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Vedic Astrology- Its Importance in Life for the Modern Man

Vedic astrology can guide the musings of the modern man in all their width.

Thoughts of the Modern Man-

When one wonders as to the purpose of existence, and more particularly, individual existence, world philosophies all give elevated answers.

Why birth?

The reason for birth is furnished by the Ātmakāraka/ Atmakaraka in Vedic Astrology, and how that purpose will be accomplished, is illustrated by the lord of the Ascendant/ Lagna Lord.

The Ātmakāraka is the significator of the soul and is an index for dispensing with past Karma. In that sense it is like the 8th Lord from the Udaya Lagna. When the individual comes to the right path which will aid him in fulfilling the reason for his birth, the stressful nature of the Ātmakāraka abates and it becomes favourable.

It is for such reasons that Parāśara/ Parashara has termed the Ātmakāraka the King of the Horoscope. Therefore when we have a question in the mind as to what is this all for, we need to evaluate the Ātmakāraka and see what the Graha is telling us about the life path.

How Am I Going To Go Through This Life?

The propensities of the self for this life are in the Lagna/ Ascendant and the lord of the Ascendant/ Lagna Lord. This is how life circumstance and the functional intelligence wade through the Karma intended to be traversed through a given life.


The Others in My Life-

When we turn the focus on the other, rather than one’s own self, then we come to the 7th House and the 7th Lord. As youngsters we are looking at romantic partners, boyfriends and girlfriends, and later at spouses.

Both birth and death are immutable truths called the Satya Pītha. As surely as we have come, we shall go. The other shares in our journey. These others have souls and the soul interaction with the others is shown by the Dārākāraka/ Darakaraka and since the indicator of the Self is the planet farthest advanced by degrees, the indicator of the other is the planet least advanced by degrees and these two show the soul spectrum at opposing extremes.



The Proof of the Pudding-

Propensity is one thing and manifestation is quite another. In our lives what comes into being and enacts the play is oftentimes more important and manifest realities are indicated by the Ārūḍha Padas/ Arudha Padas.

When we wish to examine the visible manifestation of our lives, we must see the Ārūḍha Lagna. [And in a similar vein, other Special Ascendants/Viśeṣa Lagna.]

Even the others, such as intimate friends and spouses are shown in the horoscope by the Ārūḍha Padas, such as the Dārāpada/ Darapada and the Upapada Lagna. Their relative positioning from the Ārūḍha Lagna shows the felicity of these relationships in manifest life which is visible to us and to others. In the Upadeśa Sūtras we find some other gems related to wealth manifestation through the Śrīmaṅtaḥa Yoga calculated by certain placements of these Ārūḍha Padas.

Figuring It Out-

For any person who is awake, making sense of life is crucial for satisfaction and no amount of material abundance can replace this. No amount of penury and oppression can quell the quest either. When life changes its hues, the more dynamic facets of the horoscope come into play. These are the ages of maturity of the planets and the Bhāvas/ Bhavas/ houses as well as the Daśās/ Dasas/ Dashas.

It is important to make sense of sudden changes in life which can come with the change in Daśās. It is virtually like flipping a switch and the whole complexion of things can change, especially if the planets are strong and are powerfully placed in the horoscope. This can be a direct and quite palpable evidence of Karma- nothing else can explain the radical shifts which sometimes manifest.

Specific Life Areas of Life: Marriage, Career et al-

Understanding and the need for understanding can be acute in certain persons and can extend to specific life areas. If someone seeks to investigate why life has been a certain way, for better or for worse, in relationships and marriage then the Navāmśa/ Navamsha Chakra or the D-9 chart holds the key.

Now the divisional charts are elaborated in all the major classics of Vedāṅga Jyotiṣa but Upadeśa from Gurūs and from secret traditions of ancient yore is required to unlock their magic. In this context, the D-9 and the D-60 are given the highest weight, even more than the Rāśi Chakra. The D-60 or the Shashtyamsha/ Ṣaśṭhyāmśa chart is at the highest level as it contains the sum total of the past Karma to be experienced. The real usage of many of the divisional charts is locked in secrecy and we reveal it as and when the occasion arises.

Now, to not digress from the point, it is therefore true than when one wonders about the finest intricacy of the career or the inheritance, the sevret doctrine relating to the Daśāmśa Chakra/ Dashamsha and the Dwādaśāmśa Cakra respectively will come into play.

Freedom & Determinism-

Absolutely everything in contemporary life can be deciphered in this manner. Life passes and in its passing we should know as much as we can, and navigate with as much perspective as we can garner. We cannot always control what happens but we do have a possible opportunity to try and know why something is happening or why things turned out the way they did and what is the likely shape they might acquire in the future. This can help us to tap into the right areas  in life and to avoid others, especially that which appears attractive for one reason or another but is as best nothing more than a whim, and at worst something to be stayed away from at all costs.

There is not one fixity in Karma, and not one freedom. There are many fates and many choices. Karma is very fluid- its sacred study frees, rather than binds.


A very large number of people are besotted with issues surrounding money. It is simply one of the overarching concerns in manifest life and this is due to the overwhelming prowess of the planet Budha/Mercury in life. One major component of Rajas comes from this planet.

And so there is little surprise that a study of wealth in a horoscope is aided by numerous formulae spanning several (divisional) charts and Yogas in those charts. Dhana Yogas are very important in the horoscope and more specially in the Hora chart prescribed by the Nāḍīs.


There is an entirely different chart for siblings, another for elders such as parents and grandparents with set rules for each. Children have yet another separate chart devoted to them as thus the spouse, though all studies start advisedly from the Rāśi Chakra. They find their specific expression and culmination in the Varga Chakra.

I Need Answers-

And not just the freedom to ask questions. The answers to the life process and life choices and the possible scenarios in which things will play out can only be furnished through Vedic astrology. There is no other complete system known to mankind which is both profoundly spiritual and pragmatic and which can infuse every moment with unparalleled awareness.

Profound impact of specifics such as Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna and Digbala as well as Doṣa and Śrāpa can give the answers to some of the biggest questions and choices in life. Blessings can potent planetary placements can completely alter the hue and tenor of life. Skill sets and destined events/the Hand of God can be studies astutely to know how these qualities will influence and change apparent realities.

The Big Picture & the Fine Print-

Both the large letters and the fine print with which the story of life is written can be understood in Jyotiṣa. Argalā/ Argala and such methodologies can accurately depict the influence of people and entities on one another and this includes events and actions as well.

21st Century-

This century is overwhelmingly dependent on this wisdom as our progress forward at great pace puts us at risk of more than proportional vulnerability. We feel we are invincible (as before the recession in certain countries, and before immigrant professionals faced a change of stimuli at the same time, as in countries such as India where consumerist aping has led to a glut of uselessness) and then we find we are not. We find we are lost, without the moorings that held us, and astray in a turbulent ocean of our own making, the rise and ebb of which we do not understand or control. What then?

We need fierce progress but with perspective and illumination; in our desire to find, let us not move blindly and discard impossibly valuable divine maps which can make our journeys truly magnificent, with all their contours.
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