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Guru/ Jupiter is the greatest benefic planet in the zodiac and in any nativity represents the presence of divinity. While the phenomenon of Gochar of various planets is stated to be studied from the position of the Moon/ Chandra in the radix, there are very useful principles that should be applied from the Lagna as well as the Arudha Lagna. The transits from the natal Moon are advised static and well-recorded results and function according to the mitigating and countering effects of Vedha/ obstruction of various other planets in transit. These can be studied from any standard text on the subject.

In the instant essay, the transit of Guru shall be briefly judged from the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna. Some ways of judging this transit shall be stated hereinbelow. Guru transits in Vrishchik/ Scorpio Rashi till November 22, 2007 and shall move to Dhanu/ Sagittarius Rashi at about 4:14 AM on that date. In this Rashi and the next Guru would be in friendly and own/ Moolatrikona Rashi respectively.

If Scorpio should house your Arudha Lagna, this transit can elevate the image but only after revealing the Satya/ truth of the image as it exists. This means that the vulnerabilities and pitfalls associated with the image as it exists at the present time shall be exposed and then Guru shall become auspicious for the manifest existence and the way the native is perceived. One of the most important fallouts of the transit of the benefic Jupiter is that of judging its impact on the Upapada Lagna. This latter is gleaned to determine the manifest features of the marriage. Whenever Guru has Rashi Drishti on the 2nd House from the Upapada Lagna, and/ or on the 2nd Lord from the Upapada Lagna it can be a very good time to tie the knot. So, for those with the Upapada Lagna in Tula Rashi this is an auspicious time to tie the knot before Guru moves to Dhanu. Likewise for those with the Upapada Lagna in Meena Rashi as Guru aspects Mesha/ Aries with Rashi Drishti.

Even the Graha Drishti of the Guru to the said places is sufficient provided Jupiter is strongly placed in the natal chart. Graha Drishti embodies the desire/ Ichcha Shakti of the Graha while Rashi Drishti shows manifest circumstances. The transit principle of Jupiter is used like a yearly Muhurta principle for isolating the most auspicious year for marriage, having already considered the Naisargika Dasha suitability along with the more standard tools like Vimshottari Dasha in Rashi Chakra and Navamsha Chakra and Narayan Dasha in the two charts for both the prospective groom and the bride.

If Guru Mahadasha in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme is running for a native with Vrishchik Arudha Lagna and the Mahadasha is auspicious for the rising Lagna, the Gochar in the Arudha Lagna can pave the way for rise in society and the manner in which the native is perceived. Similarly, predictions of a positive nature can be made for other Arudha Padas.

For instance, if the Rajyapada/ A10 were to be in Vrishchik, ceteris paribus one might say, that the research potentials of the tangible features of work would rise, or perhaps occult insights would deepen, only after having exposed the weaker aspects of the same. The Lagna taken from any reference is a Kendra/ Quadrant and especially from Arudha Padas Guru gives very fine results in these places. The principle of the transit in the 9th House from the Arudha Lagna, and other Arudha Padas, does not apply to Guru. Guru is an exception. This should be understood carefully as explained below.

The 9th House from the Arudha Lagna is a Tamasic or destructive house despite the fact that the 9th from Lagna is the most auspicious house in the Rashi Chakra. Having said that, it ought to be noted the 9th House from the Arudha Lagna will yield the greatest material upliftment for the image and visible reality. It is destructive only in the sense that it makes the native try to compete and benefit itself. The gentle and selfless Guru does not give good results here only in Gochar. Natally, it will still lift the image of the Jatak through Sattwic means.

For Vrishchik Lagna, Guru is an outright functional benefic and if it is the Dashanath in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme or in any other conditional Dasha of Parashar, its transit in the Lagna can be good, especially of Guru is powerful in the nativity. Similar results can be had for natives with Simha Lagna, as Guru is the 5th and 8th Lord. If it is the Dashanath and the results of its 5th House lordship dominate in the Rashi Chakra, either by placement in the 5th house itself or being placed in an even Rashi in the horoscope, the transit can be favourable in the 4th House.

It will impart greater impulse to the domestic environment, immovable assets, family life, vehicles and learning. For Mesha Lagna natives, Guru is the 9th and 12th Lord and is benefic. In Gochar in the 8th House it can give gains from speculation and investment as too from worthy occult and spiritual circles. Even if Guru is not a functional benefic for the rising Lagna, say for Vrishabh/ Taurus Lagna, it is still the greatest natural benefic and in the 7th House can help matters marital and those to do with personal interaction and partnership.

Regarding the role Guru plays in the Kendradhipati Dosha for Mithun and Kanya Lagna, the Dosha will manifest only if Guru is afflicted. If it is placed in the 7th House itself, such natives rise after marriage and Hamsa Yoga is formed. If there is gross affliction then as the Badhak Graha carrying the blemish of the Kendradhipati Dosha can give very bad results. For Kanya Lagna, if natal Guru is placed in Vrishchik and if it is the Mahadasha lord, this Gochar can be troublesome as Guru in the radix would be in the Marana Karaka Sthana and will give adverse results for marital prospects and partnership. For Karka/ Cancer Lagna, this is a good transit for an auspicious planet and progeny, accruals from the investment portfolio and association with the highly placed can happen.

