on the strength of the horoscope and the prevailing Dashas at various levels. For mental, fiscal, and participatory derivations use the Vimshottari Dasha. For deterministic, fated and circumstantial moorings rely on the Narayan Dasha/ Padakrama Dasha. For the underlying truth of Karma manifesting, see the Moola Dasha: this is the most important Dasha. In fact, Varahamihira relied almost solely on this Dasha. It can give very clear insights into the underlying thematic of the unfolding Karma; thus, even while the mental realities may be auspicious, the native may be experiencing a Curse due to the Moola Dasha. Often we feel that another person is achieving great things at the societal level while at a real and private level he may be struggling to get past the day. The intelligent application of the various Dashas taught by the Rishis is a key to the correct analysis of the various Chakras of the horoscope and thus of life itself. Also remember the conditional Dashas of Parashara as given in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. They must be applied prior to and along with the Vimshottari Dasha if the special conditions relating to their applicability are fulfilled in the horoscope.


Where the relenting occurs, just adjacent to that the trials begin. For those with Vrishchik Lagna or Chandra Rashi, Shani shall transit the 10th house therefrom forming Kantak just as it did for Tula nativities till July 16. It might be best to take precautions as for this Lagna and Chandra Rashi, Shani does not assume a benign posture.

A symbolic thorn might prick the foot of the Scorpion and the experience of the sting is always testing. This is not a perverted phenomenon but it is cosmically designed to slow down certain aspects while speeding up certain others. This Gochar is a reality check, pause and take stock as Shani is not a planet of choice in any case. The distinctions between the varying impacts for Scorpio Lagna, Arudha Lagna and Chandra Rashi shall be similar to those details for Simha above as the 10th House would be the focus. It would be less intense for those with Simha as here only Shani’s Latta/ the 10th House kick is being felt, onerous though it is, while for Simha it is the stark and palpable presence of the Dharmaraja himself. Be meticulous in your appreciation of and adherence to reality constraints, else Shani shall ask questions and explanation relating to Karmic transgressions. Those questions might be harshly posed as for the life of us we cannot believe what could give the human being the right, power and authority to speak to us in that manner, either literally or symbolically.

If we come down to the brass tacks, it is a puppet show when it comes to Saturn as the Graha is not willing to oblige, take bribes, accede to requests, being moved by tears, pain, suffering etc. Remedial measures will allow easier breathing and some lightening up. One is immensely grateful that Shani listens to prayers and will respond, though perhaps not in the way and not to the extent we would ideally prefer. Discard those precious preferences that cause so much suffering: ask the Mind to give them up or at least to view them in a newer light.


Dhanu Rashi has also been undergoing the Kantak Shani while Saturn has been transiting in Karka Rashi, which tenets the 8th Bhava therefrom. Sudden obstacles and impediments in work have been assailing the natives with this Rashi. With Shani moving to the 9th House, the Kantak Gochar shall abate and things that had appeared so challenging and unmovable shall abate and relent now. Use this time wisely to reflect on the challenges and slights encountered and tolerated and pave the way for sounder and more secure future courses of action.


The natives of Makar Rashi and those with Arudha Lagna in this sign shall experience the Kantak Shani as the Karmic planet will transit their 8th House. Much of what the natives of Dhanu Rashi had been experiencing till now will come to pass. For those with Makar Lagna and Shani Mahadasha in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme running, this could be a time to ensure caution as far as health is concerned. Come chronic ailments may either be precipitated or may crop up again if they have been symptomatic hitherto. If Makar houses the Arudha Lagna, Shani as a natural malefic is not welcome in the 8th House. This may not prove to be auspicious for finances and social success. Remedial measures should be procured and performed if the going should get tough.


Shani will transit through the 7th House from the Lagna, Chandra Rashi or the Arudha Lagna. This is not a very conspicuous Gochar for Shani save if the Upapada Lagna is afflicted and the native has Kumbha Lagna. This too if the native is on the first Upapada Lagna. In such a scenario, the marital scenario can show signs of stress. Otherwise, this Gochar must be coupled with other Yogas etc in order for its import to be understood fully.


For those with Meena Chandra Rashi and Arudha Lagna this transit shall be a golden period as Shani will be in the 6th House. Shani gives good results in Upachaya Bhavas. Here it has Amrita Drishti on the 8th House. This can be a time to surmount any opposition whatsoever and applies especially to those with Arudha Lagna in this sign. The enemies shall be soundly thrashed and this would be especially so if the Shatru Arudha is conjunct Simha Rashi, irrespective of which Rashi or Lagna or Arudha Lagna the native has. The Meena Lagna or Rashi natives, as too those with Meena Arudha Lagna can anticipate a time of material success and worldly sating.


