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The sidereal Jupiter/ Guru moves to Pisces/ Meena on May 2, 2010. The transit of the most benefic planet in the zodiac is always important. Also, important are the transits of Saturn/ Shani and the Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu. In addition the transit of the Mahadasha lord in the applicable Nakshatra Dasha scheme should be seen.

For event evaluation the transit of the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, especially relative to the Arudha Padas has to be seen.

Pisces is the final sign of the natural zodiac and corresponds to meditative and secluded spirituality. Ashram/ house of the Guru (4th House: home, from the 9th: Guru), final emancipation/ Moksha, Rishis, expenses, foreign travel, crossing oceans, sleep etc.

Pisces is owned by Jupiter and Jupiter is strong in its own sign, just as any other Graha/ planet is strong in its own sign. Importantly, Guru will be rid of the exchange/ Parivartana with Rahu which subsists at the time of writing this article.

The clarity which has come due to the previous Gochar of Guru into Kumbha/ Aquarius and out of Makar/ Capricorn worked to move Jupiter out of its debility and also out of stark Tamas where there is a Guna/ attribute mismatch with the Guna of Guru: Sattwa. The debilitated Jupiter indicated a fall in values, not knowing what one’s Dharmic values should be, a certain injury to ethics. The movement into Kumbha indicated a broadening of the wealth, Sattwa, Jnana, benevolence compass of the Great Jupiter especially if the transit planet aspected the Lagna or the Paka Lagna with either of Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect or Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect or both.

Now the relaxed, at-home attributes of Guru will be strengthened: reading the scriptures and esoteric arts, tremendous phlegmatic intellect in such areas as too those involving the world of finance and consulting, teaching, law, astrology, physics etc. But this will be more attuned to knowledge simpliciter rather than a focus on the practice of it.



For the Aries/ Mesha Lagna/ Ascendant, the transit of Guru in the 12th House can make for great spiritual experiences, closer association with the Guru, meditative practices and foreign travel especially if Jupiter is the Mahadasha lord in the applicable Nakshatra Dasha (s) and is associated with the sign in the radix by lordship or aspect.

If Guru is the Antardasha lord transiting in the 12th Bhava it can bring knowledgeable people into life, given natal associations as indicated in the previous paragraph. The indications for foreign travel are highlighted as Guru is the 9th and 12th Lord and both houses indicate travel. They can also indicate heightened participation in religion and/ or higher education.

Guru here will ensure expenses on worthy matters and here it has Dhana Argala on the 11th House augmenting income since the expenses are only on worthy causes as too providing sustenance to the 11th Bhava through meditation. Guru will also exert
Virodha Argala on the Lagna and if at all there are Gochar impacts of the negative sort on the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna, then these would be countered. This will have a say in matters of food and drink and correctness thereof. The spiritual and religious experiences as too those on the guiding spirits and father or father-figures come due to the Sukh-Argala of transit Jupiter on the 9th Bhava. Powerful Guru will ensure income due to the Labh Argala to the 2nd Bhava.

For a few persons occult practices, the powers, experiences, learning and skills that flow therefrom will be heightened due to the Samanya Argala from the 12th House to the 8th House.

This transit can also have a favourable impact on power and position unless the actions in the realm of work are careless and detrimental to this end. Jupiter in strength can fight the Shadripu here as well.

From the perspective of the Arudha Padas, the transit of Jupiter in the 12th House from Aries Pada Lagna/ Arudha Lagna will involve very different results depending on a host of factors. The 12th is a Tamasic Bhava when we speak of the Arudha Padas and though saved by the fact that it is Guru’s own house, there is a Guna conflict here and Guru can lead to major expenses and losses if such combinations are present in the nativity.

For the Lagna governed by Venus, Guru has functionally ordinary portfolios and so the transit has a different sort of impact. For the spiritual Taurus, the 8th House and 11th House lordship of Jupiter can be an avenue for great occult and secret learning. The 8th House directly rules the occult and experiences of transformation and the 11th House is the learning of the 8th Bhava being the 4th Bhava of learning from the 8th. Jupiter’s transit in the 11th House can heighten these indications.

For others this can be a time of reaping gains from investments and wealth can be forthcoming. Indeed some natives might consider this a quite fruitful time for making investments. The estimate of the returns from such investments, apart from all the numerous facets which would need to be investigated for the purpose, would be the position and strength of Mercury/ Budh in the Rashi Chakra.

