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Maṅgala (Mangala)/ Mars and Śani (Shani)/ Saturn in November, 2011: Altering the Gochara/ transit scenario

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People have felt and are going to feel numerous changes in life due to the altered transit positions of crucial planets, Mangal/ Mars from Karkata/ Cancer to Simha/ Leo, and Shani/ Saturn from Kanya/ Virgo to Tula/ Libra in November, 2011.
Mangal has been Neecha/ debilitated in Karkata Rashi/ Cancer and there was a Tattwa/ elemental conflict during that transit due to the fact that Mangal is an Agni Tattwa Graha or a planet with fiery element while Karkata/ Cancer is a water sign.
Mangal’s fire was sought to be doused by the water in Karkata and the water of Karkata was simmering due to the fire of Mangal leading to repressed anger, irritability and a general loss of verve. Mangal is the strength of the Kalapurusha and its debility had sapped people of the strength and initiative to act which comes from Mangal.
Apart from certain combinations where the debility of the malefic Yogakaraka can be a good thing, this was a bad transit for the fiery planet which brought some of its more challenging significations to the fore or made its significations challenging.
Shani in Kanya qualifies as Deva Dosha because this is the *worst* planet for the Kanya Lagna/ Virgo Ascendant. This dubious distinction is granted the Graha because of the purity-impurity imbroglio but that may be at a slight tangent to the subject of this note and we might want to leave it for later.
However, the sojourn of Shani through Kanya also brought this imbroglio of purity-impurity to the fore and several instances would be fresh in the public mind.
Nativities with a dominant Kanya/ Virgo in the horoscope could have suffered issues with digestion and Vata Dosha. Official communications and places such as gardens also would have tended to dry up and fall into a state of disarray. New Delhi, India, for instance is governed by Kanya Rashi/ Virgo, and there were issues such as bomb blasts which happened during this Gochar of the Karmic Graha in the capital of India.
Now, Mangal in Simha/ Leo is much happier as this is the Rashi of Ravi/ the Sun which is a friend of Mangal. Here Mangal has an opportunity to assert its leadership since it is an Agni Tattwa Graha embodying the quality of forthrightness and initiative, not least due to its lordship of Mesha Rashi/ Aries which is the head of the Kalapurusha/ first house of the natural zodiac. Mangal brings sharp logical acumen to the thought process and being the overlord of the Bhu-Loka also aspires for victory and status through the quality of competition.
Shani, on the other hand is going to be exalted in Tula Rashi/ Libra which is the 7th Bhava of the natural zodiac and indicates marriage and relationships and basically desires in general. Shani finds great happiness here since the promise is that Shukra/ Venus in this Rashi will grant him all that lacks and this pleases Shani. The positive qualities of Shani such as hard work and persistence will find greater balance here since Tula is symbolised by a balance. There may be a conflict in the Rashi as to whether the human sentiment prevails or the cold calculation of the marketplace holds sway but these are extraneous to the movement of the planet Shani here.
Shani, the karaka of testing times, pain, exclusion and suffering will be at its most positive and if the Graha is well placed from the Lagna, Arudha Lagna, Chandra and such reference points, then this could be a good transit for such natives. Those involves with business and professions related to Tula can benefit if the overall conditions as stipulated above read together with the standard rules on the subject are complied with. The location and movement of Shani can very broadly be understood as either the significant presence or absence of suffering. A positive Shani can lead to industriousness, hard work, persistence, adherence to tradition and such matters.

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