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Scorpio/ Vrishchik Rashi Viewed in May-June 2010

The article is being written in response to a reader's request as to the impact of transit aspects of Shani/ Saturn, Mangal/ Mars and Guru/ Jupiter on Vrishik Rashi/ Scorpio in May-June 2010 and beyond till the Yoga subsists.

For Aries, this can have remarkable ramifications because Scorpio is the 8th House. Saturn is the Badhak and Mars is the lord of the Lagna as well as the 8th House. Guru is the 9th Lord and the 12th Lord. If the natal 8th is well-disposed, then the 8th Bhava can induce positive transformations. Since this is the Kalapurusha Chakra, Scorpio will indicate transformations strongly. For spiritual nativities, this can be a very important time where new ground is broken in the individual journey towards truth and awareness. Mangal will strain to protect its Bhava while Shani is the Naisargika Karaka for the 8th House. Guru can induce the necessary grace and blessings to make the path of occult experience easier.

For others it can mean a variety of things from illness to speculation in the markets and like investments. In fact, on the day of writing this, 3rd June, 2010, the Sun is also aspecting the sign from Vrishabh/ Taurus. The Sun is the Aditya, the giver of all resources and is also the Naisargika Atmakaraka for all people. This enhances and magnifies the potential for transformations manifold.


For Vrishabh/ Taurus Rashi, Scorpio is the 7th House when reckoned from the Lagna.

If it is viewed from the perspective of the Chandra Lagna then, the impact of the transit aspects of all the planets can mean increased social support for the person’s idea of marriage, or social forces may impact the person’s own attitude to marriage and partnerships (Bhava). Mars of course is otherwise celibate and a warrior and considers the 7th Bhava its Marana Karaka Sthana, but since it also owns the 7th Bhava, it will still protect the interests of the 7th Bhava.

Saturn’s Graha Drishti to the sign does not help matters but if Saturn is positive for the Vrishabh Lagna chart, then being Yogakaraka it can bring an element of restraint to some facets of the 7th House. Guru always blesses, even being a functional malefic for the Venusian Ascendants and represents the blessings of God or divinity in any horoscope. The aspect of Guru to this sign in the 7th House purifies the native’s attitude to relationships.

The Sun as Aditya brings resources in the form of persons and partnerships.

From the perspective of the Vrishabh Arudha Lagna, the sign assumes great significance as it becomes the avenue for the person to emerge into the world as a socio-financial functional entity. The transit Sun in the Arudha Lagna is very positive for the rise of the image as the luminaries in any Arudha Pada tend to support and elevate that manifest facet of life. There will be fame and appreciation for the person. Saturn in the 5th is not really that positive while Mars in the 4th also does not do too well. Jupiter in the 11th is a positive influence as any planet in the 11th from the Pada does well to support the image.

Therefore the results are mixed. One has to be cautious of the type of mental thinking as it is stated in the Bhagwad Gita that men must try to elevate themselves with their mind and not degrade themselves. Also, one must watch out for how much control one truly wants to exert at home: home is not the place for the exertion of force. Even a modicum of curiosity in such matters can work well to illuminate the truth because of the aspect of Guru.

For any person of any Lagna/ Chandra Rashi/ Arudha Lagna worship of the Sun is good because only the Sun can truly give the right path/ Dharma, being the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for the 9th Bhava from the Lagna for all people.


For this Rashi rising in the Lagna, Vrishchik happens to be the 6th House of Roga, Rina and Ripu. Malefic influence here can help one to surmount obstacles and enmity but the Shadripu: One’s own enemies in the form of vices and addictions have to be watched. The aspect of Mars is to its own sign and so Krodha/ anger needs to be watched and if needed, controlled. The Graha Drishti of Shani likewise can cause addictions to alcohol in nativities predisposed to such problems while the aspect of a strong Guru from Pisces brings sage perspective to all such matters.


Vrishchik falls in the 5th Bhava from the Karka Lagna. The Graha Drishti of 9th Lord Guru from the 9th House is highly auspicious and this can be a time of elevation for some people with this rising sign in the Lagna. Since Mars also aspects, these indications are further fortified. Thus, rising in the world, strengthening of the intellect, success and glory are all promised in this phase if the other factors in the horoscope should promote it. The only cautionary note that has to be struck is in the context of children, because of the Graha Drishti of two natural malefics on the Putra Bhava. Even this is capable of being handled due to the Graha Drishti of Guru/ Jupiter from the 9th Bhava from the Lagna.

For this Lagna, Vrishchik happens to be the 4th House of home, happiness and education. With Guru aspecting the 4th Bhava, education and learning is bound to be aided. Also Mangal the lord of the 4th being the Bhoomi-Karaka or the Natural Significator for residential/ commercial real estate might bring these aspects strongly into the life of the person especially if Mangal Mahadasha or Antardasha is running in the life of the person. Saturn of course brings a detachment to the thoughts and emotions and this may be specifically felt if the Mahadasha of the Maheshwara Graha is running which separates the Atman from the Mana.

Note: The Gochar has changed at this juncture and so the Analysis for the other Rashis would be purely academic; for this reason the write-up is confined to the Rashis covered.

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