Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vedic Astrology Forecast Commencing June, 2008

|Om Bhargavaya Namah|
Interpretation Guide: Read the predictions for all the signs given below, rather than just yours because many general tendencies of the present transits are housed under the descriptions under miscellaneous Rashis. The discerning reader would be able to glean crucial information from the analysis given in respect of another sign. Also, the analysis and predictions are to be applied intelligently to the Lagna, Arudha and Chandra Rashi based on the information given and also based on the following codec:
(i) Use the Chandra Rashi to judge facets relative to the mind and the emotions. The flow of things and societal participation have to be judged from here. Saturn transit should be seen especially from here and only thereafter studied from the other two reference points.
(ii) Judge the transits from the AL for finances and social realities. In the latter there is commonality with the Chandra Lagna since the Moon is Karaka for all Arudha. Kantak Shani or Ashtam Shani from the Arudha carries special import.
(iii) Lagna Gochar is more personalised as this is the deep and more intimate reality of the nativity.
As a final determinant, since all three references are an integral part of all Jatak, study the predictions with reference to all three to derive an effective summation of the transit planets.

Mesha/ Aries:
For this Rashi, whether reckoned as the Lagna, Arudha Lagna (AL) or the Chandra Rashi, the latter often referred to as Rashi simpliciter, the Gochar or transit of the Lagna Lord Mars/ Angaraka in debilitation is not a positive. There can be anger or irritation related troubles at the present time, especially since the higher octave of Mangal, Ketu, the South Node of the Moon is joined the planet. The two form the Pishacha-Badhak Yoga which can cause one to lose one's head, be abusive and encounter generally undesirable and unpleasant situations of this sort.
For those who are vulnerable to black magic and machinations of enemies, this can be a vulnerable transit. Be careful and consult a Jyotishi if such contingencies are at all apprehended. 
The Gochar of Guru can be mistaken to be an outright positive till December 11, 2008, especially if one is following the transit from the societal and financial perspective furnished by the functionality of the Arudha Pada; this could be based on the premise that the Deva Guru in the 9th House from the Arudha Lagna would be hugely beneficial for the fortunes of the manifest image formed and displayed by the Arudha Lagna. While this holds true even for the most malefic planets such as Rahu and Ketu and even for the Upagraha, Guru or Jupiter in the 9th Bhava from the Arudha Pada furnishes something of a notable exception.
Despite the tremendous benefits of the 9th Bhava from the AL, it remains a destructive Bhava with Tamas tendencies due to the basic fact of success accruing in the world through competition. For Jupiter such realities are not entirely suited to his intrinsic nature. Therefore, even though the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius is not adverse for this AL, it cannot be said to be an outright positive or devoid of some deep-seated discomfiture.
It might be ventured that it would be only after revealing some truths and reality checks that Guru would give most of the benefits for the Aries Arudha Pada.
Work may try to offset some of the bitterness in the heart and in the domestic scene, the latter caused by headless arguments and domestic bickering. This is due to the fact that Rahu in the 10th Bhava from this Rashi in the Karma Sthana will try and influence the Lagna from the professional or work environment. This is the principle of Argala at work. While this zeal may work at the present time, when these words are being written, due to the Yoga of the Moon and Rahu (25th May, 2008), when the Chandra Graha transits out, Rahu will not be able to scheme out a solution alone to counter the rage in the mind.
The great positive that can effectively quell these challenges, as too the challenge posed by melancholic Shani or Saturn in the 5th Bhava, is the fact that Mercury, Venus and Sun are transiting Taurus at the present time. The immediate family and wealth positives can help the Mesha Jatak or native to transcend the issues precipitated by rage and anger, accidents and abrasive interactions. Shukra is in its own Rashi in Vrishabh and the wife and commercial bulwarks can help the native tide over the weakness of the Lagnesh and the slowness in the mind brought about by Shani.
The other great positive is the Graha Drishti or planetary sight aspect of the benefic Jupiter to the Lagna giving the native the much-needed divine grace and wisdom to address himself to the situation at hand. Also because Guru is Vakra or retrograde, the Graha embodies three times the strength to strive and the aspect carries that much more potency, three times in fact, to impose sage counsel and good fortune on the head of the Jatak shown by the Lagna. This can offset the third house blow of Shani to the 7th Bhava of marriage by the malefic third house aspect. The distinction here is that the attitude of the native to the marriage suffers while the spouse is trying to assuage the troubles, Venus being the 7th Lord as well as the Naisargika Karaka for the marriage.