Creative thought and progeny could be areas under scrutiny especially if the Mantra Pada/ A5 or the Naisargika Karaka for children, Guru is afflicted or Cursed in the radix. This applies most to Mesha Lagna natives. If the Putra Bhava is housed by natural malefics, Shani in Gochar could precipitate trials in that area.

For those who are in powerful positions, close to ministers or occupying ministerial berths, this is again a time of care and due attention to decision making.


This is not an adverse Gochar like Kantak Shani but cannot be considered totally free of trials. Some impediments in happiness can accrue as the Graha shall be over the Sukha Bhava. It will also aspect the 10th House with its 7th aspect. Unless Shani is natally placed alone in a Dusthana for this Lagna where it is causative of Vipreeta Raja Yoga, (yes, despite not being a Dusthana Lord, and even being a Yogakaraka) and it is afflicted, as the Badhak it can precipitate troubles at home in its Vimshottari Dasha. This is a hypothetical instance cited as otherwise, the Gochar is not overly conspicuous.


If the upcoming Gochar of Shani was not conspicuous for the Jatak with Vrishabh Rashi or this Rashi tenanting Lagna or Arudha Lagna, it is exactly the positive opposite for natives with Mithun Rashi occupying one of the reference points highlighted in this advisory instruction. Those with Mithun Chandra Rashi are going to come out of a life-altering phase imposed by the Sade-Sati of Shani. The dark experiences of the mind, the humiliations and slights imposed by even near and dear ones would be a thing of the past and much humbled you are now ready to embrace the world anew. It is akin to a psychological rebirth. Those who have got overwhelmed and developed phobias, fears, doubts and superstitions in this fearsome phase should develop an attitude of positive surrender to the Cosmic Will and participate in the Mayik drama with vigour and directed intent.

Strive to recall and remember the forced lessons taught by Shani who has exposed the secrets of Kala/ Time to you. It is clear to you that many things are just the way they are and no matter what you may have tried in these 7 ½ years nothing would have shaken the conventional trauma experienced. Failure is only one side of the coin and it is now time to experience the light world of success, frothy and quick. If Shani does not transit your Arudha Lagna or Lagna or some crucial Arudha Padas and you run good Dashas in a potent nativity, then this is the time to give the nectar to the world churned out of the poison of your Karma you have drunk over these seven years and more. Forgive your enemies for the terrible things they may have said and done to you, and even more importantly view the friends who may have broken your hearts and robbed you of your faith and trust as mere mouthpieces and puppets chosen by your Karma; after all what is the hurt inflicted by a stranger compared to that inflicted by someone close to the heart and soul. Shani chooses to make you suffer now, so that you may not have to visit unsavory Talas later. Move ahead with such positive thoughts having been now freed by Shani.


This sign is entering the final phase of the Sade-Sati of Lord Shani. This will stress the Artha Trikona or the Trinal Bhavas pertaining to material striving and achievement. Movable assets, food, home and speech should be watched. Daily work should be carefully and religiously undertaken and enmity shunned. The professional and Karmic profile will also be tested as the matters related to the 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses shall come under the scrutiny of Shani. Keep the sentiment ‘This too shall pass’ uppermost in the mind and avail of the authentic remedial measures from the Shastra without succumbing to Tamasic remedies culled from a book of this colour or that. Graha Mantra if it has been lightly recommended should be discontinued as it can be disastrous of it is not suitable for the horoscope at hand. Likewise for the Tantric Mantra.


By way of a note on the radical placements for Shani, it is stated that Lagna Shuddhi is usually a good idea if Shani occupies the Lagna in the Rashi Chakra for anyone. This is done to control the coldness in the body and the vulnerability to disease. Shani is in Marana Karaka Sthana here and will adversely impact the Bhavas lorded in the Rashi Chakra. In the Bhavas (s) are afflicted then stressful results might come to pass in those realms. If Shani is joined the Chandra Lagna, then Sattwic Kalika worship is a good idea. If Chandra Lagna happens to be in the 4th, 10th or 11th House from the Lagna, this will create a Rajayoga that shall fructify after great initial suffering and hardship. If Shani afflicts the Darapada/ A7 badly or is involved in a Shrapa there, then for better and more tolerable relationships this ought to be addressed. Likewise for the 7th Bhava. In the 10th Shani can impose requirements of severe hard work and the native is said to plummet from great professional heights. Seek remedial measures if this is the case in your chart. In case, Shani is in Rajyapada, the native works slavishly but is never recognised for his labour. One ought to try and be appreciated for genuine work.


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