Guru in Pisces will have Labh Argala/ Intervention with a view to give gains to the person, and such an Argala is very strong as:
(i) Guru is Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for the 11th Bhava;
(ii) Guru is the 11th lord in such cases; and
(iii) Guru is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for wealth in all horoscopes.
If Guru is able to function unimpeded in this manner in any horoscope with Vrishabh Lagna, then work shall also flourish due to the Dhana Argala of Gochar Guru, investments and speculations will bring happiness, some of it during this sojourn as the returns might be quite encouraging.

If Mars/ Mangal is placed in Aries/ Mesha in Vrishabh Lagna horoscopes, then this could be a strong transit for marriage if other factors support this.
For Vrishabh Arudha Lagna, Guru would be in the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna in its own Rashi and that is excellent because the Dev Guru in a Brahmin Rashi in a Sattwa Bhava would give great sustenance to income and gains.


Jupiter is the 7th and 10th Lord for this Lagna and as the great benefic 10th lord in the 10th Bhava from the Lagna it forms a spotless reputation in work and fine execution, in professionally strong charts. For people who are running Guru Mahadasha and Guru is strong in the horoscope, this is a very fruitful time for work and relationships. It will be a happy time for any personal interaction and relationships including partnerships because Guru has strong Argala on the 7th Bhava from the Lagna. Of course, as rather bluntly out in a Hollywood movie starring Robert De Niro and Phillip Seymor Hoffman, ‘there is no romance without finance’ and status in work definitely elevates relationships and marriage for this reason.

There are deep roots to this: women are advised Vishnu Japa for the Upapada Lagna while men are advised to worship Parvati. Thus sustenance and purity are the corresponding pairs and not asceticism and opulence.

The strength of marriage and relationships are quite strongly contingent on the work profile and we ought not to take a cynical view of this as this is in-built in the metaphysical structure of the world.

Dharma shall rise too as Guru has another extremely strong Argala on the 9th House. Through good actions it shall illuminate Dharma.

Likewise it will lead to good and positive expenses and meditative practices.
For the Mithun Pada Lagna as well, Guru will be in the 10th Bhava and though this is a Rajasic Bhava, Guru does not do too badly here. At first He will expose the weaknesses in work and then elevate the person in the working sphere. He will be seen to be extremely competent and well-versed with the work.

For Karka Lagna as well, the transit of Guru is fortunate as it is one of the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator of the 9th Bhava, though not the primary one. It promotes religious insight and helps the native traverse the right path in Dharma. Those pursuing higher education may be helped and people may have better interaction with their father and/ or father figures. One’s attitude in these matters undergoes a positive transformation.

Apart from this, personal health, vision, thoughts and perspective improves due to the strong Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect of Guru to the Lagna. Guru imparts learning and knowledge with his 5th House aspect to the Lagna. Transit Guru favourably impacting the Lagna will infuse careful thoughts, correct decision-making, care for Sattwa Guna and such matters.
Guru can promote speculation in the right areas, other factors being supportive and constant, since it has Dhan Argala on the 8th House. It can also effectively check the vices of the native due to the Sukh Argala on the 6th Bhava. With the right life path the gains and fulfilment of hopes of the person are also accelerated and there is an effective Labh Argala on the Labh Sthana from the Lagna.

Children will also be quite positively impacted because Gochar Guru has Graha Drishti on the 5th Bhava from the Lagna and this can be interpreted taking into account the strength or otherwise of all the relevant factors relating to children in the horoscope. In otherwise troubles situations, such a transit could effectively improve matters and assuage difficult avenues. Furthermore, Guru also has Samanya Argala on the 5th Bhava which is in the nature of an aspect as well, according to Parashara. All Argala is. In sum, therefore, the 5th House matters shall also be positively influenced.

Guru has Virodha Argala on the 10th House and can prevent overwork so that some attention to metaphysical and ethical matters may be given. It may be that instead of the words of the Guru, the Guru becomes more important to the person since the Argala of the Guru Upadesha in the 3rd Bhava from the Lagna is obstructed by the 9th House: as a result the solitary realisations of the 12th Bhava may suffer to a degree in this respect.

From the Karka Arudha Lagna, Guru does not do very well in Meena Rashi because the 9th Bhava from the Pada is Tamasic in nature and there is a Guna conflict. Any Graha here gives good results but Guru will do so after some initial trials.

For this Lagna, Jupiter has thus far been in the 7th Bhava in transit and has given the positive effects listed for the Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect of Guru from the 9th Bhava to the Lagna indicated in the write-up for Karka/ Cancer.