Vrishabh/ Taurus:
For Vrishabh Lagna, the Lagnesh Shukra is in the Lagna itself at the present time and is joined the 2nd and 5th Lord Budh along with the 4th Lord Surya. This is a magnificent Rajayoga. The blessings of the 4th Bhava, a Kendra, showing effort at home and in education and those of Purva Punya, blessings obtained through good deeds done in the previous incarnations all come into play and make this a fortunate time.
However, apart from these facets there are some challenging features at play. The 7th Lord Mangal is Neecha and placed in the 3rd Bhava with Ketu showing that if there are any natal indications in the horoscope towards marital discord and suspicious traits in the spouse, the same might manifest at this moment. For male nativities this could be a latent reaction against forced celibacy or abstinence while for female nativities it could be erring from the proper manner of marital conduct.
Shani in the 4th Bhava for Vrishabh as a reference does aspect the 10th House, but this is not through one of the special aspects of the planet. Therefore, the problems at work will not come through as being severe, at least not because of the Gochar of Shani. Guru in the 8th Bhava is usually not considered good as it makes the native disregard eternal wisdom. However, here Guru is retrograde in Dhanu Rashi which is its Moolatrikona Sthana and it could pave the way for some occult experiences and sudden events.
Rahu, the 10th Lord for the chart with Vrishabh rising is in Marana Karaka Sthana in the 9th House and conventional adherence to religion is excluded. Even is spirituality were to manifest, it would be individualistic rather than conventional. However, if the selfsame Rahu were to be studied from the Arudha Lagna, then this Gochar could be excellent as Rahu has the potential to crown the Jatak with material and societal bounty. Of course, such results can only come to pass if Rajayoga is promised when reckoned through Argala Chakra calculated with reference to the Lagna, Arudha Pada and the Karaka Lagna, and further such Yoga is also set to fructify at the present time so that the Rahu Gochar from the Pada might tie in to precipitate the best Mayik results.
Mithun/ Gemini:

Mithun Rashi has finished the Sade-Sati as Shani left Karka and entered Simha. In fact for Mithun AL people, Shani in the 3rd Bhava can give a resolute image as malefics in the 3rd and 6th Houses from the Arudha Lagna indicate material success unless they are debilitated in Rashi or Navamsha.
The Argala of Mars and Ketu from the 2nd Bhava is obstructed by Mercury, Venus and Sun in the 12th House. Thus harsh speech might give way to heavy spending to compensate and perhaps foreign travel also if the Dashas are appropriate and the chart is attuned to the native travelling long distances.
In spiritual charts, this could also entail a visit to the Ashram of the Guru as the 12th Bhava happens to be the 4th from the 9th, denoting the house of the spiritual master.
When the Moon is in Gochar in the 8th Bhava, as it is at the time these words are being written, there is a serious danger of dwindling finances as it would be the 2nd Lord of the Rashi Chakra in Marana Karaka Sthana, damaging the 2nd Bhava. One conspicuous feature of this transit chart is the placement of Guru in the 7th Bhava. So, if Guru is aspecting the 2nd Bhava or Lord from the functional and relevant Upapada in the radix, it could be times for the wedding bells to ring. Otherwise, this is a good time to meet the future spouse as when Gochar Guru aspects the 7th Lord or Bhava in transit, ceteris paribus, it is a good time for the future spouse to be met.
Karka/ Cancer:
Karka Rashi natives are in the final third of the Sade-Sati of lord Saturn and have experienced the transformation brought about by Saturn at the level of the emotional mind. For those with Karka Lagna, the crucial age of Saturn return, 30 years, has been crossed and another stage of life has begun one where basic realities indicated by Shani have been assimilated and recognised.
For accurate appraisals of the effect of Gochar Shani in the 2nd Bhava from the Chandra Rashi, the first step should be to find out the numerical strength of the said Bhava through the technique of  the Ashtakavarga Bindus. If the Bhava is strong in this respect and there are contributing Bindus, then the financial contraints of this phase of the Sade-Sati and the tension at home might not be felt acutely.
