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Why Avail of Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology Horoscope Predictions Consultancy/ Advisement


The art and you-

The reason why this art and super-science is of the utmost importance for you is that this is probably the only system known to mankind which can genuinely boast of piercing the opaque veil of life, and events and thoughts and actions that comprise it, through Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu horoscope and charts analysis/ predictions based on classical principles enunciated by the sages of India, and applied by the adept Vedic astrologer to contemporaneous settings.

This is the art that gives meaning to that oft-used word 'Karma' by giving exhaustive information to the consulter through the Vedic astrologer as to exactly how it has been, is and shall play out in life. In this information age which changes in the blink of an eye, this is one spiritual subject which is directly applicable to everyday life and brings perspective and guidance to humanity.

Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu astrology is so vast that it encompasses all humanity and this obviously includes you. There is no culture,  country or climate, no personality or personal circumstance,  no area of life, of existence, no goal or aspiration and accomplishment which is beyond the purview of this great discipline. It transcends psychology, genetics, environment, psychotherapy and delivers diagnosis, therapy and solutions that are far too sophisticated, real, and primed with impact to be compared with any other organised body of knowledge known to us. 

In other words practical Vedic/ Indian/ Hindu Astrology is a bridge between classical spiritual and Karmic literature of India on the one hand and the realities of contemporary life on the other. The adept Vedic astrologer is the means to bring the two together in harmony so that the real lives of the consulters may be guided, and miraculously illuminated. 

In other words, while the art is ancient its applicability includes people who live in cutting-edge environments, political leaders, professionals, families, corporate houses looking to establish group-strategies in general or for specific projects, queries about greenfield projects, career paths that involve a clear understanding of the high specialisation that  work involves, personal relations, expected timings of matters coming to pass, removing Karmic obstacles so that life goals come into view and are directly pursued and realised...the list is endless.  This art and its application covers anything that we put to it and this is what is unique about my work. Participating in today's life just as you are there is the added benefit of being able to traverse both that and this world and for the requisite deep delving into this art, to apply it to your life. It is not often that you encounter, let alone get the best of both the worlds.

Why the complexity of the content on this  website-

The art is itself very intricate and blessings and a special kind of Karma is required in order for one to become an adept at it and be able to advise people who approach them for help. The task for the astrologer is then to convert and adapt this knowledge in common parlance for the benefit of the person who is seeking advisement.

The complexity of the content  on this website is illustrative of the deep principles based on which personal advisements are rendered.  They are for the reading pleasure and education of the astrology student and enthusiast.  Actual work is tailored to the needs of the specific consulter and is written with the primary goal that each word should be fully understood by the person and that knowledge is transmitted in universally understandable terms.

This art is limitless in its scope and depth. It can help you understand who you are and why you are here. It can help you understand and recognise your physicality, mentality and the quality and extent of your social participation. It extends to the purpose of the soul for incarnating and also studies one's relationships with family, friends and the world at large.

It shows the sources and avenues of one's income and wealth potential and informs the consulter of the time periods during which certain life qualities shall dominate and certain events shall come to pass. There are more than a 100 charts which can be studied for one horoscope and the reason for this vast number is that each and every major area of life has a chart of its own, apart from the 'main' chart of the horoscope.

Eg. marriage, inner nature, skills and divinity have one chart allocated while siblings, parents, properties, children, career and such life areas have one chart each allocated to study these matters in the depth required.

We can plan and strive and try and give up and cry and laugh and aspire but we never truly know where we stand and this is where this art comes in. The word for Vedic astrology is Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha and broken up it means Jyoti+ Iśa/ Isha=The Light of God. This is precisely what it is and illuminates all aspects of life no matter how specialised and intricate they might be.

Your Vedic astrologer was an agnostic at one point of time, blundering about and reading about the Problem of Evil in philosophy texts and sniggering at the prospect of divinity. Then came the period of a powerful Jupiter placed in Sagittarius which absolutely transformed life, as simply as if a light switch had been flicked. And why the agnosticism tending to atheism? Jupiter is preceded by this anti-thesis, the significator of illusion and not-knowing. Hence the dictum-'Only he who is truly ignorant can ever really aspire to know.'

Vedic Astrology/  Jyotiṣa/ Jyotisha is a part of what India stands for. Along with the Vedas, the epics, the culture, the philosophies, Vedic Astrology is something of a high water mark of Indian genius. It is formally a Vedāṅga/ a part of the Veda and is also popularly considered Veda Cakṣu/ Chakshu or the Eye of the Veda.

Vedic astrological literature boasts of a vast esoteric variety and is classical. It is composed in the Saṅskṛt/ Sanskrit language in Shlokas. The Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra) of Maharshi Parashara is considered to be the greatest Vedic astrology classics though the field is strewn with magnificent jewels composed by authors such as Kalyāṇa Varma (Sārāvalī) and Varāhamihira.

So if you want to see and if you want to know and if you want to navigate your life path and to remedy the ills which might assail you,  and to heighten the blessings that exist, then this art is for you.

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