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Saturn Transit in Scorpio on November 2, 2014- Part II/ Shani Gochara to Vrishchika Rashi II

About this article-

This paper is Part II (Part I is here if you have not yet read it) of a series of articles on the Saturn transit/ Śani Gocara/ Shani Gochara/ Peyarchi in Vedic Astrology/ Jyotisha/ Jyotiṣa to Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi in November, 2014.

Scope of this article-

In this paper we shall investigate the impact of transit Saturn on the twelve Moon signs/ Jañma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi and also explore the phenomena of the feared Sāḍe-Sātī/ Sade Sati- the seven and a half years’ sojourn of transit Saturn atop and around the natal Moon in the Vedic horoscope. We shall also dwell on the Vedic astrology transit/ Peyarchi of Saturn which constitutes Kaṅṭaka Śani/ Kantaka Shani.

Next article on Saturn transit to Scorpio-

The impact of the forthcoming transit/ Peyarchi/ Gochara of Saturn on the various Lagna/ Ascendants as well as on the special Ascendants, especially the Ārūḍha/ Arudha Lagna will be studied in the next paper on the subject which will be Part III in the series and shall follow the publication of this paper.

The Moon-

People not infrequently ask me during the occasional casual conversation as to the relative roles of the Lagna and the Moon as references for gauging the impact of transits. In other words, the question is whether transits are more important from the Lagna or from the Moon. The short answer in the context of this article is that as far as the Saturn transit is concerned, we simply must start its evaluation from the Moon sign or the Cañdra/ Chandra Lagna/ Jañma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi which are all interchangeable expressions denoting an identical reference.

The Moon is the mind of the individual. It is the social fulcrum of any person. It is the mother and the family and also the home. It is our moorings in life. Though not strictly pertinent to this paper, readers will note that the Moon is the royalty in the world along with the Sun, and a powerful Moon in the nativity can indicate royal pleasures and great fame and acclaim.


Śani is the great malefic and the planet which signifies our dark Karma. It is the cause or rebirth and indicates suffering and negativity for living beings. It is a renowned slave-master and governs the world of hard toil and manual labour. It is the commoner and the poor man. This is how one feels when Saturn is dominant in the horoscope either in natal Yoga and placement or in Peyarchi/ Gochara/ transit or both.

Chart for Saturn Transit/ Peyarchi/ Gochara to Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi-


 Scorpio/Vṛṣcika Rāśi/ Vrishchika Rashi-

The gentle Moon finds it difficult in the intense and secretive Scorpio and for a variety of reasons this Rāśi/ Rashi becomes the debilitation sign of the Moon. With this inherent vulnerability of the Moon in this sign, the arrival of Śani/ Shani Saturn in November, 2014 things will be significant for the natives of this Jañma Rāśi/ Janma Rashi. The mind is impressionable due to the fact that it registers feelings and emotions and is also changeable, for the feelings and emotions that are experienced, are by their nature transient.

Saturn will be in an inimical sign and afflicted here and the Moon is also humbled. The sign experiences the middle core of the Sāḍe-Sātī/ Sade-Sati which is tantamount to Karma sitting on the emotional head.

This is a heavy experience.

Sade-Sati: The ‘Seven-and-a-half’ of Saturn-

This is a transit of Saturn one sign before, atop the Moon sign and one sign after and takes about seven-and-a-half years to culminate. This can be an intense experience for some, who have conspicuous combinations involving the Moon and/or have several planets in the signs of interest in the nativity as referred to above.

Vrishchika Rashi/ Scorpio/ Vṛṣcika Rāśi-

Saturn is of course transiting to Scorpio in November, 2014 and those with the Moon in Scorpio in the Vedic horoscope will have Śani/ Shani sitting on the head. It is not that the process has started because the Sade-Sati has been very much in operation since Śani entered Tulā Rāśi. But then Śani has been exalted in Tulā Rāśi and also it was in the 12th Bhāva from the Jañma Rāśi. This led to displacement and change and personal issues in life and in marriage cropping up.