My other worry for this Rashi at the present moment stems from the fact that the Jala Tattwa is temporarily quite afflicted. Thus in nativities that are marred healthwise by the presence of Rudra Yoga, especially that to which radical Mars has made a contribution, then this is a time to watch out for health adversities. The fire energy of Mars, as too Ketu, in accord with the classical dictum 'Kujavad Ketu': Ketu is like Mars, the Agni Tattwa collides and is incompatible with the watery Karka Rashi. When this occurs in the Panchanga in the Tithi-Vara duality, namely, the same Graha lords over both, it can precipitate a Dosha. The reason is not far to seek: while Vara carries Agni Tattwa, Tithi is watery, much as the Moon-lorded Cancer.
Shani has unobstructed Pap Argala on the Lagna, so food and drinks intake especially junk food needs to be watched with care. Rahu and Moon are joined in the 7th Bhava so the attitude towards marriage needs to be channeled and watched carefully. Though the Moon is not at all a lasting placement, the 8th Lord Rahu is transiting the 7th House and cannot be considered a happy phenomenon especially if the Rashi Upapada and Darapada show affliction as well.
In any case, the challenges of the conjunction of Ketu and Mars in the Lagna are somewhat offset by the placement of Guru in the 6th Bhava. The conduct of the Jatak shall be such that it would be difficult for others to find grounds for enmity. This is especially so if some such combination exists from the natal Rashi Lagna and the Shatrupada also shows similar character traits of the competitors and those inimical which might travel the distance in understanding the Jovian nature of the native's competitive personality traits.
The other quite significant positive and one almost certain to show itself at the present time is the unobstructed Labha Argala of three planets to the Lagna. According to Parashara, such an intervention of Grahas is sure to make its mark in the affairs of the native. Wealth and overall expansion and optimism shown by Budh and Shukra as too the 2nd Lord Sun will help the finances. These should be well-placed from the Pada and the Atmakaraka for the effects to be truly felt and even this last sentence has some ifs-and-buts one of which is that the Mahadasha or Antardasha of one of these Grahas, or more, should be on to derive noticeable results. These are some of the limitations of divining fortunes through transit horoscopy.
Simha/ Leo:

 For Simha Rashi, one recent benefit has been that due to the nodal transit, Ketu has moved out of Yuti or conjunction with Gochar Shani. While in some cases, where the radix is basically predisposed to spirituality, this Yoga can further the spiritual impulse, especially if Shukra is also involved, the conjunction of two dire malefics in the Lagna is not good at all. So, Simha Rashi Jataka can breathe easier, now that Ketu is in Karka or Cancer. Of course, at the present time, Ketu has gone and joined Neecha Kuja, so it is a bit of 'out of the cauldron and into the fire' situation.
Shani in Lagna is in Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) and influences the Lagna badly. For those with Simha Lagna, health can pose troubles as Shani is the antithesis not only of the life-giving Lagna but also of Leo, lorded by his father, the Cosmic King. The picture abpve is apt as Simha depicts forests and hills and Shani in the Lagna aspects the 10th Bhava of Karma with his 10th Bhava aspect or Latta/ kick. The King can limp a bit in work and for this, Kantak Shani, which would be more pronounced when judged from the Simha Chandra Lagna since the 10th Lord and Bhava from the radical Moon are crucial in garnering societal support to the professional commitments, is largely responsible. Of course, those with Simha Rashi and the Moon tenanting this sign in the Atha Janmanga Chakram, the Sade-Sati is in full flow and this is the white-hot phase of the Sade-Sati.
The emotional sheaths of the mind are under stress and the working ability has also taken a beating. For those with Chandra in the Lagna, the effects can be excruciating. Even if the Gochar subsists from one of the Lagna, AL and the Chandra Rashi, the relevant stanza of the Rudra Chamakam must be recited for relief and mitigation. For those who have learned to work hard and have also learnt the lessons of Shani previously, the Gochar of Shani in the Lagna only may not prove to be overly disastrous, given that the Rashi Chakra does not display any overarching trials and the Moola Dasha is not indicating the precipitation of some thorny Karma.
Deva Guru Brihaspati has been in Gochar in Dhanu Rashi in the 5th Bhava from the Lagna and for those running the Guru Vimshottari Mahadasha or indeed any other applicable conditional Nakshatra Dasha of Guru as taught by Parashar in the BPHS could reap a rich harvest in every sense of the term, once again keeping in mind the Karmic facets listed above, including the sum total of the Karma to be experienced in the given lifetime as deciphered through a rectified Shashtyamsha Chakra/ D-60 chart. This chart has been given the most weightage amongst all the Varga Chakra or divisional charts and for this reason.
