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The Forthcoming Transit/ Gochar of Saturn/ Śani to Libra/ Tulā Rashi on 15th November, 2011

At the present time, when Saturn/ Shani is transiting Virgo/ Kanya Rashi according to the siderial zodiac, we have witnessed many changes, some of them being related to the disturbances in the Prithvi Tattwa, as shown by the earthquake in Japan and the consequent Tsunami. Mercury/ Budh has been debilitated in Pisces/ Meena Rashi at this time but it is equally important to note that Virgo/ Kanya is also a Prithvi Tattwa Rashi or a sign embodying the Earth element.

The trine of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn/ Vrishabh, Kanya and Makar relates to Artha/ financial and monetary element relating to the trine of attainment in work, the accumulation of wealth and the daily work and adversities to be encountered. Shani in Kanya has revealed some of the realities associated with this sign by pressuring the matters associated with it. The chart for the transit of Saturn Implications of the Saturn Transit in Virgo in Virgo is given below:


Saturn is also retrograde and aspects the debilitated Mercury with both Graha Drishti and Rashi Drishti. Therefore there is serious malefic impact on the Prithvi Tattwa. The association of Jupiter promises that there is hope of good emerging in this situation as it cancels the debilitation of Mercury and imparts its benefic grace to the malefic impact of Saturn. Saturn/ Shani in Direct Motion from June, 2011

The impact of the debilitated nodes brings about the issue with the radioactive leaks in Japan as the nodes govern radioactivity and this is a serious problem. This is also curtailed and kept in manageable proportions due to the mutual aspect with a strong Jupiter in Pisces/ Meena Transit/ Gochar of Guru/ Jupiter to Pisces/ Meena

Even so, the transit of Saturn to the sign of Virgo/ Kanya cannot be said to be totally adverse as this is the 6th House of the natural zodiac and an Upachaya Bhava indicating growth through experience and effort. Saturn is considered well placed in the 6th Bhava as it gives the patience, resilience and sustained effort to fight the illness, debts and enemies as too the general nuisances that emerge from the 6th House. Saturn reveals some of the truths about the excesses and oversights that lead to ill-health, the internal enemies or the Shad-Ripu that lead to problems and debts that can come from reckless indulgences and vices. It gives strength to fight the opposition and in the Arudha of the 6th House can damage the enemy considerably.

Saturn will transit to Libra/ Tula Rashi on 15th November, 2011. The chart for that transit is given below:


Saturn transits have great importance as it is the transit of the slow-moving lord of Karma which imprints its impact on the various parts of circumstantial reality indicated by the sign, and also impacts the places aspected, and the astrological entities that might be positioned in these areas Saturn/ Shani in Leo/ Simha 

At the time of transiting Libra, Shani afflicts the debilitated Sun with its conjunction as the Graha would be in Gandanta or the junctional regions of Virgo and Libra/ Kanya and Tula and is in extreme and complete opposition to the father indicated by the Sun. The two planets are in complete opposition to each other and it is a matter of fortune that the conjunction is virtually at the two ends of the sign Libra. The Sun would soon transit to Scorpio/ Vrishchik thereafter.

Saturn is exalted in Libra/ Tula the sign indicating the balance and the judiciary. Jyotish, Jurisprudence and Culture It indicates the courts and the law and Saturn here can be beneficial for lawyers and judges and those involved with court work. Astrology of a Criminal Appeal This is the reason for the black attire in the court rooms indicating serious work related to Saturn. Libra relates to the market-place and can be read as indicating business and corporate houses which can also show that these segments of society involve themselves with the judiciary and the courts to a significant level.

Saturn is dispassionate and will lead to the scales of justice being level during this transit. There will be a growth in honest work and industriousness during this period. Transits 

Libra is also a sign for marriage and personal relationships and Saturn being naturally old is exalted in this area, quite pleased to be participating in such a process. Alliances entered into at this time could be advantageous.

Furthermore, the exaltation or the Uchchavastha of a dire malefic like Shani bodes well in accordance with the dictum laid down in the Prashna Marga/ Deva Keralam that an exalted malefic is better than a debilitated one. The exaltation of Saturn will heighten the positive facets of the planet such a hard work and patience. It will be good for contractors and those involved in the construction business. Areas of work such a dealing with coal and petroleum would also be aided by this transit of the planet. The exaltation of the Graha responsible for delivering the results of past Karma is indicative of the fact that the times for the world at large as far as reaping what has been sown goes, would be lighter.

It is also important that the planet occupies favourable positions in the Rashi Chart in transit because an exalted malefic in the Kendra or Trikona positions is not favoured and especially in retrogression is akin to a curse.


  1. the last sentence is interesting.. in my chart shani occupies kendra (5th) in scorpio and it will be interesting to note how exalted shani in tula from 15th November will impact this natal position.

    1. The Pañcama Bhāva is a Tṛkoṇa and not Keṅdra and while movement from natal positions of the planet is important the main reference lies elsewhere in Cañdra Lagna, the Ārūḍha and Udaya Lagna etc. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vedic-Astrology-Consultancy-Research/217434988419035

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    5TH house is not a kendra but a Kona

  3. Anonymous1:54 AM

    My exalted Saturn in Libra is in the 11th House. What might i experience:

    1) during Saturn's Return in Nov 2011 and
    2) during Saturn's 19-year MahaDasha from April, 2013 to 2032?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Basic safety in life is assured. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vedic-Astrology-Consultancy-Research/217434988419035

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    i have kumba rashi and shani is ashtam right naw and shani mahadasha rahu antar (till oct 2012) ketu prati antar, i am runninng very bad time since sep 2009, what kind effect will be on kumbha rashi after nov 2011 after shani moves to tula rashi. is there anything better for me, please let me know.

