Sunday, June 05, 2011

Lunar Eclipse/ Chaṅdra Graḥaṇa (Chandra Grahana) on 15th June, 2011

The Rashi Chart for the Lunar Eclipse on 15th June, 2011 is given below:
The Moon represents the mind and the emotional experiences of the individual. It also represents society and the interaction of people with society. At the level of the individual human being, it shows how we perceive phenomena, how stimuli from the external environment come through to the person and also how the person reacts. The Moon also governs the mother and mental experiences that come from the mother.
The Moon/ Chandra is debilitated at this time in Scorpio/ Vrishchik. This is the 8th sign of the natural zodiac and contains the potential for changes, transformations, difficulties, hidden things, esoteric arts, occult practices and research. The 8th House is the Marana Karaka Sthana for the gentle, impressionable Moon. The 8th House of the natural zodiac, and thus the sign in question, harbours a secretive, intense energy which debilitates the Moon and makes it wilt.
The sign is governed by Ketu and the Moon, ruling the occult and spiritual facets and energy. This sign is capable of great, seething anger and violence due to its malefic nature and lordship. Rahu’s recent entry into this sign infuses the devious and a diabolical into human affairs. There is a lot of scheming and planning going on at this juncture and apart from its debility, the Moon and thus the human mind is seized by the intense Karmic energy of Rahu.
Minds would also be nursing intense secret ambitions at this time.
The Rahu-Moon combination is also aspected by planetary aspect (Graha Drishti) by two other natural malefics, Sun (Ravi) and Mars (Mangal) from Taurus. Venus also aspects the Moon from a position of strength.
It is important for us to watch our emotions at this time as the Moon is under severe pressure and this is an ideal time to transform ourselves and comes to an understanding of our emotional personalities at a deep, internal level. The aspect of Venus forms Rudra Yoga, just as the aspect of Mars also forms the Rudra Yoga. While such combinations are excellent from the viewpoint of wealth, they can trigger health and blood related problems apart from emotional and psychological trauma. If one lives and acts from a place of depth (Scorpio) and appreciates the impact of various energies such as ambitions and negative events impacting life by turn, the allure of beauty and its driving role in life, and the importance of power and leadership (Ravi/ Sun), as well as drive, energy and initiative (Mangal/ Mars), then the Karmic initiation of the lunar eclipse has much to offer us.
Shani/ Saturn also aspects the Moon from its recently acquired direct Motion in Kanya (Virgo). Paper on Direct Motion of Saturn in June, 2011
New beginnings after an eclipse can come enriched with the understanding of wide and varied aspects of life, viewed through the prism of the mind, as evidenced by the influences on the Moon during the eclipse. 

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