The Navamsha Chakra can never be forgotten or overlooked, even in transit. Professor B. Suryanarayana Rao’s commentary on Varahamihira’s Brihat Jatak does add to the classical injunctions in this regard, when reference is made to determining work areas and professions from the horoscope. The Navamsha lords/ Amshesh of the 10th lords from the Lagna, Sun and Moon are advised to be examined in the Rashi Chakra. Also, the Amshesh of the 10th lord of the radix in transit is said to be important in order to appreciate the new avenues in work.
However, at this point this is a digression and what needs to be done is to generally evaluate the Navamsha position of the transit Guru from time to time to accurately gauge the impact on nativities.

Now, of course, Guru would be in the 8th Bhava from the Lagna in Gochar in its own sign. For this Lagna, Guru is the 5th and 8th Lord and its placement in the 8th Bhava can trigger transformation, dabbling with mystic arts, Jyotish, speculation, loans and other significations of the 8th Bhava. Through these avenues it will have a subtle impact on the Lagna and the Lagna changes as a result thereof. Since the Argala is caused by a benefic planet, it is Shubh Argala and is capable of bringing happiness.

Any Arudha Padas that may be in Meena Rashi will benefit from this transit as Guru is a friend of the Moon, the latter Graha symbolising the Arudha Padas and therefore gives good results while transiting the Arudha Padas qua the specific Arudha Pada. This is the root for the dictum that Mantra or initiation is received from the Guru when Jupiter transits the Mantra Pada/ A5, the Arudha Pada of the 5th Bhava from the Lagna.

Guru has Dhan Argala on the 7th Bhava and since it is of Sattwa Guna, Sustenance is its very nature and Guru can promote the affairs of the 7th House, like marriage, personal interaction, correct desires and the like. It also has Sukh Argala on the 5th House indicating that the pleasure that comes to the knowing mind is through the experience of that knowledge.

The nature of the transforming and intensely personal experiences of the 8th House feed the work of the native, or more specifically the ability to perform work. For those whose work may be very important to them, as Karma Yogis, or those blessed with the Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga in the Rashi Chakra, this auspicious Gochar of Guru can be positive. When the hidden parts of the person are pure and shine with Sattwic light, the zenith and visible part of the person also must be positively impacted by the Labh Argala.


For Virgos, the transit of Jupiter occurs in the 7th Bhava from the Lagna and this can be an excellent time to find the correct life partner. The Bhavas indicate a ‘state of being’ and the 7th Bhava being transited by Guru indicates an auspicious state of being as far as the matters of the 7th Bhava are concerned. Therefore all types of partnerships including marital partnerships are going to be aided by correct perspective during this transit of Jupiter. Jupiter is the 4th and 7th Lord for this Lagna ruling the life-pillars of home, properties, happiness, mother, education and vehicles as too wealth, fulfilment of desires, the mind (Mana, as the 7th is natural Pada to the 4th), wife, relationships and partnerships.

In the 7th Bhava Guru has Sukh Argala on the 4th Bhava which it lords and apart from that is a friend of the primary Natural Significator/ Naisargika Karaka for the 4th, the Moon. This Gochar can bring peace and happiness to the heart. Guru will also curb the vices that such natives might have since it has Dhan Argala on the 6th Bhava. Daily work and jobs will be sustained well. A measure of independence may come to those who are otherwise tightly bound by Saturn’s servitude or jobs wherever they might be.

An auspicious marriage or the correct partner will fulfil the Dharmic aspirations of the native and there will be gains due to the same, as far as the life path goes. This is due to the fact that Guru has Labh Argala on the 9th Bhava from the Lagna from its transit station in the 7th Bhava.

These findings also find affirmation from the fact that Guru blesses the 11th Bhava from the Lagna with its Poorva Punya Graha Drishti/ planetary aspect bringing the grace of good deeds done in the past to bear on the avenues of gains and income. It aspects the Lagna, thereby fortifying the intelligence being the Karaka for the Paka Lagna. It aspects the 3rd Bhava, bringing the nectar of the words of the Guru, to the ears.

For the Kanya Pada Lagna/ Arudha Lagna, Guru in the 7th is good since Sattwa Guna Grahas do not do badly in Rajas Bhavas.


Any Arudha Padas in Meena Rashi will flower in a given horoscope since Guru is the great natural friend of the Natural Significator/ Naisargika Karaka of all Arudha Padas, the Moon. It is said that when Guru transits the A5 or the Mantra Pada it is the best time to seek Mantra from the Guru and this can be the time for initiation.

