Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Going to the Core of Classical Vedic Astrology

Advanced Work in Vedic Astrology:
Over the years we have assiduously adhered to the classics of Vedic astrology in working to dispel some of the opacity of the Karma in Kaliyuga as it pertains to individuals, couples, families and other entities.
This work has been at an advanced level, basing itself on the Ślokas and dicta of the renowned classics in Jyotisha (Jyotiṣa). However, the effort has always been to derive conclusions pertinent to the real life situations and circumstances subsisting in very diverse settings across the world in the lives of people and other entities including juristic persons.
Vedic Astrology Services Formats-
To achieve these ends, the most popular consulting mode has been the Detailed Chart Analysis or the Life Reading, especially for first time consulters as it has the effect of delving into the core Karma for the lifetime in a comprehensive way, including in specific and distinct life areas such as marriage, career, progeny, luxury, elders and parents, siblings, property, educations and many others.
People desirous of illumination in marriage or in romantic relationships have often sought the Detailed Charts Compatibility Analysis where the two horoscopes are studied threadbare from the perspective of compatibility. We have tried to make it very clear that this aspect of horoscopy is a far cry from the usual adding up of points or Gunas in the two charts and many other aspects are required to be gone into so as to reveal the complete Karmic picture of destiny between two persons in its positive and perhaps not so positive aspects, on occasion.
Needless to say, in corporate consulting, the roles of persons inter se, in horary or Prashna, the past, present and future propensities of the questions extending to three in one set, and many such other works have been issued to consulters for nearly two decades now. The comprehensive Tithi Praveśa Chakra work is another example of a frequently sought report to understand a given Hindu year better.
We have mentioned elsewhere (http://eepurl.com/bVKTVT) in 2016 some further delving into the core of classical Vedic astrology has commenced in right earnest. The first area of receive this extended attention has been the crucial subject of the Ārūḍha (Arudha).
The real life experience is almost entirely governed by the Arudha Chakra in all aspects and it was time, having prepared the interested populace on the subject for several years, that the Ārūḍha was revealed as being the centre-piece of pragmatic classical Vedic astrology.
In 2016 we have gone further and in many instances of specialised consulting have interpreted the Ārūḍha Cakra in nativities from this other, deeper and fundamentally novel perspective, where crucial aspects relating to social and financial realities, and the prospects or otherwise of elevation in the business realm or work in general have been explained with sharp focus. Generally in all, but even more so in some cases, this has completely changed the understanding of the horoscope and of life for the person concerned.
This advanced work pertaining to the Ārūḍha Pada is thus continuing with some vigour.
Likewise, although the injustice created by the incorrect application of the Guṇa system in marital or romantic compatibility has been dispelled many years back, and Dosha and the role of destiny have been simultaneously worked with and remedied where required, this year the attention has been more astute and some important psychological functions in men and women insofar as they relate to compatibility have been introduced.
Apart from this, the propensity or the lack of it, in two individuals to walk the life path together has been introduced into the work. The other aspects of multiplicity of destined options as regards the life partner and the finer picture describing each relationship have also been brought in.
An important and crucial determination of the correct time to enter into matrimony has been commenced as an associated but imperative aspect of compatibility related work, as a separate analysis. Many other such things have been added which we are not stating here.
The future-
In a similar vein, we will be adding other advanced consulting on the lines of those above. For example, consulters have often sought a repeat of the Life Reading (Detailed Chart Analysis) after several years of availing of it for the first time.
We intend to, in some instances, write the Detailed Chart Analysis on an increasingly advanced footing where crucial aspects relating to the various signs and planets and the divisional charts, as well as some other matters will be brought in. It is anticipated that the other core aspects of advanced Jyotiṣa such as planetary Yogas, periodicities and special circumstances in a given horoscope will be all brought in over the next three to seven years. These matters are stated specially for the reference of those consulters who have been travelling the Jyotiṣa path for a decade or so and are in a state of readiness to receive insights into their horoscope in this manner.
Anurag Sharma
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