Now, Śani will be in an inimical sign and that too right on top of the emotional and social cognizance. This can be called the extreme-cold-core of the transit. Depression, melancholy and erroneous decision-making can come in and the participation of the person in the flux of things tends to suffer. Remedial measures should be obtained by the natives of Scorpio Moon sign for the following reasons, amongst others-

·      Śani clouds the judgment and since the Moon is debilitated natally the effects can be distressing;

·      The pressure is coming on the emotional self directly;

·      It is not just the self which is impacted but the social opportunities in work which are hampered due to the 10th House aspect of Śani. It is the mind that has to access the opportunity for work and then only the rest of the person, as it were, proceeds onwards.

·      When the self and work are both stressed in this manner, prayers have to be made for the alleviation of the problems which are precipitated.

Tula Rashi/ Libra/ Tulā Rāśi- With this transit Libra natives feels better as the malefics finally leaves their Moon sign and the stress shifts from the emotional and societal self. The focus shifts to the 2nd Bhāva from the Cañdra Lagna which relates more to the Kutumba/ family and also the finances and movable assets. Here, the financial aspects present themselves in such a manner that the native is able to perceive the infirmities in liquidity and problems with the career directly. The focus is thus more on external and sometimes extraneous matters. Depending on the combinations in the natal horoscope, ingestion and food and drinks intake may need to be watched as this Bhāva pertains to the face and to the oral orifice in the physiognomy.

Kanya Rashi/ Virgo/ Kanyā Rāśi-

For those natives with Kanyā Jañma Rāśi or those with the natal Moon in Virgo, a strange seven and a half years come to an end with the culmination of the Sāḍe-Sātī. A new world has been revealed to them and they have been sobered by the hammering of Saturn which has infused coercive functional realism in the personality. Their personal life, the quality of Kārmic displacement, their social and emotional existence itself and their financial constraints and parameters have all been brought into disconcertingly sharp relief over this past phase and now the transit Saturn is going on and leaving them alone. A direct ramification of this is that things which have been part of life without there being any real justification for their presence in life shall start to appear intolerable now that the pressures and the ‘have to’ element is gone.

Simha Rashi/ Leo/ Simha Rāśi-

Home and happiness stand to be detrimentally impacted by the heavy presence of Saturn in Scorpio for the natives with the natal Moon in Leo. This is also technically causative of Kaṅṭaka Śani/ Kantaka Shani as the transit Saturn aspects the 10th House from Leo.

I say technically because the problems in work will be caused by lack of application and hard work and lethargy. Do not fall victim to the blind lethargy of the planet and succumb to inertia.

Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius/ Dhanuṣa Rāśi-

Sagittarius Moon sign starts its Sade-Sati and the un-tempered optimism in the minds of youngsters specially is going to transmute itself into relative maturity and coming to an understanding of how things actually are. Saturn is in the 12th Bhāva from the natal Moon and so personal issues and character can come into question or discussion. One has to be wary in this respect if the chart should reveal some issues in this regard. Some kind of movement from a customary place of residence or of work is indicated which acts as the trigger for the experiences which are to follow. If one wishes a guided transition through this long, seemingly never-ending phase counsel of the adept, classical Vedic astrologer should be availed, since to fit the description he must be a Master- of-Both-the-Worlds, never more so than in the 21st century where things move at break-neck speed, sometimes for good reason and sometimes not.

Note on Saving Graces and Unqualified Blessings-

Those who communicate with me often know that such positive terminology refers immediately to the greatest benefic in the zodiac, Jupiter/ Gurū/ Guru. Jupiter is in exaltation but the reference to the placement of Jupiter in Cancer is made in this paper, and at this juncture, because of the Graha Dṛṣṭi/ planetary aspect of Jupiter to Saturn in Scorpio which is the 5th House from the transit station of Jupiter.

This is not all- there is also Rāśi Dṛṣṭi/ sign aspect of Gurū in the Cara Karkaṭa Rāśi to the Sthira Vṛṣcika Rāśi.

The result is that there are active energies which enable the highest internal realizations to combat weakness and ignorance. This can come in the shape of both tremendous knowledge to some as well as the of the opportunity of availing access to such knowledge through Maṅtra and remedial measures and elevated astrological advisements. What is more, this will not be available only to those who are benefitting from the direct influence of Jupiter but even to those who might otherwise be burning out or washing away the malefic influences of Saturn.