The debilitated and afflicted Yogakaraka Mangal in the 12th House furnishes strong grounds for the fructification of Vipreeta Raja Yoga purely because it is a natural malefic. Otherwise also, the Lagna Lord Sun has maximum Digbal in the 10th House and forms a powerful Yoga with the 10th Lord Venus in the 10th House. Some work related developments could be expected at this time with the Gochar as it is. The 2nd and 11th Lord Mercury which acts as Kubera for this Lagna forms a powerful Dhan Yoga with the Lagnesh and also forms a good combination with the 10th Lord Venus.
The malefic Rahu is transiting the 6th Bhava eminently suited for malefics and does not hurt in this location. Even though it is the co-lord of the 7th Bhava for this Lagna, its Gochar in the 7th Bhava could not have furthered the prospects of marriage. For those on the brink, it might be prudent to have a learned Jyotishi unravel the Hindu annual chart or the Varsha Tithi Pravesha Chakra as revealed by Pandit Sanjay Rath, the Param Guru of the Sri Jagannath Centre a few years back. This technique remains the crowning glory of Hindu Jyotish and might offer some reprieve from the Tajak Varshaphal technique about which this writer expresses no opinion whatsoever.
Kanya/ Virgo:
The defining factor for Kanya Chandra Rashi natives is that Saturn is transiting the 12th House from the Rashi indicating that the Sade-Sati of seven-and-a-half years has begun in right earnest. So the transits for this Moon sign are going to run  subservient to the power of Shani to transform the inner landscape and psychological moorings. Therefore, whether we speak of 2007 when Saturn had come to Leo, or of now when Saturn is in Leo in 2008 or of later times, the personality traits that are to be outgrown must be outgrown even though the process can be a bit painful at times. Factors that are important for this transit are the numerical strengths of Bhavas in the Ashtakavarga system that the Sade-Sati influences, the fact whether Saturn is simultaneously transiting over natural malefics in the radix and perhaps most importantly whether the natal Moon shows psychological vulnerablities such as over-sensitivity, coldness, emotional callousness and societal shortfalls. If any or similar lacunae show up in the Rashi Chakra, then this period can be a significant learning curve and has the potential to persist even in the phase of potent and conspicuous Dashas in any of the applicable systems of periodicities.
More about the subsisting Sade-Sati relating to various signs has been written elsewhere on the webpage and be sure to look around and to refer to the same for further information. I would, at the risk of repetition, state that Moola Dasha facets in the nativity and the importance of the Rudra Chamakam are absolute in such a period. Work on the horoscope accordingly.
Moving away from this transit we observe that Guru in Dhanu Rashi is providing unobstructed Sukh Argala at the present time and the atmosphere at home is good and learning undertaken proves useful and relevant. As this intervention is unobstructed, work is unlikely to interfere. As Shani is in the 12th House for Kanya Lagna, those not running the Sade-Sati but having Saturn transit the 12th House from the Lagna, run the risk of incurring bad expenditure, either accruing due to general despondency or through like factors.
Venus, Sun and Mercury in the 9th House form a tremendous and positive Yoga which can bring about a lucky break or foreign travel or basically help you to achieve success since the Lagna Lord Mercury is involved. This is also a transit Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga and if this Yoga is there in the radix then the native shall perform sterling Karma in this transit. The work and actions of the native shall be spotless and worthy of being emulated. The Yoga is usually considered the highest in the land and the native takes and approaches his work (10th Lord) as his Dharma or religion (9th Lord). For those interested in going to a pilgrimage this is ideal as the 12th Lord Sun is also conjoined the combination.
Malefics in the 11th give the requisite drive to attain while Rahu in the 5th House should not be allowed to hatch illusory and grandiose plans which have little foundation in reality.
Tula/ Libra:
Jatak of this Rashi and Lagna are lorded by the bright-eyed diamond, Shukra, with an attention for detail and tend to feel overlooked if their concerns are not met with an attention to primacy. Thus, their forcast must not be placed at the end and perhaps should be given in more deliberate detail, to assuage their worldly expectations. All this is, of course, half in jest, just in case.
The present time actually shows a lot of focus on inner transformation, sudden changes, and having to encounter and overcome stumbling blocks. All this can have divergent meanings based on the Dashas in the radix and the natal Karma to be experienced; for example, these transits could just as well mean reaping a rich harvest, a windfall, a sudden blessing and also unfloding of the some important Karma that might alter the tenor and nature of life itself.
