Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saturn and Mars in Virgo/ Śani (Shani) and Maṅgala (Mangala) in Kanyā (Kanya)

Śani/ Saturn has already retrograded back to Kumārī Rāśi/ Kanyā Rāśi/ Virgo, having previously gone ahead to Tulā Rāśi/ Libra. It will remain in Kumārī Rāśi till December, 2012.

Mars has been in Leo and Maṅgala is also moving to Kanyā Rāśi on June 21, 2012. This combination in Gocara/ transit cannot be said to be good in any manner or means. Firstly, Śani and Maṅgala are bitter enemies at the Naisargika level of natural relationships. Even temporally they become completely opposed at the Tātkālika level due to Yuti or conjunction in the same sign. The compound relationship which results is bitterly inimical.

The situation is problematic and difficult because Śani is the worst planet when it comes to Kanyā Rāśi-Kanyā is purity while Śani is impurity. Maṅgala is not much better with its portfolio of the 3rd and 8th Houses from Kanyā and becomes very malefic.

With people having malefics in the nativity in this sign, there will be two malefics transiting this sign over a natal malefic and they need to be quite careful in matters associated with this sign. This applies especially to those with Virgo or Kanyā rising in the ascendant/ Lagna. Kanyā Rāśi is also going through Sāde-Sāti and so for those with the natal Cañdra/ the Moon posited in this sign also this is going to be a very difficult period. The advice is to have protective measures firmly in place.

If the Cañdra Rāśi should coincide with the Lagna Rāśi or with another sensitive Bhāva when reckoned from the Lagna, similar caution is strongly advised.

The intestines come under scrutiny at the physiological level.  The lifestyle choices have to be carefully monitored where this Rāśi is indicating the personal element in the nativity. This Gocara/ transit in the sign may also throw up issues relating to weaknesses in the personality.

There is a strong chance that storms and fires will rage due to the Yoga and valuable property may be destroyed due to this as inimical Grahas and incendiary Tattwa combinations pose this danger.  The trouble is specifically because in fact Śani had gone and enjoyed a little bit of exaltation time in Tulā Rāśi/ Libra and has now had to retrograde back into Kanyā Rāśi/ Virgo. This leads us to revise the dictum 'adding fuel to the fire' to 'adding Vāyu/ wind to the fire' through in fact it is Agni/ fire that had temporally come and joined the wind. Same difference.

Anything in this sign which tends to adversity has to be taken seriously and without potent remedial measures the troubles will simply not abate.

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