Sunday, June 05, 2011

Śani (Shani)/ Saturn Direct from June 13, 2011

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There is speculation about the impact of Shani/ Saturn turning direct.
Saturn/ Shani in Libra/ Tula: A Previous Paper on the Forthcoming Transit of Saturn
Shani is in Kanya Rashi/ Virgo at the present time and this has been a time of churning up of impurities in the masses and mass leaders. This has been heightened and exacerbated due to the retrogression of the planet Saturn in the sign.
A retrograde planet yields its significations with triple the force, impact and efficacy.
In the case of benefic planets, the retrogression hones the internal attributes of the planet to a fine point. If the planet is favourable at the functional level as well, then the impact comes as a series of conventionally positive events in the areas associated with the planet.
Delay still accrues as the phenomenon of retrogression slows things down so that the lessons associated with the planet are learnt well. Such a planet is considered quite strong and has a lot of energy to make effort. Efforts are requisite because matters related to retrograde planets do not manifest easily. Finesse and perfection are required before this happens.
With malefic planets, this strength and delay becomes onerous for obvious reasons. The word ‘relentless’ is a better indicator of how things transpire in such a scenario.
With a malefic planet like Saturn, this translates into trials, tests and overall slowness. Saturn is the dispenser of Karma and shows our weaknesses and lapses. We are punished in the areas we lack so that those lapses are transformed into strengths.

During its period of retrogression, Saturn has examined the conduct of the persons under the scanner by making everything come to a near stand-still. If the lessons are not learnt and if the Karma being felt by a nativity is onerous then the direct motion can be very testing because Saturn (our adverse Karma) will begin to act with greater relative speed.
For others, who are not going through alarming times and the Karma manifesting is not onerous, the direct motion will be much easier and better as a direct malefic, generally speaking is much better than a retrograde one.
If such people in the last stated category faced testing and unusual (Vakra. crooked/ retrograde) experiences in matters related to Saturn during the retrograde motion, then with the direct motion such avenues will show a marked improvement and positive fructification.

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