For Tula Pada, the placement of two benefic planets in the 8th therefrom is good and there may be ready access to the resources of others as the 8th Bhava is the 2nd Bhava of resources from the Lagna of the other, namely the 7th Bhava when reckoned from the original reference. Kuja, even in debility has maximum directional strength from the Lagna and can help in decision making. It gets Gochar Neechabhanga both from the Lagna, indicating that the challenges can be overcome through self-effort and from the Moon, showing that proper Mantra and social support can also ease the situation.
If a nativity has Jara Yoga then one's conduct ought to be watched as the 7th Lord Mangal is in the 10th House. The violence and cutting nature of the Gochar applicable to all nativities in some manner or the other are also reflected in the brutal double murder of the young Arushi Talwar and the Nepalese help, Hemraj in the Delhi suburb of Noida . It ought to caution the right-minded citizens that violence and anger represent the collective Achilles Heel at the time of the present Gochar.
Brihaspati is in Marana Karaka Sthana in the 3rd Bhava and the sage counsel of the Guru runs the risk of being discarded in view of the urge foe temporary gratification as Jupiter does not feel comfortable in the place of copulation, one of the Bhavas of the the Kama Trikona. Needless emphasis and identification by all Tula Jatak with these findings must be avoided at all costs since these are cautionary musings which become applicable only of something of the sort is a constant risk in the nativity and not otherwise.
The Sukha Argala of the Rahu-Chandra Yoga cannot really bring happiness to the heart right away because Rahu will give delusion to those with an afflicted Moon and/ or 4th House and Lord in the natal Rashi Chakra. In fact there is a Gochar Bandhana Yoga at the moment where the native might feel caught up between the shrill fears of the mind and the heavy traffic at work. Attempt to strike a balance and to view the whole thing with some sort of perspective. The Rajayoga in the 8th House can bring inheritance and insurance benefits to the fore as well.
Shani in the 11th Bhava in an Upachaya Sthana is well placed and Tula Rashi natives would do well to appreciate that the next Gochar of Shani is going to be in Kanya Rashi when they would begin their Sade-Sati. Though Shani is Yogakaraka for the Lagna, the Sade-Sati inevitably brings some emotional turmoil with it. So use the intervening period to enjoy emotional freedom to the utmost if the same should be available to you based on the natal Karma.
Vrishchik/ Scorpio:
For this Rashi, the Gochar appears promising as the benefic Guru being 2nd Lord of wealth and movable assets is stationed in the 2nd Bhava itself. This position gives Dhan Argala to the Rashi Lagna and this Argala is not obstructed by any planet in the 12th Bhava, making it quite powerful. So finances, wealth and speech will bring great gains especially as the Naisargika Karaka for speech, Budh or Mercury is also very well placed in Vrishabh Rashi in the 7th House. This latter sign is a friendly sign for the Graha and so commerce and business transactions are also going to be fruitful.
The 7th Lord Venus is in the 7th Bhava itself so for those people whose natal Upapada Lagna and the Darapada in the Navamsha show that marriage might be in the offing, people with this sign rising in the Varsha Tithi Pravesha Chakra/ the annual chart can be optimistic of the chances of marriage. As far as Hindu annual horoscopy is concerned an assemblage of Grahas in the 7th Bhava is to be construed differently from the negative implications it carries in natal horoscopy. Here many Grahas in the 7th Bhava can show a focus on marriage, especially since the Naisargika Karaka for marriage, Venus, is also placed in its own sign in Vrishabh and that too in the 7th Bhava. The location of the 10th Lord Sun in scuh a Yoga also shows that marriage may be instrumental in career growth or may mystically spur the porfessional prospects without any mundane pushing necessarily coming in.
When this piece for this Rashi is being written, on 4th June, 2008 at about midnight, coming into the 5th morning, Chandra is in Marana Karaka Sthana, so just for these few days, the luck factor needs to be watched especially as Neecha Mangal and Ketu form the Pishacha Badhak Yoga in the 9th Bhava of fortune and luck.
There is Kantak Shani in operation for Scorpio whether this Rashi tanants the Lagna, Arudha Lagna, Narayan Dasha Rashi, Tithi Pravesha Lagna or the Chandra Rashi as Shani is positioned in the 10th Bhava. The native may not feel like working or work and societal support in work may appear to dry up in case of Vrishchik Chandra Rashi. the 10th Bhava from the Moon is extremely crucial in this regard in natal horoscopy as well and often it is found in Jyotish practice that the flow of social support in work is determined from the 10th Bhava and house when reckoned from the Moon in the radix. Thus, if the 10th House or lord from the natal Moo is involved in a Shrapa then the social support is lacking or if placed in a Dusthana from the natal Lagna, then suppport in the contemplated areas is not readily forthcoming.