For all dual Rashis a Gochar Hamsa Yoga is formed as Guru will be in Kendra in its own sign in Meena Rashi. If there are combinations for fame and glory in the radix then these may be triggered during this transit.

In Meena Lagna, the sign of the Maharishis, if Guru tenants the natal Lagna, then the transit of Guru over natal Guru could portend significant gains for those destined to benefit from the words of the Guru. It is said Guru in Lagna wards off a thousand evils and all that is required is a sincere bow to the trident-holder/ Shiva. This is a good time to worship Shiva as Guru will be transiting the Lagna.

Great intelligence and profound learning as too a neutral phlegmatic love for all may be the characteristic of the transit of the Sattwic teacher of the Gods over the Lagna Rashi. From here Guru aspects the 5th Bhava and the 9th Bhava of which it is the Karaka and thus fortifies the blessings of intelligence and luck, the Lakshmi Sthanas.

Furthermore all the pillars of life indicated by the four Kendras/ quadrants from the Lagna receive the Rashi Drishti of transit Guru and are strengthened with the perspective, grace and Dhi Shakti of the great benefic. In fact wherever the 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna is a mutable sign, this could be a time to get married since the bond would be sealed with purity and blessings. Guru will be aspecting the 2nd Bhava from the Upapada Lagna with Rashi Drishti.

The natives of Meena Lagna will make the right efforts since the Parakrama Bhava receives the Labh Argala of Guru from the Lagna. In other words the power of discrimination/ Viveka and the inner illumination is of such a degree that the efforts are benefitted by it and are channelled in the right direction. Likewise the happiness of the entity called ‘status’ lies in the entity called ‘fame’ and as Gochar Guru brings fame to the Lagna, it gives Sukh Argala to the 10th Bhava from the Lagna. The work will be pleasured by the recognition accorded to the Self with Guru in the Lagna.

The Lagna sustains the expenses and the spiritual practices and Guru being the Karaka for such wisdom will sustain these facets of the 12th Bhava with the Dhan Argala.


For the Kumbha Lagna, Guru performs a function akin to that performed by Budh for Simha Lagna, that of Kubera, or a wealth planet. For those people with Kumbha Lagna for whom an auspicious Guru Mahadasha/ Antardasha is operating in the horoscope, this Gochar is very good as it is over the 2nd Bhava from the Lagna. Guru aspects the Artha Trikona from here; its aspect on the 6th House blesses the daily grind which makes it seem lesser than a grind and more rewarding. It aspects the 10th Bhava blessing the work, giving effects akin to the Amala Yoga and it also aspects the 8th House bringing positive changes and investments and making for deliverance from persistent and chronic health issues.

It has Argala on the Lagna and one’s speech and food intake undergoes positive changes. Teachers, speakers and leaders find their words infused with the power and glory of the Sattwic Brihaspati. It obstructs any Argala on the Vikrama Bhava ensuring the efforts are not in the wrong directions.

Guru has Argala on the 11th House and gives happiness to the sense of fulfilment of hopes by magnifying the liquidity and the financial assets of the person. All these factors contribute to the sense of happiness indicated by the fourth house and also the sense that what was learnt has now emerged with such expression of the 2nd House so as to justify the learning.

If this transit is good for the Kumbha Lagna it is even better for the Kumbha Pada Lagna/ Arudha Lagna because the Sattwic Guru is transiting a Sattwic Bhava from the Arudha Lagna and will sustain the social and financial image like none other. Guru is the Naisargika Karaka for wealth and if the nativity is predisposed to the riches then this position of Guru can be excellent for finances. For those looking to remarry also, particularly for the second time, this is a good time to come to a decision about the prospective second spouse.


Jupiter is in the 3rd Bhava in transit and gives Shubha Yoga where the luck is fortified due to the Graha Drishti on the 9th Bhava from the Lagna. There will be less struggle and more ease in attainment of objectives. Guru blesses the 7th Bhava of marriage with the 5th House aspect and also fortifies gains with the 9th House aspect on the 11th Bhava from the Lagna. The Graha has Dhan Argala on the 2nd Bhava and the appropriate actions will sustain wealth. Guru also has Sukh Argala on the 12th Bhava and the auspicious projection in the world makes the person sleep better. Furthermore, Guru has Labh Argala on the 5th Bhava from the Lagna and thus communications and reading, expression shall bring the person into social focus. The intellect also stands to be appreciated due to this placement.