Makara Rashi/ Capricorn/ Makara Rāśi-

The significant facet for the persons with the natal Moon in Capricorn is that there will be a feeling, despite having all the essentials of life (and perhaps much more) that there is an element of bareness when it comes to fulfillment of aspirations and gains and this sentiment will work akin to a blow to the perceiving head. Gains or the lack of them can double up as their exact opposite. In other words, Śiva is also Hara. If there are issues with the natal horoscope regarding individual and financial freedom or a lack of feeling of breathing in open fresh air insofar as the acquisitions go then remedies should be done during this sojourn as matters will become quite pressing.

Kumbha Rashi/ Aquarius/ Kumbha Rāśi-

This sign experiences the Kaṅṭaka Śani Gocara of Saturn as the malefic transits the 10th House from Cañdra. If there has been laxity or if the Karma were to indicate this then there could be a fall in the profession or in the work. For those who are in the service sector, the organization which they came to and which in conjunction with the application of their labour gave them so much, is likely to suffer.

It could well be that people with Kumbha Jañma Rāśi who were hitherto quite happy with their organization or with their work might find a thorn impeding their work progress for the Kaṅṭaka is nothing but Saṅskṛt for thorn.
Meena Rashi/ Pisces/Mīna Rāśi-

Pisces natives will not notice this transit much because Śani is noticed through difficulty except in some rare combinations where this thumb rule might be negated.
The only issues which may arise are with elders and with the lack of readiness of the lucky break to come through from the yonder world.

Mesha Rashi/ Aries/ Meṣa Rāśi-
The headstrong, fiery and impulsive Aries Moon feels in alien territory as the spanner in the works of Karma comes in. Strange obstacles come in which have seemingly no rational explanation. While Simha Rāśi is also fiery and is an even more lordly sign the thorn in the foot will be truly felt by Meṣa natives. This is a Kārmic time and the impact is directly felt in the work sphere as well. Those running bad Daśās in the horoscope or going through tests and trials generally and having natal Moon in Aries are best advised to seek counsel.

Vrishabha Rashi/ Taurus/ Vṛṣabha Rāśi-

One word- marriage. Other words- focus on marriage and matters marital. Get married. Stay married. Do not want to. Cannot. It will all depend.

Mithuna Rashi/ Gemini/ Mithuna Rāśi-

Excellent time for the natives with Moon in Gemini as the malefic transits the 6th House. The pressures on the mind abate and the health and longevity appraisals improve. The obstacles and oppositions are thwarted.

Karka Rashi/ Cancer/ Karkaṭa Rāśi-

Refer to the italicized and underlined note above which applies to this sign which is even more blessed now than is generally the case, with Jupiter exalted in the Rāśi.

The paper on the transit of Jupiter to Cancer may be read here.

The paper on the transit of Rahu-Ketu to the Virgo-Pisces axis may be read here.







  1. Dear Sir
    The impact to Makara rashi as described above is difficult to understand. Does Saturn transiting 11th bhava give good or bad results?
    Thank you

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Dear Anuragji, Namaste.
    I have been reading your posts since the last few days, and i would say that they are very informative. I am studying astrology and am in the beginning stage. Your papers are very useful in understanding the finer points of astrology.
    I would like to discuss certain aspects about my own horoscope in perspective to what you have written about the Guru and Shani transits. I have the karka ascendant with guru and mangal placed in lagna. Shani is placed in 9th house. Rahu in 10th house.
    As mentioned in the texts Guru is exalted in karka. You have also mentioned that result of transits are magnified if the planet in question is also operating in mahadasha.
    Currently, my guru mahadasha has been in operation since 14-2-2003. However, I have experienced a lot of hardships in my work place. Nothing is going as per plans, resulting in financial hardships. If guru is a natural benefactor, why is this so. The condition has worsened since January 2014.
    Is the condition going to improve when shani transits in the vrishchika.
    During this transit mangal will aspect my shani as well as lagna which has mangal and guru positioned there as well as the transiting guru. the transitting shani will also aspect my moon which is in vrishabha as well as shukra, budha and ravi which are positioned in the 2 nd house.
    Can you please throw any light on this. Will this transit be beneficial to me or otherwise.
    Your views will be of great help for me in charting my future path.
    If you require I can give you my details.
    Thanking you.
    With regards.

  3. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for the sani transit predictions. Specially for Vrishaba rasi can you elaborate more. Is it a good time to get married?


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