The relevant stanza of the Sri Rudra Chamakam based on the degrees of Shani in the radix ought to be chanted for relief from the travails of the Saturn transit.

Dhanu/ Sagittarius:
People with Dhanu Lagna, Rashi, AL and those running the Narayan Dasha of Dhanu Rashi are singularly blessed as Jupiter, the lord of this sign is transiting the Rashi. This is its Moolatrikona Rashi where Jupiter is happiest working so put all those plans into action. For those who are teachers, priests, financial consultants, lawyers, judges, astrologers, professors: all governed by the planet Jupiter, this is an excellent time to be active in the sphere of your calling. As Guru is in Lagna, the Dhi Shakti or the power of discrimination will be acute and splendid. Guru aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th House with its special Graha Drishti.
Guru's 5th Gochar aspect promises intellectual merit and happiness from progeny. Speculation and metaphysical contemplation can yield benefits. Those interested or adept at Mantra could consult a competent Mantrik for information and advice. However, this is to be distinguished from actual recitation and practice of the Mantra as for this to accrue the Gochar of Guru must aspect the Mantra Pada/ A5 with Rashi Drishti or must be transiting the same. In other words, Mantra practice can be begun to discover the magnificent pragmatic utility, if nothing else, of Sattwic Mantras sanctioned by the scriptures, only if the Mantra Pada/ A5 in the radix is tenanted by Dhanu, Meena, Kanya or Mithun Rashi as mutable Rashis aspect each other without exception by Rashi Dishti showing deterministic influences coming to bear in the form of correct and beneficial Mantra.
The 7th House aspect is very positive because the desires of such a potent Guru are only the best. The 9th House aspect fuels auspiciouness in Dharma, parental attitudes, higher education, foreign travel and fortune. Guru is the Karaka for the 5th and 9th Houses and its planetary aspect to these Bhavas is an excellent and supportive phenomenon.
For those with Dhanu Arudha Pada, this Gohar will first expose uncomfortable societal truths and only then unequivocally begin to support the manifest image in the world; for this reason it is a mixed bag for the AL during this transit. The sudden anger precipitated at the sudden level is obstructed by the benefic Yoga os Mercury, Venus and the Sun and devoting yourself to the daily hard work of whatever it is that you do is the best insurance against sudden irritability and rashness. Do guard against the same while driving. For those suffering with chronic ailments, this transit of Mars and Ketu could bring about symptomatic recurrence and relapses. Blood related ailments, accidents, fire related mishaps, injuries sustained through sharp edged instruments are possible. Bone marrow pathology and leucocytes count should be checked as a matter of importance for those who have these as crucial medical checks even otherwise.
Guru is in Vargottama Navamsha at the present time indicating that delving into the realm of the Guru could be life-altering for some.
Rahu has Papa Argala though on the Lagna and the views of the dependents if not otherwise sound should not be allowed to interfere, much as careless eating and drinking binges. The Gochar Moon is cursed by the Graha Drishti of three planets: Rahu, Mangal and Shani and conjoined with the placement of Shani in the 9th Bhava indicated by the Naisargika Karaka Surya, a lucky break which may have otherwise come easily may be impeded somewhat despite the tremendous support of Jupiter.
Jupiter placed in strength in the Lagna can destroy a thousand evils according to Parashara and the native is expected to bow to Shiva sincerely for this. Do that and things should be nothing short of great.
Makar/ Capricorn:
For some reason the forecast for Makar Rashi has been delayed and this is the last Rashi being discussed in this write-up. It may have something to do with the exclusive lordship of Shani over this Rashi. The lord of this Rashi, Shani, is transiting the 8th Bhava of delays and obstacles as too inner transformations and so this is a period of these qualities and areas of life coming to the fore. This also forms Kantak Shani where even a lion is compelled to walk with a limp, amd which sentiment is specially apt in the circumstances because Shani is transiting Simha Rashi/ Leo directly symbolic of the lion.
