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Vedic Astrology and the Business of Living

In our business, which is the business of living, there are things which impede and there are things which further.

The impediment is not to be trifled with. It does exist and none of us need to be reminded because we know it. It would be easy to get overpowered by the impediment without even knowing what it is or worse still, that it is.

It is equally easy to get cosy with the notion that all is well with the world because sometimes there is apparently nothing to worry about and things appear to be on course all on their own.

Both are quite dangerous.

But we may not be in either situation but in one which most conscious people find themselves- in the pushes and pulls of the positive and the negative, given above.

But we know that the impeding negative is described as such because it is precisely that, and for that reason devastating in its results.

It is often a situation of great desperation or total darkness which leads to faith, spirituality. There is nowhere else to go. And as it turns out later, there is no better place in the world to go to than to spiritual high ground.

In Vedic Astrology the impeding negative can take various forms. The most universal of which is Saturn or Śani (Shani), the significator of bad Karma which thwarts all. This is its job- to put a spanner in the works, preferably to an extent which entails there being no works at all to talk about. Or which is the same thing, the Sisyphus toil, the donkey’s work which leaves nothing but the burden and its fatigue.

It would be easy to say that the will should be strengthened to an extent where all this is nothing before the Man. But this is not existentially true. The forces of Nature are larger than us but there is a balance in Nature. For the negative, there is a corresponding positive.

It is not only Saturn but all natural malefics who can take on this role of keeping us from realising our true goals and objectives in life.  This immediately includes Mars (Mangala), Rahu, Ketu and the Sun (Surya) and also the afflicted Moon and Mercury (Budha). 

Saturn of course impedes and riddles our path with difficulties and obstacles leading always to great sorrow and depression while someone like Rahu will work as a flash and shock the wits out of us. Ketu is the great nothingness which convinces us that the end result of everything will be nullity and it is all a great, big mistake while Mars threatens with violent opposition and accidents.

The Sun burns us from within and either authority mistreats us or we feel mistreated as authoritative figures by the pedestrian reality around us. When the benefics turn, it is even more problematic, the mind and maternal figures in the case of the Moon, and the legal tender and relatives in case of Mercury- whenever we utter we receive brickbats.

But this is general and we can have any planet, say, lording the Dusthana or the evil houses from the Ascendant (Lagna) playing this role.

Since the play of life is mostly acted out in a social and financial setting, some adverse locations from the Ārūḍha Lagna can very strongly give this result.

The hope is always with the benefics Jupiter and Venus (Guru and Shukra) and the un-afflicted Mercury as too the bright Śukla Pakṣa Cañdra (Shukla Paksha Chandra).

But who is telling us all this with so much clarity and timeless wisdom which transcends entire Yugas and more. It is Vedic astrology (Jyotiṣa) as seen through the eyes of the adept Brahmin.

What if one flounders in this destined roller-coaster without a clue as to the very existence, and then the nature of the cosmic dramatis personae. What if the unrecognised and the untreated (un-remedied) malefic damages the human character so much that there is no spirit left to fight back with. What if the level of ignorance is so much that one places trust in the wrong quarters to learn only too late that reliance was on something no better than a transient figment of the imagination.

These are possibilities that must be facts in a great number of lives. The blackness of that experience is truly something to eschew.

We are here to fulfil a potential and to make this play interesting that journey has been made quite difficult. This is the backbone of universal human experience. It is not an absolute pre-requisite to have the pillars of great spirituality like Vedic astrology in life so as to achieve or even begin to strive but research into this aspect will reveal a support system which is no less, whatever it may be. Without it sustained life of significance is not possible.

One finds achievement, but there is so much vulnerability and ignorance at its back that it becomes virtually toothless and almost comic, definitely ironic. The contours of life will have their way in any case but to be a man is to know.

Maybe not in the beginning, or even while doing the work that life demands of us as unique and precious individuals, but definitely at some point in the journey.

Vedic astrology is high up there in the scheme of things for the same reason that people searched out, and continue to find, India. There are things here which are nowhere else and perhaps nobody needs them more than us because we live (again) in very important times where things change at incredible speed and yet nothing at all has changed at our core.

Let this distance not defeat us inwardly. Let us keep pace, ironically with one of the oldest wisdoms known to mankind. It’s always going to be too early for the ultimate truth, but let it not be too late for the penultimate truth which is what this is.

When I write briefly about the Jupitertransit, what I am doing is accentuating the positive influence that planet Earth and its inhabitants feel with the movement of this greatest benefic.

When I write about the Saturn transit, and here and here too, I am dealing with the changing focus of one of the most challenging forces in life.

But what we truly need to do is to know ways of breaking free of the shackles of negativity and things which hold us back, and these can be quite seductive in their rationality at times. We are all keyed up to conquer worlds but we feel childish in saying so because of these missing links within. When I work and consult astrologically with peoplefrom across the world in a variety of ways, one of the major themes is to clearly and without demur identify the malefic forces that are impeding, remedying them metaphysically and behaviourally and then knowing and strengthening the forces that are all there to aid us in our journey to where we are intended to go.

We need to carry out this exercise in any way we think best, whether it is through the ancient wisdom of the Ṛṣis or through some other avenue. There is usually no time to lose, irrespective of the point in the journey one is at, because we have covered all there is, at the stage of defining the themes that rule.
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Anurag Sharma

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Disclaimer: For those who have glimpsed the magic of Jyotish, magnificent treasures await in the vast ocean of this knowledge. Hindu Astrology Analyses offered by the Consultant are not empirical pronouncements of the type made in the realm of the physical sciences. The Analyses are not in the true or false format but delve into the horoscope to derive insights about the life of the native in a spiritual reference frame. These insights should be used by those availing them at their sole discretion and responsibility.



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