  5. Anonymous8:18 PM

    i have saturn exalted in 2nd house. moreover there is parivartana yoga with venus 5th house..also sun conjunt venus.. how it would be for me i have budh dasha going on and gurur antardasha. shani antardasha is from nov 2012...

    19 jan 1983
    22.25 hr


  6. chandrasekar9:35 PM

    Dear sir.
    I am born in Rishaba laknam and in Kumba Rasi .
    Saturn is in Makaram with Jupiter in janma.
    May I please know the effects of this Saturn trasit.
    Thank you

  7. Anonymous1:54 AM

    i am born with aries lagna and libra rashi.What effect will this transit have on me? i am not settled and am quite depressed.please help me.

  8. Anonymous1:57 AM

    i am leo ascendent and have virgo rashi.what does transit of saturn in libra has in store for me?

    1. It is the concluding part of the Sāḍe-Sātī of Śani on the natal Cañdra. Subject to evaluation of the transit from other references and Daśā influences, things could ease up for you. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vedic-Astrology-Consultancy-Research/217434988419035

  9. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Dear Sir,
    I have thula lagnam and meena rashi. Saturn is in 8th house in vrishabha. However, Saturn is debilitated in Navamsa. What would be the impact of Saturn transit in Libra, especially, professionally.

  10. Hello,
    I am Makar Rashi and Tula Lagna with Shani in Meen Rashi or 6th house in my horoscope.Kindly advise ramifications.Thanks

  11. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Hello, What will be the effect of shani transit in Tula for Mesha rasi, shani in vrishaba my lagna is makara

  12. I am Kumbha Lagna and Mesha Rashi and Shani is in 8th house of Kanya rashi. Kindly advice how it will impact my relationships?

  13. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I have Virgo Lagna and Meena Rashi and Shani is in 8th house of Mesh rashi. mt dob is 20-12-1966, time 00:50 am New Delhi. Please suggest how difficult this period will be for me. Am I going to loose too much? Am I destined to be on the losing end all the time? I need your help.

    1. Obtain remedial measures since Śani is transiting Kula Bhāva from the Udaya Lagna and is forming Kaṅṭaka Śani from the Jañma Rāśi. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vedic-Astrology-Consultancy-Research/217434988419035

  14. I am Tula Lagna and Leo Rashi and Shani along with mercury & Venus is in 9 th house of Mithun rashi. Kindly advice how it will impact my Finance?

    DOB - 21 - 07 - 1974
    Time - 13:10

    1. Viveka and Dhī Śakti or decision making is the issue prima facie. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vedic-Astrology-Consultancy-Research/217434988419035

  15. Anonymous6:43 AM

    As per my birth chart, my ascendant is Sagittarius. Various planets in the birth chart are Venus in 1st house (Saggi); Mars in 2nd house (Capricorn); Sun and Mercury in 3rd house (Acquarius; Moon in 4th house (pisces); Uranus and Rahu in 6th House (Taurus); Saturn and Pluto in 8th house (Cancer); Neptune in 10th house (virgo)and Jupiter and Ketu in 12th House (scorpio). My Sun Mahadasha is to begin in January 2012. I earnestly request your advice regarding my change of career and change of residence. I will be very grateful for your guidance.

  16. deepak6:43 AM

    Please advise which of the two has GREATER influence of Saturn transit – the Ascendant or the Moon sign? Let me elaborate. My ascendant is Sagittarius and my Moon rashi sign is Pisces. Many astrological blogs state that Saturn’s transit in Libra in its house of exaltation is GOOD for ascendant Sagittarius. However other blogs state that Saturn’s transit in Libra represents “ASHTAM SHANI” for my Moon Rashi Pisces and hence very bad. I am therefore confused.

    The other planet placements in my Birth chart as per my Sun sign are: Ascendant – Saggi with Venus; 2nd house (Capricorn) with Mars. 3rd house (Acquarius) with Sun and Mercury. 4th House (pisces) with Moon. 6th house (Taurus) with Uranus and Rahu. 8th House (Cancer) with Saturn and Pluto. 10th House (Virgo) with Neptune. 12th House (Scorpio) with Jupiter and Ketu. Moon in PoorvBhadrapad Nakshatra – Pad 4.

    Further complicating my confusion is the fact that my Surya Mahadasha commences from January 2012.

    I will really appreciate your interpretation.

    1. In all my work on this website I always emphasises evaluation from various reference points or Lagnas and each has its own significance. These are involved matters and require careful delineation from the natal horoscope and the Varga Chakras. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vedic-Astrology-Consultancy-Research/217434988419035

  17. Anonymous4:54 PM

    My DOB is 18.12.64 TOB is 18.00 and Place is SIKAR ( RAJASTHAN ).Pls inform about the effects of saturn transition to Libra for me.

  18. I wonder if the posers of questions have heard the word "Gurudakshina." Just wondering.

    DKM Kartha

  19. Ketakiranjan Bhattacharya5:17 AM

    What is the effect of transit Saturn in Libra for a native of libra ascendant, Aquarius moon sign (Saturn being placed on 8th. House in natal chart ) in Saturn-Jupiter dasa.?


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