The Kantak or thorn like period accrues because of the third house aspect to the 10th House stressing the work scenario and slowing things down in the work area. The Rudra Chamakam needs to be recited during this phase to mitigate the Gochar. This would apply to Jatak with Makar Chandra Rashi, Arudha Lagna and Lagna. Thus the basic need is to seek the opinion of someone who knows regarding the specific stanza to be recited based on the degree of Shani in the radix. If this is not possible then the 3rd Anuvaka of the Chamakam can always be recited to build up resistance to the testing transit of Saturn by way of cultivating the will to Parakrama or effort symbolised by the focus on the 3rd Bhava through the recitation of the 3rd stanza.
The transit of Rahu in the Lagna or the Narayana Dasha Rashi is not good for those running the Makar Dasha. The only positive is if Rahu is in Makar Arudha Lagna or if Makar Rashi falls in the Trikona Bhava to the radical Arudha Lagna in the Rashi Chakra AND the native is also running a period in which some strong Rajayoga can be expected to be fulfilled. In this case, if the above stated requirements are fulfilled then this transit of Rahu can bring a social crown to the native and can catapult him to great material heights.
As Chandra is in the romantic Tula at the time of the writing of this piece, being the 7th Lord for Makar, it forms a Gochar Jara Yoga and those who lean to passion would do well to watch their relationships. Otherwise, it appears to be quite a positive as Moon in the 10th House for now can indicate a willingness to particpiate in work despite the aspect of Saturn.
However the need for caution and restraint in personal interaction, marriage and romance is further highlighted by the presence of the dangerous Pishacha Badhak Yoga formed by the conjunction of Neecha Mangal and Ketu in the 7th house from Makar. Watch out for incendiary emotions, rage, anger and violence in the personal realm especially if there has been a history of this sort. At thr risk of making all this sound a trifle too ominous it has also to be pointed out that the Karaka for relationships, sex and marriage, Venus/ Shukra is transiting the 6th Bhava which is its Marana Karaka Sthana where it feels as if it is dying for the reason that it is the 12th Bhava of dissipation and loss when reckoned from the 7th Bhava and also because the 6th Bhava from the Lagna stands for a celibate life which Venus is utterly opposed to.
One would avoid people who are facing troubles in their marriages to be specially cautious in this transit due to the unfavourable effects of the transits at the present time.
The delusion fostered by Rahu and the Argala of the difficult Aquarius from the 2nd House is countered by a very powerful Guru in the 12th House from Makar. Thus sage and eternal truth and wisdom can go a long way in quelling intellectual decisions that might later lead to suffering. Trust the words of the Guru. If this is done then the transit Neechabhanga for Mars can be effected by: 1. proper thinking, as Mars is, after all, in a quadrant from the Lagna; and 2. for those who read and assimilate this knowledge while the Moon is still in Tula or even later, when it is in a quadrant therefrom, they can effect a double Neechabhanga due to relief from society in this direction.
Mercury can be considered to be very well placed as a natural and functional benefic for this sign as it is placed in the 5th House.
 Kumbha/ Aquarius:
The Moon is in Gochar in this Rashi and this is a good omen for the present time. Shani in the 7th House can make for a lot of desire in the marital realm and this could translate into a keenness for finding the spouse. If married it could mean a healthy focus on the marriage as Shani has Digbal in the 7th Bhava from the Lagna.
However, Shani is not overly conducive to the prospect of marriage if it is transiting the Upapada or has Rashi Drishti on the Upapada; this is especially so if the divine grace of Brihaspati is not present by the Garaha's Rashi Drishti or Graha Drishti to the same locations in the radix.
For those having Aquarius Arudha Pada, duly calculated with the two exceptions that the Graha lording the original Bhava, the Arudha of which is being sought to be computed, cannot fall in the original Bhava or the 7th therefrom, the transit Moon in the AL is an execellent thing for social networking and for the image to come into transient prominence. The rationale behind exclusing the original Bhava and the 7th therefrom for the computation of the Pada is that the Bhavas denote metaphysical reality or the Satya Peetha while the Arudha indicates manifest, visible and Mayik reality which is not stable in its coexistence with the former. Indeed, the Arudha will first come to the Lagna and the 7th if the calculations demonstrate it thus, but it cannot stay as Maya cannot coexist with absolute truth for long. Then it will go away to the final juncture as per the classical rules given by Parashar. So, the Arudha changes at times, for more reasons than one which explains why are social groups change, why our personal realities change and why we leave things behind and adopt novel ones.
On a more immediate and practical footing, there is an excellent combination in the 4th House formed by the Yoga of Venus, Mercury and the Sun. These transit results, I might add, could be viewed with equal efficacy from the Narayan Dasha/ Padakrama Dasha rashi as this sign becomes the temporary Lagna where Narayan or the sustaining forces in the chart sit.