For Tula Lagna, Guru does not play a good role according to Parashar as it lords the malefic 3rd and 6th Houses. Its Gochar in the 2nd House can further interaction with Jyotishis and those who deal with the future as the 2nd is a Panaphara Bhava. For those with Dhanu Lagna, the Gochar post November, 2007 would be far more fruitful as the Lagna Lord would be in Gochar in Lagna. This would specifically take care of overall life issues if Guru is activated in Mahadasha or Antardasha in some Dasha scheme.

For Kumbha Lagna, Guru plays a role akin to Kubera, the lord of wealth, despite the fact that it is a functional malefic being the 11th Lord for the chart. In the 11th House, it can augment gains while after November, 2007 it can fuel expenditure on Sattwic matters, investments to elevate wealth, spending on spiritual or religious items and ceremonies. For Meena Lagna, as Guru is the Lagna Lord in the 9th House in Gochar, many people have been found to be performing Havans and generally coming closer to their spiritual roots. Even when Guru transits to Sagittarius, it would be strongly placed in the 10th House and for those with Amala Yoga, the working skills would be sharply honed.

After November 22, 2007 Guru will transit in Dhanu Rashi which is its Moolatrikona Rashi. Guru is at work here. Lawyers, judges, astrologers, priests, spiritualists, religious thinkers and philosophers can attain special success. For nativities running Guru Dasha or having a prominent Guru placed in Narayan Dasha Rashi or in Kendra therefrom, this can be a prominent Gochar. All the functional and active attributes of the planet can undergo deep renewal in the chart. For natives with Guru in Dhanu Rashi itself, prominently placed, Guru will be transiting over its natal position. This is a highly auspicious transit and can bring the Grace of God and the divine nectar of immortal Jnana. If the Mantra Pada/ A5/ the Arudha Pada of the 5th House is associated with benefic planets then the native may receive Mantra from a Shiksha or Diksha Guru if transit Guru aspects the A5 with Rashi Drishti or conjoins the same in Gochar.

For such natives, they may come to important metaphysical understandings about themselves and the world around them through subjects and musings of their choice even if they are not particularly inclined to avail of the spiritual gems of India. Guru indicates the highest flights of human thought and the most elevated thinking: great philosophical insights in Vedanta or those relating to the world as one large family (Vasudaiva Kutumbakam) with huge differences and yet a fundamental unity can accrue.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, when the Gochar of planets is being evaluated to see which natal Yogas and Dashas shall crystallize to yield what influences, the knowledge from the esoteric Chandra Kala Nadi must be utilized. The transit Moon and Sun either atop Arudha Padas or in the 7th House or in Trikona from them shall fructify matters related to them. For example, for events pertaining to the actual vehicle, or home see the above stated Gochar from the Matri Arudha/ A4.

For developments relating to work, see the Gochar from the Rajyapada/ A10. The other matters are to be similarly seen from other Arudha Padas. If other features such as the ending of highly malefic Moola Dashas involved with Curses in the chart and with the 8th House of the Nija Dosha are ending, then this benefic Gochar of Guru into Dhanu Rashi can portend a reaping of the rich harvest of Sattwa, patience and burning away the old bad Karma. Jupiter gives without being asked and as the Karaka for the imperceptible Akash Tattwa or ethereal element it is never perceived while it is doing the job of enriching life, both materially and spiritually.

For Agni Tattwa Rashis like Mesha, Simha and Dhanu the Gochar of Guru in Dhanu/ Sagittarius shall be quite auspicious. For Karka/ Cancer Lagna, it can appease inimical tendencies in life if the natal 6th House is afflicted but not in an extreme fashion. For the Prithvi Tattwa Rashis, the Gochar is not adverse but will open avenues for spiritual abundance, home and foreign travel or visits to the Ashram of the Guru respectively for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn Lagnas.

For the other Jala Tattwa Lagnas like Vrishchik and Meena, the Gochar is auspicious for family, wealth and movable goods (Scorpio) and for Meena (self and self specifically from the viewpoint of work).

For Vayu Tattwa Lagnas, Mithun may realize how lucky they are to have the spouse they do, while Kumbha/ Aquarius will see an upsurge in the quality of friends and gains. The fulfillment of desires and an overall optimism may also infuse proceedings. For Tula Lagna, it is a more ordinary Gochar of Guru in Dhanu as the Graha feels uncomfortable with the matrix of desire in Marana Karaka Sthana in the 3rd Bhava from the Lagna.

The divine grace of Guru can also offset some of the pressures of evil transits of Rahu and the pressures of Shani though not necessarily in the same areas that are afflicted by the latter malefics. Though Guru will never ask us, let us pay our regards and prayers to this great Graha, an unassuming but tremendous and unconditional boon to mankind.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Respected Anurag ji,
    Namaskar. My Guru is placed in 7th in Dhanus(Mithuna lag)but with 8th lord Saturn , would that be a serious enough affliction to make kendradipatya dosha to fructify?
    my LL is deb and with Ketu and Moon in Meena. My birth time is 14.42hrs 28th FEB 1960 at Madras, India. I have been suffering form a serious debilitating lung disease, which was undetected for 4 years. Rahu my AK is in Kanya. It suggests the placement be in 8th in Mkara rather than in 9th. I am sceptical abt the time. Can you please help? I live in New Zealand now, facing severe financial constraints, disease and separation from my eldest son who has left home.


  2. Dear Nalini,

    This space is for comments and observations regarding the analyses and articles. Please write in to the email ids provided above for other purposes.


    Anurag Sharma.

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