Monday, February 13, 2012

The Retrogression of Mercury/Vakra Budha

Budha is Vakri during July, 2012 and becomes direct only on 8th of August, 2012. There is a lot of confusion about Vakra Grahas. This is because they do not follow the direct path of the luminaries, Ravi and Cañdra, but instead follow the reverse motion of the nodes of the Moon-Rāhu and Ketu. They are known to give unusual results and indicate deep desires from past lives when they are found in a nativity.

However, this paper is about the retrogression of Budha during the month of July, 2012 and the first week of August, 2012. Budha retrograde is known to cause snafus in communications, telephony, internet usage, writing, the spoken and written word and understanding such communication between parties. Therefore, surface transactions, deals, remittances and despatches may be returned because retrogression is backward motion.

Currency notes may be found kept backwards in wallets and storage spaces. Caution may be exercised while backing up the car because it may cause an error in judgment. Posts and courier deliveries may be returned undelivered.

Since the theme is apparent backward motion, some Budha dominated terrain may be reclaimed. It could be an old commerce, a previous client, an old Budha dominated relationship. It could also be backward motion to claim a cure for an ailment or life issue. It could be inward measures to enhance happiness.

Budha is a great natural benefic and when a natural benefic becomes Vakra its Kārakattwa/ significations become very strong and so work requiring research and focus may attain a high degree of excellence.

Ventures may require a high degree of Ceṣṭā Bala or effort but these may give bursts of energetic results when the planet becomes direct. Since efforts are required, it is clear that nothing will come easy during the period of retrogression.

All this has to be read with the fact that Śani though having moved to Tulā Rāśi has been retrograde in Kumārī Rāśi ruled by Budha, and that too in quite ordinary combinations. For one thing it is with Maṅgala, its arch-enemy; for another there is deva Doṣa in Kanyā Rāśi; and the planetary aspect association with Rāhu triggers archaic adversity and old debts. More can be read on these house-afflictions in Virgo by clicking on this highlightext text which will take the reader to Śani in Tulā where all this is dicussed in greater details.

The other thing to note is that when Śani is in Tulā Rāśi it will aaspect Budha with its 10th Bhāva Graha Dṛṣṭi/ planetary aspect and will make the young and impatient Budha work hard for its prizes and games. Rāhu also aspects Budha with Graha Dṛṣṭi from Vṛṣcika/ Āli with its Pañcama Bhāva aspect-be sure that the wrong rationality and the wrong communication could come in except when it pertains to Bhoga and work because Rāhu is a Bhogī Graha. One only needs to ensure that what is being communicated is not false or immoral or intended to mislead. Especially due to the fact that the Daśama Bhāva aspect of
Śani is coming in, communications related to work will require hard application of thought and familiarising oneself with the subject matter of the communication. Likewise for Rāhu. An element of planning may be required in communications in the work sphere.
This is a period of high Budha intensity for the world giving results according to the Karma in a nativity. The intensity can be viewed as the revving up of an engine before the commencement of a race.

Did I hear a Vroom Vroom.

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