Budh and Shukra are great benefics for Kumbha Lagna. In fact, Shukra is a Yogakaraka Graha, lording both a trine and a quadrant and is capable of generating a suo moto Rajayoga. That it is joined in this auspicious task by the 5th Lord Budh only adds a good measure of Purva Punya or good fortune and the presence of the 7th Lord Sun insists that the element of personal interaction, marriage and business partnership would be crucial in this success especially if the same were to be radically and dynamically promised by the natal Rashi Chakra.
Shukra has Digbal from the Lagna showing beauty, love, pleasure and women as being essential parts of this growth at the present time while for Kumbha Arudha Lagna people, the South-East could be a better temporary option if there is a choice during this transit. If Venus is excellently placed from the natal AL, in maximum Digbal or aproaching the same, this choice should be availed in matters societal, financial and professional. These constitute Sukha Argala that is utterly unobstructed for Jatak with this Lagna and those with other Lagnas but running the Kumbha Narayan Dasha as too for Kumbha Rashi. For the last named these effects are mental and social rather than visibly physical. The distinction is subtle but quite real. This will show as a wonderful domestic environment and pleasure at home checked only by issues of pride and ego brought by the lordly Sun, indicating the wife. For fear of choosing Mothers of these Jatak over their spouses or loves, one shall refrain from elaborating further.
There is yet another unobstructed Argala from the 11th House where the sage, prosperous Jupiter is stationed in Dhanu Rashi in tremendous retrogression. These people may be benefited by a sage friend who may be a teacher, professor, priest, lawyer, judge, finance professional or astrologer all indicated by Guru. This Argala being Labha Argala indicates things and benefits coming in including knowledge as the 11th is 4th (Jnana) from the 8th (occult) and can bring teachings from an esoteric and occult tradition.
The unobstruction means that domestic bliss is not diluted by work constraints and the incoming blessings are not constrained by bleak and blind Kama desires of the 3rd Bhava. This is fortunate indeed. While one may need to strive hard, three times harder, for the Labha Argala to accrue, the Sukh Argala will come automatically as there are three Grahas in the 4th Bhava.
For Kumbha Pada do not rely on violence an dthreats in overcoming adversity and competition because Mangal is Neecha in the 6th House and the Pishacha Badhak of abusiveness and wild anger may inflict a setback when the other factors indicate a good time. This would be your choice as the 6th Bhava is an Upachaya and if you can curb these facets, one can be happy about the current status of your well-being.

 Meena/ Pisces:
For the sign of the Rishis, it is happy going and they have been striving manfully due to the placement of the Lagna Lord Guru in Siddha Yoga in the 10th Bhava. As pointed out elsewhere in this predictive-analytical write-up, Guru has tremendous Cheshta Bala or the propensity to strive three times harder. The retrogression makes for Bhupa/ kingly energy levels in professional skill structures and their manifestation. Retrogression makes the person come back to perfect the work, especially when it is the retrogression of the greatest benefic like Guru. However, in temporal reference frames, this still means expending time and energy and having to work much harder. So do not be bogged down by the fact that you are having to strive hard in the work arena. This is all towards an end of attaining expertise and perfection.
Transit Saturn is very well-placed, in fact, ideally placed. Shani is the Karaka of the 6th Bhava and is placed here casting an Amrit Drishti on the 8th House from the Lagna with its third house aspect. This has the tendency to protect longevity and since the 8th House is Tula or Libra, its exaltation sign, this aspect can also protect against chronic or lingering illness. Especially from the Meena Arudha Pada, this is an excellent Gochar as Shani in the 6th will surmount any opposition and quell competition effectively in the material and societal realm.
Shukra and Budh form Bhagya Yoga in the 3rd House as they aspect the 9th Bhava with Graha Drishti and the presence of Sun does not mar this as he is another Karaka for the 9th Bhava, in fact the primary Karaka for the 9th Bhava of Dharma and righteous conduct or the perfect path.
Once again the Yoga of Neecha Mangal and Ketu in the 5th House cannot be said to be good and decisions that might have significant ramifications in the future ought to be made with care. Rashness and impulse are to be eschewed as far as possible as clarity of thought and planning shall be lacking with this combination in the 5th House. Else, Rahu as a natural malefic is nicely placed in the Upachaya Bhava of the 11th House and can be good for material striving.


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