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Part III (Conclusion): Saturn Transit to Scorpio on November 2, 2014 in Vedic Astrology/ Shani Gochara/ Peyarchi to Vrishchika Rashi


This is the concluding article, Part III, of a series of articles relating to the Vedic Astrology/ Jyotisha/ Jyotiṣa transit/ Gochara/Peyarchi of Saturn/ Śani/ Shani to Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi on November 2, 2014. The preceding Part I and Part II are here and here respectively.


This article examines the influence of the great malefic Saturn/ Śani/ Shani on the various Lagna/ Ascendants and also on the Viśeṣa Lagna/ Special Ascendants such as the Ārūḍha Lagna (AL).


When the preceding papers have referred to the nature of the Saturn transit and also studied the impact on the Cañdra/ Chandra Lagna or the Jañma Rāśi/Janma Rashi then what is the utility of examining the impact of the movement of the great malefic  with respect to the Udaya Lagna or the sign rising in the horoscope in the Rāśi Chakra, one might ask.

The Lagna/Ascendant in Vedic Astrology is the point of commencement of life and examination of Karma. It is a reference of vitality and light. The Kāraka/Karaka or the Natural Significator for this Bhāva/ Bhava or house is Sūrya/ Surya/ the Sun.

Saturn is antithetical to the Sun and represents the suffering of the Kāla-Puruṣa/ Kalapurusha/ Cosmic Man. The impact of humiliation is most relevant for the glory of the human being as this is where it is felt the most due to the oppositional character of the Karmic energies.


Corollary to the principle above is the fact that the Lagna/ Ascendant is after all the Self and while the aspiration is to no-self, or release, it is true that this aspiration itself is contingent on the existence of the Self. If we are not born, there is no concept of Mokṣa/Moksha, let alone a requirement.

Simply put, all experience is of the Self and so the transit of Saturn must inevitably be studied from the Lagna, and is perhaps the most important examination amongst all, not taking away from special Gocara such as the Sāḍe-Sātī and Kaṅṭaka Śani.




Scorpio Ascendant/ Vrishchika Lagna-

As the ingress of Śani is into Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi it stands to reason that this Lagna/ Ascendant will be influenced most. Aspects and like influences like Sambaṅdha/ Sambandha are one thing but actual placement is quite another and it is the latter that has the fullest impact.

Scorpio Lagna is all about fire, even though the Rāśi itself is of Jala Tattwa/ Water element. Śani is a Vāyu Tattwa Graha and it very antithetical to the foundational Karma of the Lagna. The rulership of Scorpio Ascendant vests with Maṅgala/Mangala/Mars and Ketu and they are red and infra-red planets while Saturn is cold and blue and dark.

Two things are happening- significations of Saturn are going to the realm of Scorpio and also the significations of Scorpio are suffering the malefic impact of Saturn. Both are quite distinct.

Significations of Saturn are labour and servants and disease while the significations of Scorpio are concealment, secrecy, occult and transformation. Scorpio has a lot of inherent Karma attached to it which cannot be seen.

The significations of Saturn are going to a realm of Karma which is not known beforehand. Servants, help, subordinate staff may find themselves confronted with realities which they could never have imagined, especially with their strength in the recent past.

People who have avoided their share of hard work may find different requirements coming their way and similarly people who have done more than their share of slogging may find corresponding differences in the tenor of things coming their way.

Scorpio Lagna will find illness and depression weighing heavy on the head. Their work application will stand deteriorated as Śani will aspect the Daśama Bhāva with Graha Driṣṭi. It is best if they project themselves as reliable if not especially innovative and take care in their personal aspirations as far as interaction with others goes.

Things can be very complex when it comes to the interpretation of the impact on the Ārūḍha Lagna and other Viśeṣa Lagna. This is due to the fact that while the impact will be oppressive and heavy in some way or the other, it is difficult to earmark its precise nature. The Ārūḍha Lagna is the societal existence of the person and the precise way in which negativity is being perceived at this level depends on the impact on the Lagna and the life journey of the person. In other words, Śani, the deliverer of Karma will act as per the Yogas of Grahas in the nativity. Let us make this more precise for the discerning reader. Śani can broadly speaking be equated to things on one side of a linear spectrum and at the level of the Ārūḍha Lagna for instance the person could be perceived to be doing things which qualify or be subjected to things which qualify or both.

Some sort of pressure of the kind stated will be felt on the economic and social existence of persons who have Scorpio Ārūḍha Lagna.

Similar influences can be ascertained for other Viśeṣa Lagna such as the Horā Lagna or the Śrī Lagna based on the matters they signify- these can be studied from standard texts.

Readers are advised to check in the horoscopes if the Gocara Graha qualifies as the Khara in any horoscope and then the transit is to be specially watched.

 Sagittarius Ascendant/ Dhanusha Lagna-

It might be apposite here to start with the Dhanuṣa Ārūḍha Lagna since Śani would be transiting the 12th Bhāva therefrom. How many do you have to sort things out for you at various levels, that is the question. Śani here ensures expenditure on all these and therefore presumes the existence of people and matters to spend on. One who is capable of spending in this manner experiences Rajayoga. On the other hand, if such a situation is not obtaining in life then the expenditure can be on less than desirable matters.

