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How to Choose a Specific Type of Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Horoscope Prediction Analysis/ Consulting/ Advisement

Over the past 15 years or so in my work as an Indian/ Hindu/ Vedic Astrologer, I have often been queried about the types of analyses that would be suitable for the consulter, despite the descriptions of the various consultancy modules and Indian/ Vedic astrology services being on the website.

I am putting down some thoughts which might help in clarifying the choices.

In Jyotiṣa (Jyotish)/ Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology the standard and most frequent curiosity or a deeper concern with people is to have their Kārmic (Karmic) blueprint before them through an elaborate evaluation of the Vedic horoscope by way of clear analyses and predictions. In other words, people want to correlate what has transpired with the various astrological entities and factors in the horoscope.

This has a corollary-they simultaneously and obviously also want to know what lies in store. In fact the future intrigues people more than the past. There is natural and implicit curiosity about the future while only the astute and sincere are equally curious to know the Kārmic (Karmic) rationale behind the events of the past. In the result, most people choose the Life Reading, and quite rightly so.

This is also the best paper to ask for when one is approaching me for the first time for a professional consultation. Several things happen at once-though we are complete strangers, we quickly get to know each other quite well. You get to know me for my work, which is the foremost reason for your wanting to know me; and I get to know you, through your horoscope!

The underlying theme for this elaborate work is to consciously apply the advanced principles of traditional Vedic astrology to the unique and specific life circumstances of the consulter. People live in widely differing circumstances, countries and cultures and work jobs the description of which is wide and extensive. Furthermore, life dishes out different things to different people and I take all this into account to deliver real-life findings about specific people through the Life Reading so that they develop a crucial perspective about their life-situation.

For example,  when people become aware of the prowess of Vedic astrology they will want to know the impact of Grahas/  planets in the various Lagnas/ ascendant signs. They may wish to know the effect of Śani/ Shani in Lagna or they may input their Lagna Rāśi/ Rashi and wish to know the effect of the planet in say Kanyā/ Kanya Lagna/ ascendant sign. What we impart through the Detailed Chart Analysis far transcends all that and the implications of the Yogas are revealed as they work for the person concerned. Eg.,  people want to know the effect of the placement of a Graha in the 5th Bhāva/ Bhava for Meṣa/ Mesha/ Aries Lagna but the effects of all planets in all houses, not just of the Rāśi/ Rashi Chakra but also of all the Varga Chakra/ divisional charts reveals an  astoundingly comprehensive picture when read with the Daśā/ Dasha and other advanced facets which is like a revelation for the first time  consulter.

The primary point of directly addressing your life comprehensively is accomplished through this paper through unparalleled knowledge which is not given by any other system of study known to mankind.

Over the years, people who have received this paper, return with a wide array of requirements arising from an equally wide spectrum of circumstances and events. As many of you would know, I refer to these familiars as continuing consulters.

The most popular consultancy modules for these continuing consulters are two, as far as stand-alone consultancy is concerned-the Varṣa Tithi Praveṣa Cakra (Varsha Tithi Pravesha Chakra) or the Annual Chart Analysis and the Praśna Cakra (Prashna Chakra) Analysis.

The work related to the annual horoscope is based on the traditions of East India, especially Orissa and is probably one of the most important developments in the release of concealed information. It has given to the world a technique equal in exhaustiveness and scope to that which is used in the interpretation of the radix/ natal horoscope, with the result that the year is evaluated exactly in the life interpretation.

The Praśna Cakra (Prashna Chakra) Analysis/ Horary Chart Analysis as the term suggests relates to posing of questions and when consulters are secure in the knowledge that the Detailed Chart Analysis has already given them, they feel vastly enriched with these papers. There are many different kind of Horary analyses and I most often have to write answers to questions related to work, wealth and career which has an entirely distinct manner of interpretation and evaluation. 

Couples of course seek the Charts Compatibility Analysis and in the context of more traditional Indian families the parents of either the prospective bride or the groom seek this analysis. Since I am requested for consulting from all parts of the world it has been hugely rewarding for me to apply the wisdom of the Ṛṣis (Rishis) to the contemporary settings and that too in nations which I  may never have had the occasion to physically visit.

The most conspicuous by far and the most consulter-specific are the customised papers because they use any number of techniques so as to best deal with and respond to the queries and circumstances of the people who approach me. These are at a different level and depend for their structure on the nature and scope of the queries posed, to a large extent.

Having said all this, what do the various methods of horoscope evaluation or analyses available on this website do? For a start the great variety of the type of professional consulting available on this website delivers vastly different results based on the nature of the consulter, his physical, temporal and uniquely individual circumstances. Since very many things cannot be simply written for public consumption in the interest of protecting the concept of value, it is only the consulters from various climes and cultures who actually know the impact an art like this when scrupulously applied to their specialised circumstances.

A lot of classical references and interpretations are route-maps travelled in order to arrive at advisory conclusions and in this type of work and all other, they are there also for the reading pleasure of advanced Jyotiṣa enthusiasts and consulters. This is knowledge and a vast number of consulters are also dedicated Vedic astrology enthusiasts-this elaborate journey in each consulting paper is also undertaken for their benefit. But the ultimate objective is always to gives responses that directly and unambiguously address the realities, needs and requirements of the person approaching me for solutions.

As mentioned in this paper above and at other places on this website, the general curiosity that impels the Vedic Astrology enthusiasts to look for areas of curiosity such as say, more information on the Tithi Praveśa/ Pravesha Chakra, or the relevance of a Ratna/ stone for the Lagneśa/ Lagnesha/ Lagna Lord, or about Lagna Lord for the Kanyā/ Kanya Lagna, a Taurus/ Vṛṣabha/ Vrishabha Rāśi/Rashi natives wondering about the impact of the two Gurūs/ Gurus in the sign, will find fulfilment in the far more deep-seated and relevant information imparted through these services which is of a life-altering nature.

I do hope that with this article it will be easier for people to choose the sort of work they would like and while I have been meaning to put up a helpful post on this aspect, this is the day on which it has actually come to pass.

Note-The complexity of the content  on this website is illustrative of the deep principles based on which personal advisements are rendered.  They are for the reading pleasure and education of the astrology student and enthusiast.  Actual work is tailored to the needs of the specific consulter and is written with the primary goal that each word should be fully understood by the person and that knowledge is transmitted in universally understandable terms.

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