As for those with the Arudha Lagna in Makar Rashi, they will exhibit disinterest in worldly matters and will be saintly in their actions in this world. A natural benefic strongly placed in the 3rd Bhava from the Arudha Lagna does not encourage the person to strive in the visible world; indeed this position is detrimental for conventional success in the world. But then there is another world and for those wishing to compete only with their own more superficial tendencies, stand to win and to have their spiritual nature emerge. When Jupiter is debilitated in the Navamsha Chakra in transit, there will be respite in material matters. For strong natal horoscopes with Rajayoga and wealth, this transit will only place things in better perspective and give breathing space from the tireless rush on contemporary life.

All other Apokilma Bhavas from the Lagna will have the Rashi Drishti of Guru and so Shadripu will be purified while luck improves and the 12th Bhava is also strengthened.


Guru lords this Lagna and is transiting through the 4th House from the Lagna. The significations of the 4th Bhava shall stand strengthened depending on the natal placement of the various significators from the Lagna, their positional strength and the aspects and conjunctions, and also the placement of the said Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator from the 4th Bhava itself.

Students and those associated with learning can do well in this transit because on the one hand the 4th Bhava is the primary Bhava associated with learning and on the other Guru is the Naisargika Karaka/ Natural Significator for learning and Jnana.

The Dhi Shakti and intelligence can show an upward rising of consciousness and awareness and this is the reason why Guru also signifies the Paka Lagna, or the sign where the Lagna Lord is posited.

For peace and perspective and comforts, albeit with a measure of laziness, this is a good time. There is a direct and notable impact on the personality and overall life-circumstances since the mutable/ dual Rashis have Rashi Drishti on each other and therefore Guru from Meena Rashi in Gochar in the 4th Bhava from the Lagna also has Rashi Drishti on the Lagna.

Rashi Drishti gives a clear idea about surrounding influences, both inanimate and circumstantial on the one hand, and animate on personal on the other, depending whether a Graha is in the sign or not. Such natives stand to be surrounded by wisdom and happiness of a deep sort during this phase. Though there is no Graha Drishti to the Lagna, there is primary Argala on the Lagna which will bring deep satisfaction and clarity due to the knowledge that Guru brings. The placement will also infuse all communication with the quality of excellence. The capacity for daily work will go up and the internal enemies shall go down. Even for the Dhanu Arudha Lagna even though the Kendra Bhavas are Rajasic and demote creation of important matters that tend to be pillars for the social and financial life, the Sattwic Guru sustains the visible properties and luxuries which are judged from the 4th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna.

Of course the Kendras both from the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna are fortified due to the Rashi Drishti so the benefits also extend to marriage, marital relationships and work. Altogether an excellent time for this sign is at hand.


For Vrishchik/ Scorpio Lagna, Guru enjoys a good portfolio because the Lagna is lorded by Mangal/ Mars. Guru rules the 2nd and 5th Bhavas for this Lagna and thus movable assets, liquidity, one’s family/ Kutumba, speech, the emergence of knowledge, food, face, intelligence, Mantra, children, knowledge and such matters are ruled by Guru.

With transit Jupiter traversing the 5th House from the Lagna in its own sign, the native will consume Jnana with hunger and those with strong manifest lives may rise in their work and attain high or higher status. Children may do one proud during this transit. Guru aspects the 9th Bhava from the Lagna with Graha Drishti and thus extracts the best from the Bhagya/ luck of the native. Elders, teachers, the father receive the grace of the Guru Graha.

In other words, the good deeds done in the past make the luck of the native flower in the best possible way if unimpeded by other factors in the horoscope. Guru also aspects the Lagna with the Graha Drishti and so fine intelligence, correct decisions, good health (albeit with a bit of weight gain!), a pleasing disposition all come to pass during this Gochar of the greatest benefic in the Zodiac.
Guru represents God in the horoscope.

If for some Vrishchik natives, Guru also aspects the Mantra Pada/ A5 with Rashi Drishti then this is a good time to approach the Guru for Mantra and initiation.

Circumstances will shape up so that money matters, a rise in life, changes and transformation and the increase in gains and fulfilment of aspirations will be the dominant framework in which this transit will work, of course, given all the other innumerable variables working in any horoscope.

Studying the temporary location in the horoscope through Argala, we can readily decipher that Guru will lend tremendous support to the family and immovable properties, to relationship with the mother and mother-figures, learning and academics. Being of Sattwic disposition, Guru is inherently sustaining by nature and will work very well by way of the Pradhan Argala to the 4th Bhava from the Lagna.

