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Retrograde Mars in Virgo/ Vakra Mangala in Kanya Rashi & Debilitated Mercury in Pisces/ Neecha Budha in Meena Rashi: Vedic Astrology Transits in April, 2014

In this Vedic Astrology article on transits in April, 2014, I shall deliberate on-

·       Transit of Mars in Virgo/ Mangala Gochara in Kanya Rashi/Maṅgala Gocara in Kanyā Rāśi;

·       Transit of Debilitated Mercury in Pisces/ Neecha Budha Gochara in Meena Rashi/ Nīca Budha Gocara in Mīna Rāśi; and

·         The interplay of the mutual aspect between Mars and Mercury/ Drishti between Mangala and Budha/ Dṛṣṭi between Maṅgala and Budha.

1.                Mars/ Maṅgala/ Mangala/ Kuja/ Aṅgāraka-

Maṅgala is the fire and ambition in us. It is the raw physical strength. It is impulse and initiative. It is the fighter and the commander. It is a dire malefic and kills. It is the greatest devotee of Īśwara and can also get up to unworthy tactics. It loves war and spilling blood. It is a Deva Graha and sides with the Gods and leads their army.

2.          Virgo/ Kanyā Rāśi/ Kanya Rashi-

Kanyā is governed by Budha who is inimical to Maṅgala. Budha loves intellect and rationality and playfulness while Mars is the crooked discipline designed to win at any cost. Mars is not at home in Virgo.  Kanyā Rāśi is all about perfecting one’s work to ensure heady reward.

3.          Mars in Virgo-

Maṅgala is transiting Kanyā Rāśi in retrograde motion. It is adamant to afflict rationality unless Mars is an unqualified benefic for a horoscope. For intellectuals and elevated logicians this can be a good placement as Mars will no longer be the headstrong youth but will exhibit Nyaya Shastra/ Nyāya Śāstra/ Logic, one amongst the Ṣaḍ-Darśana/ six philosophies in Indian thought. For writers, bankers, stock brokers, lawyers, teachers, consultants if Mars is well disposed in the chart and thought and communication will drop any trace of dissipation and Occam’s Razor will be applied.

The transit chart showing Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Pisces is given below in North Indian Diamond style-

4.                Budha/ Mercury-

The planet Mercury governs rationality, communications, changeability, learning, commerce, money, writing, intelligence, students, children, games and technology. It is precocious and prone to pranks. It is the prince. It is a very powerful planet and the significations can sometimes mislead as to its true prowess. It is a Daitya/ demon.

5.          Pisces/ Meena Rashi/ Mīna Rāśi-

This is the sign of the Rishis. It indicates emancipation. It is an amalgamation of opposites. There is very little clamour here. This is the reason why Mercury is debilitated/ Neecha/Nīca here in Meena Rashi. There is not much to say and certainly no fun and games to be found. Only the meditating Rishi is sitting cross-legged and the child is compelled to sit before him. The child feels debilitated. The child is not just a child. It might disrupt sophisticated apparatus and communications devices. Check and cross check. Mercury will play and since it will be contrary, the impact may be oppositional.

6.            Interplay of the Mutual Aspect between Mars and Mercury-

Mars and Mercury aspect each other both by Graha Driṣṭi/ Drishti/ planetary aspect and Rāśi Dṛṣti/Rashi Drishti/sign aspect.

There is battle here.

Some sort of resolution is the goal but all this depends on the positioning of the signs of Virgo and Pisces in a given nativity and also the role that Mars and Mercury are playing in the horoscope/ radix.

Let us be positive and assume both Mars and Mercury are highly beneficial in the natal  horoscope. Works of great logical value and abundant with the quality of precision may ensue.

A debilitated planet can shower abundance but only in matters where one party is experiencing stress or attempting to quell a perceived or real stress.

Mercury is conjoined the Sun forming Nipuna/ Budh Aditya Yoga leading to great intellectual prowess especially in financial and esoteric matters. Any high branch of knowledge will deliver life altering fruits if availed of and tapped during this transit.

Maharshi Jaimini has set down the positive financial implications of such placements in his Sūtra.

Skill and strength together are unbeatable. If malefic tendencies appear to be troubling you due to the malefic role being played by the planets then seek advice.

We must remember that the events which transpire during this interplay of the transits of Mars and Mercury are not just the product of our will but also of circumstance.  Both impetus are operating. 

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