For Dhanuṣa Lagna the transit of Saturn to the 12th House can mean deep orthodox meditation techniques and close association with a spiritual master at the house or establishment of the spiritual master. It can simply indicate disturbed sleep patterns for those not on this path. Recuperation and treatment in hospitals or such places is indicated for those with health issues.

Capricorn Ascendant/ Makara Lagna-

Sustenance is guaranteed and income, gains and fulfilment of aspirations are prime areas of focus especially if there is Dhana Yoga in the chart. This will be through exertions of the self as the Lagna Lord is itself Saturn.

The indications given above apply with special force if we are evaluating the Makara Ārūḍha Lagna as this reference itself is wealth-centric and the Lābha Sthāna from the reference is activated by the lord of the Ārūḍha Lagna.


For all the Lagnas and the Ārūḍha Lagna or the Special Ascendant it is advised to read Part I and Part II of this series of papers as the complete picture for the horoscope at least with regard to crucial references will be revealed then.

Aquarius Ascendant/ Kumbha Lagna-

This would be a time of enhanced self-application in Karma as the Lagneśa would be in the Daśama Bhāva from the Lagna. One finds that Śani does not alter its nature based on functionality and so Kaṅṭaka effects will be felt both for the Lagna and the Ārūḍha Lagna. For the Lagna the distinguishing features are that this labour and Ṣrama Dāna is likely to yield acclaim and attainment especially if something like the Śaśa Mahāpuruṣa Yoga exists in the nativity.

Pisces Ascendant/ Meena Lagna-

Loss of fortune coinciding with the Bhāgya Sthāna or the 9th Bhāva from the Lagna cannot be said to be auspicious or good. In the nativity if Śani associates with the Dharma Bhāva then the enlightened Jyotiṣī will consider remedial measures.

However, from the Ārūḍha Lagna the situation is diametrically opposite and the Tamas Guṇa does not pose any issues. The native competes with an adamant and uncompromising attitude which leads to progress and advancement in the material realm. Therefore, the results are to be deciphered with care.


The planetary aspect of Śani, its Graha Driṣṭi  is key. From every Lagna named above and hereafter apply the special aspects of the planet to the relevant signs and understand the coming of impediments. The exception is furnished by the Dusthāna.

Aries Ascendant/ Mesha Lagna-

This is a highly troublesome transit for the Meṣa Lagna as the planet of Karma is transiting through the invisible area of life where the well of experience is throwing up one severe challenge after another. Kaṅṭaka Śani is formed and work suffers as well. The situation is problematic also for the Ārūḍha Lagna in Aries because the debts precipitate themselves with unfailing regularity. Seek advice and help if thought appropriate.

Taurus Ascendant/ Vṛṣabha Lagna-

Marriage and personal interaction are stressed areas in this transit and the quality of mercy will stand the natives of this sign in good stead during the sojourn. For those with Taurus Ārūḍha Lagna, emergence and participation will be the areas under stress.

Gemini Ascendant/ Mithuna Lagna-

This is an excellent transit. Śani casts Amṛta Dṛṣṭi and defeats opposition. Internal oppositions such as substance abuse are another matter altogether and will have to be watched with care if these are an issue in life. The transit is even better for those with Gemini Ārūḍha Lagna as victory will follow combativeness.

Cancer Ascendant/ Karka Lagna-

Depression and melancholy might assail if the Daśās and correlated influences were to suggest and support this as well. Citta or consciousness is assailed and belief in one’s Maṅtra wanes. For family men, children pose real problems and speculation is not advised during this transit.

For those with Cancer Ārūḍha Lagna, wealth and sustenance associated with home, property and conveyance suffers and protective measures should be devised, sought, adopted.

Leo Ascendant/ Simha Lagna-

Peace and Śāṅti are under attack and the home and properties might give cause for concern depending on the state of the associated factors in the horoscope. If all are well fortified then it is readership and learning which is ordinary during this period.

Simha Ārūḍha Lagna would be well advised to choose new properties with care or avoid purchases altogether. It would be a different idea if these properties were to be put to use by way of leases provided the Varga Chakra approves.

Virgo Ascendant/ Kanya Lagna-

This period is not one where one would listen astutely to Gurū Upadeṣa but one where the drive to assert the will is strong. Siblings and relationships with the siblings is put under stress. The transit is very good for these matters for the Kanyā Ārūḍha Lagna as these positives related to the Upacaya and growth and assertiveness are fully precipitated.

Key II-

Watch for the transit of Saturn both over natal malefics in Scorpio and delicate planets, natural benefics, ruling important life areas- these will be oppressed and caution is advised in the associated life areas. This too is key.

Libra Ascendant/ Tula Lagna-

The oddest thing.  The rights of the downtrodden or those used as pawns in power games as being have-nots had seen an upsurge during the exaltation of the malefic Saturn ruling these classes but with the traversing of unknown realms the sexuality and trade of the world is freed of survivalism and freedom accrues to the natives of this Lagna and to the activities associated with the Rāśi.

The dirt which has come on the judicial system will be cleansed as the balance of Libra will be restored  and faith in the impartiality of the system will be restored. Cinema and the aesthetic directions in life will be freed of the dictates of the worker, hitherto finding himself in unfamiliar realms and abusing fiduciary positions...this will abate.

The transit of Saturn represents a fundamental shift in Karma for two and a half years and so the work on this website related to this may be read with care and attention.


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