For those who are expecting children this is a fine time, because Guru has Labh Argala to the 7th Bhava of marriage and children are but the fruits of the marriage or the gains from the marital-sexual union. Guru also gives insight and perspective in partnerships and brings happiness. Though fortunate results from investments the 2nd Bhava of the bank balance and assets also prospers since the 5th is the 10th when reckoned from the 8th, giving Sukh Argala to the 2nd.


For this Lagna, Guru does not own good houses but transiting through the 6th Bhava can dispel friction and enmity due to good behaviour and width of perspective. Guru aspects the 10th House and he 2nd House and thus the focus is on matters relating to the career and work. The 10th, 2nd and the 6th Bhavas from the Lagna form the Artha Trikona and the influence of transit Jupiter on these signs can influence work positively. This can help in both actual work performance and paving the way for future growth in work.

Better lifestyles can give better thinking as Guru has Argala on the 5th Bhava and the efforts will also be made in the right direction as the daily work and routine work choices are fortified. In this manner the internal enemies/ Shadripu are curbed, save perhaps for a benefic indulgence in sweets, and so chances of illness which is long standing are reduced.

The Apoklima Bhavas have the Rashi Drishti of Gochar Guru for this Lagna and there is a spiritual and religious element to this transit; influences can come through Guru Upadesha, Bhagya and meditation.

The situation for the Tula Pada Lagna is a bit different though as this could lead to a disinterest in matters of wealth, with such a strong benefic in the 6th. If Sanyas Yogas are present in the radix then the impulses to such life-callings may become stronger. Tula Lagna is not renowned for renunciation though.


  1. This is BRILLIANT. Do you intend to soon post the impact of this transit on other lagnas (esp Kumbha) ? ;)


    1. Thank you and I do hope readers will forgive my late reverts.

  2. Thank you for your words of appreciation. Yes, this may be taken to be a work in progress and I intend to put up some notes for each sign in due course, as always.

  3. Anonymous3:27 AM

    I am fascinated by the details of your analysis. I look forward to reading your analysis of the Adisaram for Kumbha to Pisces. Kumbhakaras seem to be suffering from both 8th Saturn (Astha Sani) and Janma Guru. I know you are doing this as a service, so please post whenever you find time. -- Thank you -- Ramu

    1. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Please add the transit results for capricorn too :)

  5. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I find it interesting that your analysis is based off the ascendant rather than the position of the moon (rasi). Most of the analysis that I have seen for Gochara are based on the Rasi position. I look forward to your analysis of Tula Lagnam. Thank you. --Ramu

  6. Simple, succinct and seriously useful! You write very well Anurag. Thanks a lot !

    However, I do have a question. You mention at a couple of places (for eg - in the Kumbha Lagna description, that 'for whom an auspicious Guru Mahadasha/Antardasha is operating' - are the results likelt to be seen in a smaller magnitude if such a dasha is not currently operating ?? Or you meant, for people with such an operating dasha, the results are likely to be more stronger?

    For people who do not have the Guru dasha operating, would having Guru in Meena rasi in the natal chart somehow compensate?

    Or, what can be done to compensate for the lack of an operating Guru dasha ?

    FYI - I have Dhanu rashi(A2) and Kumbha lagna and Jupiter is in Meena(A11)with Mars. My Chandra-Jupiter dasha will start around Dec this year. My AL is in Taurus(considering 10th house Rahu as lagnesh) - hence the current transit is 11th from my AL. The other AL(considering 5th house Shani as lagnesh) is in the 9th house.

    Kind regards

    1. Sharad, the basic premise of your reasoning, especially in the earlier parts of your observation, is correct.

  7. raj vohra6:14 AM

    mr anurag sharma,
    always have been fascinated by your work.i have myself been reading brihat prasara hora shastra but the clarity you bring in your words is amazing.may god bless there any chance of getting a personal reading from you since i am going through very bad times of life.thanks

    1. Please see- Also associate yourself with to keep abreast of all the latest announcements and the like.

  8. dheerpat6:26 PM

    dear mr anurag,
    very comprehensive report indeed...however could u please post a note on impact of jupiter saturn and mangal on scorpio rashi since all of them will be aspecting this sign thru their aspects...unique ..
    please take us thru lagna wise ..that will help the readers to ascertain the effect depending upon which house scropio sign falls..thnx

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