Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vedic Astrology Transit Moon in Cancer on June 20, 2015

A Positive and supportive Vedic yoga is happening in Cancer (Karkata Rashi or Karkaṭa Rāśi) on June 20, 2015 where the two great benefics Jupiter (Guru or Gurū)  and Venus (Shukra or Śukra) are joined the Moon (Chandra or Cañdra) in transit.
This Dwi-Guru Yoga- a combination of the yoking of Jupiter and Venus is celebrated for a reason. The name comes from the fact that both Jupiter and Venus are preceptors, albeit of opposite camps. When the two preceptors come together in conjunction or mutual aspect, Dwi - Guru Yoga results.
Jupiter governs spiritual and esoteric knowledge. It is very metaphysical and somewhat other-worldly. This is also apparent from the fact that the planet rules the Akasha (Ākāśa) Tattwa or the Ether element amongst the primordial substances. Akasha Tattwa is not visible and is not amenable to the tactile quality. Yet it is the quality which binds all other elements, and binds everything in existence in general. The flower encapsulates this quality, and it is no surprise that flowers are exchanged both by lovers and by devotees because the desire is to bind and be bound to the beloved. In Bhakti Yoga, beloved is none other than God.
Venus, the other perceptor is the diamond-eyed with great attention to detail. It has no time for this lofty matrix but is preoccupied with empirical and mundane Knowledge, the be-all of school, college and working life. For Venus, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In this focus and emphasis on the world of matter and experience, Venus wants us to forget its own highest asceticism, through which he obtained the Mrityunjaya Mantra (Mṛtyuṅjaya Mañtra), that which has the power to revive the dead. Death and debility, for this reason, have no better cure than Venus. For this teacher, the MBA and the LL.B. and the MBBS are where it all is, and time is not to be wasted will the Problem of Evil and so on.

When these two come together, especially in the natal horoscope, in the manner as aforesaid, all knowledge of Heaven and Earth becomes available to the person. There is every possibility that the person will be renowned for his knowledge. There are some other implications of this combination but these can be kept for another occasion.

At this time, we may, however, also reflect on the Dhimantaha (Dhīmaṅtaḥa) Yogas which show a great flowering of the intellect but though a process of natural growth which comes from exertion as a matter of habit. If these Yogas coexist with the Dwi–Guru Yoga then we will never have the sad situation of a person being blessed with these combinations, and yet allowing them to lay dormant. They will be activated when the working intelligence of discrimination consciously works with these boons in an organized manner.

So, now we know what this transit combination in Cancer basically means.

I have said before that Cancer is one of the most benefic signs of the zodiac, being the auspicious 4th house from the ascendant of the Kalapurusha (Kālapuruṣa). It is also the exaltation sign of the greatest benefic in the zodiac, Jupiter, and that, of course, says a great deal. In other words, as the Moon joins the two benefics, it is an exalted Jupiter and its own sign (Moon rules Cancer), which provide it guidance, comfort and illumination.

People will therefore feel accordingly because apart from what has been said, the Moon is also an agent of fructification. This is the reason that we map the forays of the mind to the movement of the planet in the various signs.

Apart from the Dwi-Guru Yoga, other combinations are formed namely the Gajakesari Yoga and the Annapurna Yoga. The Gajakeśarī Yoga is a highly auspicious combination yielding fame, success and accolades while Venus and Moon join to bring material wealth and all things that glitter. It also brings sating and fulfilment which can only come with personal abundance, to whatever degree it may extend.

This is a heady, grounded, justifiably optimistic and favourable time and since it is also free from damaging malefic aspects and conjunctions, people would do well do use this destined support wisely and to the utmost. 

Anurag Sharma
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Note: Draft proof-read and prepared for web-publication by Mr. Abhinav Sharma. 
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